Economic woes: Even the dead are feeling the pinch- Chombo


LOCAL Government minister Ignatius Chombo told Parliament last week that dead people were also now feeling the pinch of the country’s economic meltdown as evidenced by the decay at most of the country’s graveyards.


Chombo made the remarks during the question and answer session in Parliament last Wednesday after Sabina Mangwende (Zanu PF) had asked him to explain why most graveyards in urban centres were in a dilapidated state despite the high grave fees charged by local authorities.

Cemetery fees range from $100 at council and $1 000 at private graveyards.

Some council graveyards were now covered with long grass while some have turned into havens for criminal activities.

“Given the current economic situation where councils are struggling to deliver services, the upkeep of cemeteries is not an exception,” Chombo said.

“However, the ministry in its quest to promote effective service delivery has continued to engage local authorities towards ensuring that all relevant amenities are given immediate attention.”

Chombo told the House that the procedure was that local authorities were expected to consult relevant stakeholders in order to determine service fees before the annual budget was forwarded to his ministry for approval.


  1. Kumbudzi cemetery council officials demand a monthly fee of US10, to clear grass around a grave. Of course that money goes straight to their pockets.

    These days, each time we loose a loved one, we pour a concrete mix into the grave, grave robbers are rampant in that cemetery. The graves are hardly deep nor wide enough for a casket, if you want it deeper or wider, do it yourself or pay the grave diggers.

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  2. These zanu baffons are clueless of how to recuperate th comatose economy, a confluence of rabid corruption, alarming gross mismanagement has lead to th status qou and him chombo is th heart of all this rottness, but nevertheless don’t forget to donate blood todae, be a blood donor comrade!!!

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  3. This shpows these guys have run out of ideas, How can he say that as though the economic woes are caused by natural phenomenous whilst its them who are failing leadership skills and are extremely corrupt.

  4. the first question is are brother chombo feeling it. two brought this melt down other than you and your boss mugabe. the lies about sanction instead your mismanagement has brought us this.

  5. thank you Sabina for the question. are you serious chombo, so you are going to hide under economic woes as your answer to obvious corruption and abuse of fees, hundreds and hundreds of people are buried daily and those fees are paid, yet you cant spare a little to cut grass and spruce up the grounds honestly? so why do we bother paying, lets all fold our hands bury people for free coz of economic woes! as long as such excuses continue being given by some of these irresponsible and corrupt ministers especially local government forget about any development.

  6. Chombo is always blaming sanctions when it is not necessary. Instead of promising to solve the problem he starts singing Zanu pf song of sanctions. Zimbabweans mapostori showed us the way, it is high time we should act.

  7. I can’t believe Chombo cares about the suffering that people go through. No, ZPF are mere hypocrites enjoying their daily looting..
    Chombo himself is the mastermind of corruption in the local gvt. MDC-T tried to fire corrupt councillors but Chombo returned them.
    Please don’t fool us.We know what & who you are.Just go ahead with your election rigging tricks but ‘CHINOBHURURUKA CHINO
    MHARA.’ Rimwe gore zvichapera….

  8. Just for a start minister Chombo, are rank fees paid at Mbare Musika now going to the City Council and not to ZANU PF hacks? Are table fees paid at Mupedzanhamo now going to the City Council and not to ZANU PF thugs? If not, then just shut up!

  9. Mr Chombo unless you have something worthwhile to say e.g. you intend resigning, then please j just pipe down!

  10. I send my old lady out to local bars every nite and she brings in 3,860.00 per month doing what comes naturally. You can do the same, no experience required.

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