Zanu PF targets Bulawayo return


ZANU PF Bulawayo women’s league provincial chairperson Ever Bitu says the party was already readying itself to win some seats in the 2018 general elections in the city.


Zanu PF has never won any directly contested seat in Bulawayo since the united MDC started contesting elections in 2000.

Delivering a report on the state of the party in Bulawayo, and in particular the women’s league, at an inter-district conference held at the Bulawayo Polytechnic on Sunday, Bitu attributed Zanu PF’s failure to secure a single seat in last year’s harmonised polls to “embarrassing and endless bickering among party followers and the leadership”.

“Bulawayo was a laughing stoke because of the endless infighting and divisions,” she said.

“We were disorganised and there was chaos in the province that is why we failed to get even a single seat during the elections. The infighting was so much that at one time Davies Hall (Zanu PF Bulawayo provincial head office) was nicknamed ‘Devil’s Hall’ by party members. I am, however, delighted that this is all in the past now.

“There is peace in the province now and the numbers are increasing.

“We need unity in the party and with the peace that we enjoy now, we will get seats in the 2018 elections.

“We do not want to continue being an embarrassment by not having any seats.”

Bulawayo Provincial Affairs minister Eunice Sandi-Moyo, who is also the Zanu PF women’s league national deputy secretary, weighed in and pleaded for party members in the province to be united if it was to win seats in the next elections.

“There is no time for divisions now. Infighting is in the past. The leadership should also not divide the people,” she said.

“We need peace; peace is unity and there cannot be unity if there is no peace.”

Veteran politician Calistus Ndlovu was roped in by the Zanu PF politburo to stabilise the party in Bulawayo and was last year elected substantive provincial chairman.
However, reports of infighting still persist in the province.


  1. You are already looking forward to 2018 without delivering on your 2013 election promises? Not so fast zanu pf. If ever you harbour any ambitions of winning seats here in 2018, pliz deliver on your promises first coz we don’t want pple who promise what they don’t even try to implement. Forget about winning any seats unless something miraculous happens in terms of you delivering on your past promises

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  2. Laughing ‘stock’, and not laughing stoke staff reporter. Leaves me wondering for Ever if it’s really Bitu and not Biti.
    On a more serious note though. ZANU can continue daydreaming. It is allowed in this free democratic country.

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  5. after ruling for 34 years they too have looked at the past and saw the carnage they leave behind. they can only look forward as the road looks much prettier than what they leave behind.

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