Dhirihori Primary School in sorry state

MORE than three decades after the country got its independence, to say some schools in rural Zimbabwe are in a deplorable state is an understatement, as the situation of children from these communities is hopeless.

Wadzanai Madhibha

Dhirihori Primary School is no exception. It was established in 1935,  and up to now no renovations have been done and it is now in a depleted state.

The school is located in the Svosve area in Marondera East constituency.

It has an enrolment of 617 pupils and the shortage of classrooms is dire.

Only three dilapidated buildings serve as classrooms for the pupils such that the majority of them take lessons in the open despite the cold weather that usually characterises winter.
Last week NewsDay visited the school and some of the pupils were having lessons under trees and taking turns to share the three and roof-leaking classrooms.

The head of the school Faustina Kwaramba said the school was facing many challenges, from furniture, classrooms to teachers’ accommodation.

“There are only three blocks at the school and most of the children have to endure the harsh weather as they learn in the open,” Kwaramba said.

“Previously the school had 13 blocks which were built in 1935, the blocks were very old, the walls were cracking and the roofs falling in.

“The community demolished  10 blocks in April as they were a danger and the roof could collapse,” she added.

She said they were forced to  moved the Grade Six pupils to a nearby school as the three classrooms could not accommodate all the pupils.

A Grade Seven pupil Tatenda Makunyadzi said she did not like the state of the school, but she had no option, but to endure as what was important was to attend classes at all costs.

“Although I do not like the appearance of our school, I am happy that I am able to be at school and learn,” said Tatenda.

Marondera East MP Jeremiah Chiwetu said that he was aware of the sorry state of the school and  said plans were at an advanced stage to mobilise resources to renovate the school.

“I have been to Dhirihori Primary School and I know it is in a terrible state and I will source funds to renovate it.”

“I am working with the people from this community so as to give this school a new face with the building of new classrooms blocks and sanitary facilities which include toilets and boreholes” said Chiwetu.

According to a parent who spoke to NewsDay  on condition of anonymity said parents have started to mould bricks to construct classroom blocks.

“My sister, many people come here promising us that they will construct buildings for  the school, but to no avail hence we have decided  to mould bricks so that our children can learn. We are fast approaching the rainy season so we have to move fast before the first rains,” she said

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  1. Asi pakuvhoterwa u always say “i wl build up&renovate schools and clinics”so tell us how many terms have u voted into office?he he he im aware of the situation and im sourcing funds .VaMuzenda vaidetemba vachituka varungu but right now tichadetemba tichituka imi zvimbwasungata .kumusha zvidhinha zvinokanywa nechuru zvopiswa nemoto vabereki ivava vachazvikanya mahovhoni osvika pakumera huswa muchingoti we are sourcing funds makaiwana moisa muhomwe dzenyu .mwari pindirai

  2. I don’t trust those useless MPs promises. With the current situation in our country no one should cheat you that the government shall give you money to build a school. At the moment the country economy is in the intensive care unit. Even teachers are not receiving their salaries in time. This is what the black man government is capable of doing. Three decades of destruction. The area is one of the coldest places in Zimbabwe. Imagine what the children are going through. Ndo bhora mugedi here iri.

  3. Rwizi Nyagombore

    Our new MP seems to be concerned with Dhirihori Primary School only because that is where he did his primary school. There are other primary schools in Svosve Rural Area that even need more urgent attention than Dhirihori Primary School. The school are St Martins Primary School, St Ludger Primary School and Mupazviriho Primary School. These schools were built around 1905 and have never been renovated. Our new MP should also see that these other primary schools are renovated as well. There is also the issue of our main road that links Masomera Township and our Capital City, Marondera. This road is in a deplorable state and it also needs urgent attention. We hope our MP’s promises during and after elections will materialize into something that the Svosve people will see and talk about in a positive manner. Hero bhora mugedhi.

  4. Then u hear an arrogant moron called a representative of EU vomiting that there is no leadership crisis in this country Fool.

  5. Why people of the so called Svosve ‘ant’ in english were the first to jump in other people’s property white farms when they cannot even run schools. If you see Zanu mp unashamedly calling for media it means blatant failure , muchadziidzira pasi pemiti pamakajaira chiii chamakamboitirwa nezanu . What do you expect from ZANU deadwood , people of Svosve you should be sorry of your acts that are now haunting you.Kuba hakusi kurongeka dziidziso kuvana iri papi. We don’t want hear anything from you .Develop your area quietly or die silently. If you keep ant ridden faggots why shocked when you are visited by lizards . Kkkkk

    1. Morris you have a valid point, however I feel you are missing an important point. You seem to portray the fact children must suffer as a result of their community,s failures. I think you agree with me that children are tomorrow,s leaders they need good education foundation. Good to make positive discussion. Vana ava havana kuenda kunotora minda sekutaura kwako. We need to come up with suggestions to help the fellow MP,s cry of help.

  6. Sekuru Chakuchichi Botaremhunga

    Its now almost a year and we have not yet seen any meaningful development in Svosve Rural Area. When people voted our new MP, Jeremiah Chiwetu, into Parliament we thought we were going to see minana yedevelopment since we had elected our own son. Previously we were being forced to vote for MPs hailing from the Chiota area. I totally agree with Rwizi Nyagombore that all primary schools in Svosve needs urgent attention.Main road yedu, Masomera – Marondera, yaipa zvikuru. Dai matigadzirisirawo kutanga nepa Twoboy zvapo veduwe. There is no meaningful development that will happen in our area without first addressing the issue of roads, clinics and schools.MP Chiwetu fambai muvanhu sezva maita mazuva ama elections muchinzwa zvichemo nepfungwa dzevanhu venyu.

    Remember there are four years left.By August 2014 kunenge kwasara three years chete chete.

  7. i thnk we as Zimbabweans we should give back to our communities.let us not wait fo those in pwr to bring a change wen we ourselves are able to do so.

  8. photos?

  9. pakaipa….nation building varume..let’s be focused.It’s not only people in Svosve with dilapidated schools, many areas have the same problem and what we get from our Mps are lies left, right and center.

  10. Ikoko kwaSvosve kwakazara vanozviti MaWarvets, masoja, mabrigadier,veZanu. Hero basa kungoswero tyisidzira vanhu mumafarms muchinyeba kuti varungu vavakuda kudzoka. KwaSvosve vanhu vanzwa nokunyeberwa kunzi nyika yavakutorwa nevarungu. Vakai chikoro icho munoda kubatsirwa nani varungu vamakadzinga. Kanyai zvidhinha mutenge cement muvake. KwaSvosve munongotyisidzirwa nevanhu veZanu vasina kudzidza vakarova maticha nerekeni

  11. wattsopeter@rocketmail.com

    ndoooooozvo zvamaida kkkkkkkkkkkk kanyai muvake kkkkkkkkkkkk twana kudzidzira panze mukore uno kkkkkkkkkkk haaaya ndanakirwa ini dhirihori skuru kkkkkkkkkk panze pasi pemuti ? vanenge vashayei vana ava asi mu classroom munenge mupisa here vakuda mhepo panze kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk,kana vakanyanya kugaramo so vakusvotwa namo kkkkkkkkkkkkkkk, ava vakapenga rega nditombonwa tea zvangu ini kwatonhora.

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