‘ Zimbabwe willing to compensate white farmers’


INFORMATION, Media and Broadcasting Services minister Jonathan Moyo yesterday said government was willing to compensate white farmers who were displaced during the land reform programme in 2000, but currently had no money for such an exercise.


According to officials, Moyo said to Danish ambassador to Zimbabwe Erik Brogger Rasmussen at his Munhumutapa Building offices that government was willing to offer compensation for immovable properties.

“Minister Moyo told the Danish ambassador that Zimbabwe was willing to compensate white farmers on immovable properties if Denmark can mediate the deal with other Western countries to fund the exercise through developmental organisations such as the United Nations Development Programme,” the official, who attended the meeting, said.

Denmark, a long-time ally of Zimbabwe, broke ranks with the country in 2002 over the land reform programme.

The Nordic country only resumed diplomatic relations with Zimbabwe last year.

“Minister Moyo told the Danish envoy that he was disappointed that Denmark decided to side with the other European countries over the land issue when the country hoped that it would intermediate to end the rift due to the close ties between the two nations,” the official added.

The official said Moyo told the envoy that he hoped Denmark would become an honest broker and persuade the other countries that do not want to be seen as directly interacting with Zimbabwe to use the developmental agencies to raise money to compensate the white farmers and support agriculture.

Addressing the media after his meeting with Moyo, Rasmussen only said his country was willing to re-engage with Zimbabwe.


  1. Most of zanu cronies say white people are not welcome how is moyo going to do it[ZVIROTO ZVIROTO]

    • If you had followed the fast track land reform you will notice that Zimbabwe had always said they will compensate white farmers for buildings and equipment and NOT LAND. Whites have been welcome, are welcome and will always be welcome. That’s Zanupf mantra

  2. If the Western countries fund the exercise then is it the government or what? Who are you fooling at the end of the day you shall say Zanu PF has funded the exercise.

  3. today they claim they are willing to compensate the white farmers, they took the farms by force, white farmers did not want to sell then, first give them back their farms then you use the willing buyer willing seller policy.

    • Land will NEVER be given back. It’s now inked in the constitution. ZANU has always said they will compensate for property not land.

  4. Sometimes i do not understand Jonathan Moyo. He has started to be the Government spokesperson again. As Zimbabweans we deserve to know such a development. Put it in black and white if it is true. The European countries are not fools they know that you failed to manage your economy. This is why the opposition become popular it is because of the unjustified radical means executed by Zanu pf when they ceased the farms from white farmers. So blacks are now buying land from the owners. Shame to the people who started this shit.

    • Jonathan Moyo is a standup comedian so don’t take anything he says seriously. After he’s exceeded the 5 drink maximum, he starts talking and talking and talking and typing and typing and typing, emailing articles like this for attention.

  5. What Jonathan Moyo is saying here is the same as someone who has one leg saying they want to be a footballer. Building castles in the air. Zimbabwe is broke and owes a lot of money and there will never come a time when this regime will be able to compensate these white farmers. Why did they not do things in an orderly fashion? Was it really necessary to invade farms in a country you govern? Primitive fools.

  6. Point of correction there, compensation is for immovable property not farms/land. They don’t own the land and never did. The land is for blac zimbos only not whites coz the forcibly took it and now want to sell it back to us? No no no no ……. No shit!

  7. Well how how can one talk of compansation pasina mari….Moyo be serious. Right now our economy is on the vage of colaspe then you talk of compansations. You should have instead talked of foreign investment to boost our economy and get the industry working. We are not children Moyo remember that so many educated youths are unemployed then wotaura zvecompansation tiitire serious. Zimbabwe ndeyedu vanhu kwete government

  8. hahahaha now they are sucking on the white man to get international pardons. dont give them that money, that was our land, our country and they came from nowhere to settle. give them NOTHING!!!! they dont deserve een a grain of dust from africa, they are thieves like our own black leaders, all these leaders are playing games with us. Hameno?

  9. honestly you guys how can you debate such a petty issue. Native Americans were compensated for their loses, Japanese were also compensated after the nuclear bombings but its always an issue when it comes to blacks taking what is rightful theirs. Were slaves ever paid anything?? Did we have to be colonized and forced to squatter kumaruzeva(reservations). LAND is for the NATIVES .

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