Jonathan Moyo stays put


Information, Media and Broadcasting Services minister Jonathan Moyo is likely to continue with his work in government amid indications that he is not going anywhere despite vitriol directed at him by President Robert Mugabe, it has emerged.


Mugabe made the scathing attacks at the funeral wake and burial of national hero Nathan Shamuyarira last week.

Moyo, despite being accused of dividing Zanu PF using the public media and with many speculating over his future in the ruling party, observers said the party spin doctor was staying put and continuing with his government work programme as usual.

Yesterday Moyo reportedly attended Cabinet chaired by Mugabe and is expected to give a keynote address at a Voluntary Media Council of Zimbabwe workshop in Kadoma tomorrow.

The Zanu PF politburo member is this morning expected to tour the British American Tobacco manufacturing plant in Harare while on Friday he will tour Chisumbanje Ethanol Plant.

Although no comment could be obtained last night from Moyo as he was not reachable, it is understood that a millitary helicopter has reportedly been provided for the minister’s tour of Chisumbanje.

The Chisumbanje ethanol project is jointly owned by Zanu PF-aligned businessman Billy Rautenbach’s Macdom Investment and government through the Agriculture and Rural Development Authority. Rautenbach is also reportedly linked to Justice minister Emmerson Mnangagwa.

Mnangagwa and Vice-President Joice Mujuru reportedly lead factions angling to succeed Mugabe in the Zanu PF succession matrix.

Analyst Alexander Rusero said it was highly likely that Moyo would not be chucked out of Cabinet and Zanu PF as he was “useful” to Mugabe and the ruling party.

“I don’t think they can deal with him. If you are a strategic leader like Mugabe in a party riddled with factionalism, it is necessary to chide at a faction that is getting an upper hand,” Rusero said.

He said Moyo was the chief strategist in the last elections and even the MDC-T agreed that his Bhora Mugedhi (loosely translated “score for the party, not against it”) message had power and appealed to the masses.

“That message and manifesto was authored by Moyo and I don’t think Zanu PF can be blind not to see how important he is to the party,” Rusero said.

He said Moyo came to Mugabe’s rescue in 2000, 2002 and 2013.
“Whenever he is called, he delivers. He is a reliable contract worker. On accusations that he wants power, you can’t be in politics to remain in the shadows. All this means nothing to his future. If they wanted to deal with him, he would have been fired at the politburo meeting way before Shamuyarira’s death,” Rusero said.

“I don’t see anything happening to him, Zanu PF needs him more than he needs Zanu PF.”

University of Zimbabwe political science lecturer Eldred Masunungure also said the attack on Moyo only served as a warning.
“This just shows the depth of the ongoing factional fights within Zanu PF which is desperately trying to stay in power by practicing pendulum politics to appease the warring sides,” Masunungure said.

Masunungure said Mugabe’s remarks were a sign of deep anger not only directed at Moyo, but other high-ranking officials who were seemingly lukewarm in their approach to the opposition MDC-T.
“This was a warning to Moyo and those considered to be pro-MDC to observe the parameters that govern them,” Masunungure added. “He (Mugabe) is obviously unhappy, but it was just a question of defining parameters that govern party members.”

Legal expert Chris Mhike added the chaos within the ruling Zanu PF party had resulted in the current witch-hunt and fault-finding game which would target the “good guys”.

“There can be no doubt that Zanu PF as an organisation, is in disarray on many fronts; especially regarding governance aptitude, policy direction, and organisational cohesion. Under these circumstances, someone or some people were, at one point or the other, bound to be blamed for the raging commotion,” Mhike said.

On whether or not the attack marked the second political demise of Moyo who has been dubbed “turncoat”, Mhike said it was just but a stern warning.

“It would not be surprising to see in a few months’ time, that this rebuke from the President was nothing but a storm in a teacup.”

He, however, said Moyo might be demoted to a lesser influential post.

Media Institute of Southern Africa national director Nhlanhla Ngwenya expressed regret at Mugabe’s utterances and said he should not judge journalists based on their previous employment.
“It is unfortunate that the President has given them political labels simply based on the media outlets they worked for in the past. If that is as simple as that, one can also assume that those working for the State media are all Zanu PF supporters or activists. That is not necessarily the case,” Ngwenya said.

The Media Monitoring Project of Zimbabwe (MMPZ) said the attack on Moyo was confirmation of Zanu PF’s abuse of the State media.

“MMPZ expresses its concern over comments by Mugabe at the funeral of the late veteran nationalist and former Information minister Nathan Shamuyarira, which all, but confirmed fears that Zanu PF was in charge of the government-controlled State media,” MMPZ in a statement said.

