Carl Joshua Ncube on ground breaking tour


CARL Joshua Ncube, one of the mainstream comedians to emerge out of Zimbabwe is continuously pushing boundaries in his quest to develop strong grassroots in comedy. He is seeking to appeal locally and internationally for further development of the industry and comedians welfare.

Simbarashe Manhango
Owen Correspondent

Evident to this is his groundbreaking National Feel Good Zimbabwe Tour in which Ncube will embark on a journey, touring 13 cities in the country before he goes international and makes appearances in at least 10 cities in Southern Africa and North America.

In an interview with NewsDay Ncube said: “This tour is centred on my dedication to make Zimbabweans feel good about our own product and a motivational tour set to identify new talent in the industry and at the same time market our concept internationally.

“I have realised that every time I do these tours the rest of the world is watching on social media and this has played a role in building a bigger audience, hence it is a positive gain for the industry as a whole.

“Through initiatives like these, one day millions of people around the globe will get to appreciate and want to find out more about Zimbabwe through comedy.”

Set to kick off in August with preliminary talent search programmes in every city that he will tour, Ncube’s local adventure will start in Harare and take him to Norton, Kadoma, Kwekwe, Gweru, Mutare, Masvingo, Chinhoyi, Bindura, Kariba and Victoria Falls.

These talent-search comedy sequels are meant to identify new talent in an industry that has been merely dominated by comedians from either Harare or Bulawayo.

“Through this national tour, we want to do what has never been done before and bring to people what they have not experienced. Encompassing comic lovers from all these towns will certainly gain us the mileage and audience we want to keep the comic vibe alive,” Ncube said.

Ncube added that he was currently in talks with the local broadcaster to have the tour live-streamed on national television, the first of its nature since comedy became popular.

“This tour is also being packaged for television hoping the local broadcaster will be on board since the authorities have indicated great interest in my comedy being televised.”

The two-month long tour that kicks off on August 1 in Harare will end in Victoria Falls at the end of September and pave way for his South Africa, Canada, Australia and United Kingdom tour.

In SA, Ncube will make appearances in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Grahamstown, Fort Hare Durban and Edinburgh.

Ncube will also tour Toronto, North America, Manchester and Birmingham in London before winding up his adventure in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne in Australia.

Meanwhile the shows that he will be doing around the country will be compiled into a DVD for the purposes of local marketing and promotional works on his international tour.

This tour is certainly a revolutionary adventure that could scale to greater heights hence this marks Ncube’s second time embarking on such a big tour after his acclaimed ‘Big Announcement’ saw him tour Europe and America.

“Breaking boundaries is what I live for and as a dedicated comedian I want to share the joy and create a better environment for all the new and upcoming comedians so that they can be heard,” Ncube said.


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