‘Terrorism fears restrict passport processing’ Mudede


REGISTRAR-GENERAL (RG) Tobaiwa Mudede has said processing and printing of passports cannot be decentralised to districts for fear of terrorism.


Mudede told the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Women Affairs, Gender and Community Development yesterday that passport forms could be distributed at district level, but would be sent to central registry for processing after people filled them in.

Mudede said his office was processing on average 3 000 passports daily. He, however, said the office was experiencing challenges with the registration of people from the “Vapostori” sects who do not usually get birth certificates for their children. They also bury each other without burial orders, he claimed.

The RG said last year, his officers travelled to Kenya to register Zimbabweans of the “Vapostori” sect in that country.

“We also visited Marange to mobilise them to register births and deaths, but we realised they were scattered all over the country — and these people flourish to the extent that youngsters are now forming their own sects, that is why you see red cloths everywhere,” Mudede said.

He said it was not for the love of God, but for money that new churches and sects were flourishing in the country.

Mudede also told the committee that Zimbabwe had managed to deal with fraudulent marriages with foreign nationals engaged in bigamy crimes. He told the committee that to curb fraudulent marriages he ordered re-registration of marriage officers. Out of 2 000 officers, half of them were found authentic, he said.

“About 1 000 of these so-called vicars have gone into hiding,” he said.

Mudede indicated that single women were now allowed to register births of their children using their maiden names if the father was not willing to do so.

“Married women can also get birth certificates for their children as long as they bring the father’s identification particulars,” he said.


  1. honestly speaking , i dont buy this hogwash about terrorism , if only THIS GUY knew what huge strides would be made in the fight against corruption would be made if this process was decentralised . He is trying to sound like a person serious person when in actual fact he isnt .Furthermore, when did he suddenly become a minister of religion ?

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    • Mudhara is right you dnt want a situation yekuti munhu wese can get a passport asiri muzimba like situation iri kundazu you need to verify kuti muzimbabwean

  2. Zvemachira matsvuku zvinei nekupa vanhu ma passport kanopenga ka mudhara aka kutumira vanhu ku Kenya kunotoresa zvitupa isu pa market square tichiswera po pasina zvafamba nxaaa

  3. Why fly all the way to KENYA to register people who dont want registered whilst turning away those at home who are seeking these documents. Charity begins at home!
    Was it just for the T&S…? Whilst the govt. coffers are so so dry! Where does it end?.. nxaa!

  4. What I seem to see of late is that passports take the shortest possible time whether decentralized or not so why should we just always decentralize for the sake of the name only to duplicate services and increase the employment bill. If the RG is true in his claims of terrorism then who wants to be terrorized?

  5. mudede, my brother who i believe you are the best rigger for mugabe than any of his people. you wanted mapostoti to register when you wanted their votes. why worry about mapostori. why mention so much. is it because they contributed so much to mugabe’s victory last year. your excuses dont hold water. what ever you are hiding we will get soon, especial your rigging techniques.

  6. Thereis no mention of terrorism in this strory so why put headline about terrorism?The truth is mudede does not want to decentrlise because he fears loosing his job kana basa rikaita shoma.Unobva washaya kuti zvonombo famba sei

  7. Zezuru domination has always been a big zanu agenda! Nothing of value must ever be done outside zezuruland.

  8. l wonder if this country will ever move on , why do we allow ourselves to be backward always . look at our neighbours s.a passport is given in every province . tosvikepi nezanu guys

  9. um happy bou the last part of this story which reads they now allow single women to register birth for their kids,,my sister tried like a thousand times and the guys from Makombe were denyng her saying we need his fathers signature and id, so well done for a new update at least my mzukuru can now have abirth certificate….

  10. Ma passports ngaa gadzirwe muma province ese. Maform ngaaiswe muma district,so munhu akafill maform iwaya pa district office,mapayments zvese ipapo,then collect passport ipapo pa district.

  11. Thats crazy. Allowed to get birth certificate in maiden name if father refuses. But bring the ID of the father who is refusing. Does that make sense.

  12. One of the biggest reason I voted for the new constitution in the referendum was because it contained that decentralisation and devolution of power to local authorities. And now that the laws have to be aligned to the new constitution, we get one tired old man telling us that our vote was in vain. Terrorism my left foot.

  13. Ko what does “Vapostori” have to do with a story on Passport decentralization & processing???

  14. Yes printing of passports can still be done in Harare, but I think all the application and collection should be done at district offices to avoid travelling expenses and long queues especially for Matebeleland North province as people there have to go to Bulawayo.
    So please Mr Register General de-centralise application and collection processes, we need a passport office in Hwange please… Thank you

  15. According to mudede the vapostori sect members are terrorists so he’s hunting them all over Africa kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk.

  16. In some countries you can apply for a passport online. Then go to post office and verify identity for a small fee. What is this man talking about??????.

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