“But the implications of his comments are a source of grave concern, particularly his insinuation that the State media should exclusively serve his party’s political interests. Mugabe was also reported to have criticised Moyo’s appointment of some editors at these institutions on the basis of their previous employment or their perceived political affiliation.”


  1. So I was right. The army is where the real power lies. Unfortunately they don’t have any brains to move the country forward. It’s all about power and looting.Shame to you the generals!

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  2. very true,this confirms that to work for the state media yu have to be zanupf,seriously can we run a nation like this?no no no no mhani its painful that people can be this emotional and burst with anger coz j,moyo has just given someone work at the helm of the state mouthpiece,mwari ngavabatsire nyika yedu

  3. Rautenbach is a Munangagwa ally. Mliswa said his uncle Mutasa helped Rautenbach get the Chisumbanje project. Mutasa helped Munangagwa there, then. Is that true or plausible? Do factions really exist when those from opposing camps can advance each other’s agendas?

    • They were doing it for money bro forget about factionalism when it comes to money bro okay. Factionalism only comes into play when it comes to their political aspirations man.

  4. so e first requirement to b a state media reporter z zanupf membership card…then tozotaura zvechikoro wava mu office uchiita basa

    • Its a very unfortunate demand that coming from a State President. The reality of the matter is that media personnel operate more like soccer players, they seek employment at those clubs where their bread is well buttered.Only voters can get passionate about political party affiliation; employees only serve what is in the best interests of their employer and family.

  5. whatever the so called analysts contend i dont think after this moyo will last longer in zanu pf.he has served his purpose and mugabe is ready to dispose him.after all it is not new, mugabe has always used people and later threw them away.and as mugabe says moyo is now costly to keep than throw away as he has become a divisive element.

  6. If Moyo is still hanging in there it means GAMMATOX has not yet started working. Hanzi GAMMATOX them and we will be left with one happy family. There is a GAMMATOX war within ZANU-PF and the President has taken sides against the weavils!

  7. goofy wazviona sei ndisingatenge herald, all you will read is what mama grace has encouraged daddy to publish and it has nothing to do with the nations interest.ndosaka muchingozara zva tsvangirai,kuda kusvotesa Elizabeth.kkkk

  8. Journalists in the private media are no different to those in the public media who spent time kowtowing to ZanuPF. Why say “…at the funeral wake and burial of national hero Nathan Shamuyarira…”? Why not just “…at the funeral wake and burial of Mr Nathan Shamuyarira…”? There are no national Heroes in Zimbabwe because it is our votes which got Zanu into power in 1980. Why should Shamuyarira be called national hero? For doing what? Being voted into power by the ordinary folk? Very backward Third World stuff. There’s saying you call tell a country’s backwardness by the way the people revere their leaders for no apparent reason.
    Statements like “at the funeral of the late veteran nationalist and former Information minister Nathan Shamuyarira” are also unhelpful. Why not just say the “funeral of Mr Shamuyarira”? Why these irritating, undeserved and inflated descriptions? What do you hope to achieve? A party is voted into power by the ordinary folk and the private press calls them Heroes. Did they invent electricity? Did they build the cities? Did they build the railways? Did they introduce schools? Did they introduce industries? Did they build Kariba Dam? Did they build the cities?
    I always wonder what makes journalists shower politicians which such nauseating praises? Trying to earn brownie points? We used to laugh at the titles Idi Amin gave himself now it’s happening in our country – what a shame.
    How can you parrot the lie about Zanu heroes “liberating the country” when we are a billion times worse off than we were under white rule? Most of those in ZanuPF leadership left the country in the 1960s and only came back in 1980 and do not know how life was under white rule. Are you not aware that without colonialism we would be living worse than our relatives do in the Reserves? Life under white rule was very fair believe it or not. Everything was done on merit. You could see those ho worked hard got their just rewards not now where sycophancy determines what you get. Standards have gone south.

    • You are right; the nation has been brainwashed so much so that most people are now incapable of a rational thought. When Mugabe was ranting about the rampant corruption stories destroying the party and nation one got the feeling that most people agreed with the tyrant! Of course that is nonsense it is the years of pretending there was no corruption that has destroyed the nation – fcuk Zanu PF they are the ones who have been sweeping corruption under the carpet!

