Cop basher jailed 18 months


A 33-YEAR-OLD man from Wedza, Godfrey Chando, was on Monday slapped with an 18-month jail term for striking a police officer with a rake as the latter attempted to handcuff him in connection with another case of violence.

Wadzanai Madhibha
Own Correspondent

Chando was initially sentenced to two years in prison before Marondera magistrate Tendai Muchini suspended six months on condition of good behaviour.

The court heard that on May 15 this year, Obvious Ndlovu, a police officer stationed at Wedza Police Station, was assigned to track down and arrest Chando on charges of assaulting one Felix Mangezi.

However, Chando became violent and refused to be handcuffed.

In the ensuing melee, Chando picked up a rake and struck Ndlovu on the chin and shoulder before he wrestled him to the ground. Ndlovu was only saved from further bashing after a passerby came to his rescue and stopped the fight.

Prosecutor Emmanuel Dera pleaded with the court to impose a long custodial sentence on Chando, saying his action was a serious security breach as police officers were part of the country’s security system.

Dera cited the recent incident where police officers were bashed by over 200 members of the Johane Masowe weChishanu sect in Budiriro 2, Harare.

To date, 27 members of the sect have been arrested and put into custody to June 16 while their alleged accomplices including the sect leader Madzibaba Ishmael Mufani are still at large.


  1. Why did the officer approach the accused (of violence) alone?? Aren’t cops supposed to work in pairs or so?

    People no longer have any respect for the police. Now is the opportunity to earn it back. Be proffessional.

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  2. As long as the police continue to act unprofessionaly they risk being attacked by the disgruntled pover,Chihuri included!!!

    • Saka iwe ukashatirwa ungatadzewo kurova maZanu pf youths, mbavha zvadzo idzi? Varikutosvibisa zita rekuti mapurisa because they dont derseve to be called policeman seriously. Policing people’s pockets? Ngavarohwe

  3. Has anyone bothered to look at why this police bashing thing was unheard of in the 1980’s? Part of the reason is that we had a professional police force then. A policeman was someone to be respected and it was a job to be proud of. Today policemen have been reduced to ZANU PF’s militia. A policeman is not someone to respect but to fear as much you fear robbers, thugs and murderers. One of the problems of being feared and not being respected is that if the person who fear you see a chance to take you down, they sure will. The police in Zimbabwe are as unprofessional as it gets, they use foul and threatening language even when there is no need to and the traffic police are the worst. A day shall come when a policeman shall be unable to walk the streets of urbanity alone especially at night for fear of being attacked. At the rate we are going that day may not be as far as some of us would like to think. Police have become an arm of the oppressive ZANU PF machinery and as such should not expect any respect from the suffering public. Police have innocent blood on their hands and that blood shall see some of them paying with their lives.

  4. @ Bingo Wokwa Gutu well said the police is now operating like Zanu Pf security personel. I dont remember when i last saw police assisting school going children even to cross a road during peak hours, they only thnk of bribes.

  5. @kev the accused was not accused of violence.he was accused of assault, assault takes many forms and not all of them are violence.its very common for officers to work alone.but i do agree though that our police lacks some professionalism.

  6. Those who want 2 beat Police can go ahead & beat them as long as they know that they won’t be cought. Bcoz kana ukabatwa, unotaura chakatadzisa imbwa kuseka kunyenama ichigöna. Bvunza mapositori akuvara neinda kuHre remand prison.

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