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Over 90 Greenfuel workers in trouble


UNCERTAINTY has gripped scores of Greenfuel employees who are facing disciplinary action following allegations that they engaged in an illegal job action last week.


Affected workers said employees from several departments including, electrical, civil engineering and maintenance were likely to be, either fired or reprimanded.

They said they were accused of embarking on an illegal job action when they went to their senior officials’ offices in Chisumbanje to claim their outstanding salaries.

A workers’ representative who refused to be named said the majority of workers representatives were suspended together with over 90 employees.

They are expected to go for hearings starting from yesterday.

“The majority of workers’ committee including the chair, vice, secretary and others are already suspended,” said one employee.

“Others will go for a hearing, but  I think they will be reprimanded. We have not been receiving our salaries for the past two months so we went en-mass to enquire about our money without necessarily going for a strike.”

“We were then told our issue was going to be addressed, but to our surprise we received letters advising us of a hearing,” added another source.

In one of the letters, Greenfuel accused the affected worker of alleged misconduct in violation of the Labour Act.

“An act of conduct or omission inconsistent with the fulfilment of the express or implied conditions of your contract as per Section 4(a) of SI 15 of 2006 in that you engaged in unlawful collective job action as defined under Section 104(3) of the Labour Act,” reads the letter.

Greenfuel officials could not be reached for comment as NewsDay was referred from one office to another.

The unrest at Chisumbanje comes just after the company requested from the government to increase mandatory blending to 20%.

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