  9. mugabe is a Pro, he will never say a statement for no reasin. This will now make Moyo to qork more hard inorder to save his job, mabasa aakunetsa aya

  10. Jonathan Moyo might be a brilliant academic but his main problem is that the party he is trying to impose himself doesn’t like him and will never like him, they will continue to use him to win elections and will let him serve in any capacity at their mercy, that’s why they made sure he lost the tsholotsho seat and thus became an appointed MP whose constituency is Mugabe. Remember Mugabe told him last time that he might be learned but he ‘lacks wisdom’, these were great words indeed because in politics wisdom is much more important than learned academic material, I think time has come for Moyo to smell the coffee and wise up otherwise zanu pf will continue to use him as a contract worker to win elections and make him to look like a bootlicker forever, MUGABE IS NOT A FOOL. Moyo must be his own man now, and this is the time.

  11. One sentence should read, “You could see those who worked hard got their just rewards not now where sycophancy determines what you get”.

  12. after a kariba breafilleted hake lunch 1981 departed greatness and my friend chommy also insisted i should never tilt lower my stature into dark concave dungeons underneath the great north roadmap at chinnhoy, lest i turned out to become unrecognisable as one of them bats there.
    he suggested i was better off looking at my reflection in the mirror outside to see properly what it was he meant. suffice to say following the wise counsel, i never bothered with batwatching as a serious hobby at all again.

    i recently heard that the image distortion mirror i had been transferred mirthifully to was seized by a vandal vet who ran off with it claiming obscure rights to ongoing resorts reform programmes not yet launched what can you do.

    boys i appeal to you to hasten secure the necessary erectile stone from mudarikwa and allow for shamuyarira wisdom be your everlasting guide statue along magamba way of chinhoy.
    he never distorted the best part of fiction to the facts here !!

  13. Who is this psychoanalyst? And who are those guys who continously bombard us with their silly adverts? Why allow such foolishness when people are engaged in meaningful debate? Thot u guys were able to edit and rule out stupid postings

  14. Mugabe had been furious with Moyo for days and he is known for being ruthless with all those who dare cross swords with him. And yet, here we are Moyo walks straight into the fire breathing dragon’s den and walks out unscotched and unscathed!
    So why has Mugabe not fired Moyo, many would ask? The truth is he cannot. Moyo knows a lot of details about how Mugabe rigged the 2013 elections, for example. Mugabe is smart enough to know that if he was to fire or kill Moyo all the dirty details of his past will be out for the whole world to see within hours!

    The bullet to kill Moyo, may even miss, will ricochet to kill Mugabe and many, many others instead!

    Mugabe called Moyo the “devil incarnate” but he wanted him on his side precisely because of his devilish scheming skills which has kept the tyrant in power longer than even he did not think possible. “He who sups with the devil should have a long spoon,” so goes the proverb. It seems Mugabe supped with the “devil incarnate” but failed to keep his distance!

    Mugabe knows Professor Moyo is “a weevil”, “the devil incarnate” “destroying Zanu PF from within” and yet he still cannot fire him because the Professor got close to Mugabe so close he has the tyrant by the balls. The cunning Professor is the boss calling the shots and for once Mugabe is doing as he is told!

  15. Whilst I would want to agree with Musona on the basic points that he raised first, I really see a thin line between him and the Zanu-pf guys. While the Zanu guys are stuck helplessly in the liberation war rhetoric, failing to look forward and sideways to get a better view of the world we are living in, Musona is equally stuck in the colonial era which appeared rosy to him, thus failing to advance an argument which is forward-looking. History should serve the purpose of providing us with lessons, but our arguments and actions should be forward-looking nation-building.

  16. Those who thought Jonathan was a goner simply don’t know how things work in this country or how Mugabe deals with these issues . This was simply a warning and one not directed at him but directed at his handler Ngwena that Mdhara is still in charge . When Mugabe seriously intends to deal with a minister he simply instructs Charamba yo announce a cabinet reshuffle and the the misfit is unceremoniously cast away, no fuss no noises .

  17. Me thinks the Bhora Mugedhi described as a huge success in this article and by the articulate ZanuPF supporter, Tendai Biti, was no success at all. Otherwise we would not have applied the Nikuv factor. We all know why the voters roll remains a closely guarded secret.

    If the manifesto can generate the 2.2 million jobs then and only then will it be a success. As for me and the other 4 million unemployed Zimbabweans it was and is a loud sounding nothing. In short Jonathan Moyo is overated.

  18. I agree with musona at the same time with the other guys that at least we need to be fwd thinkng pple. I can only beleive in the success of bhora mugedhi when get a job…when i can easily sent my siblings to good xuls and when i can afford health care. When zesa stops load shedding and water supplies become 24/7. When im nt harassed to jump into a combi and at least afford to go to victoria falls at least by road. I ws beginning to develpe respect for moyo but the staatements by His excellency were so unfortunate…all the same, to hell with this factionalism when the economy is as it is. God bless Zimbabwe

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