Stunner ridicules socialites


STUNNER’s new track Zvinombofamba sei oozes with evidence of a bitter man clinging to a dead dream.


The track, released last week, takes a dig at former girlfriend Pokello Nare with whom he recorded a sex tape that permanently dented his career which has inadvertently taken a nose dive.

Interestingly, the track leaves many convinced that just like the Kim Kardashian/Ray Jay affair which until now has had people talking, Stunner lost out after he was dumped by Pokello who recently announced her engagement to Ghanaian designer Elikem Kumordzie.

While there can never be an agreed formula to matters of the heart, one who walks away does himself a favour.

Yet the musician’s track which trades between the margins of social commentary and a brutal onslaught of personalities instead exposes him.

While the lacing of the track with comedian Richard Matimba’s famous rib crackers could be a sign of dynamism, it simply depicts his disillusionment.

First will be the timing of the release which was three days after the announcement of Pokello’s engagement.

Although he does not mention the name Pokello; and even denies that it was inspired by her, that his first line is Wotonzwa pfambi dzakurorwa (Prostitutes are now getting married) spells a lot to that.

The track was released three days after his ex-lover and former Big Brother housemate Pokello got engaged to Elikem.

Stunner opens the short track with the punch line Wotonzwa pfambi dzaakuroorwa as part of the sarcasm that builds the song.

“I think the guy who did the voice note inspired it,” Stunner said, citing Matimba’s joke is the inspiration behind the track.

When asked what the song sought to achieve, he said: “I was just asking unanswered questions. The song is like an extension to a song I did some time back titled Hamheno.”

On the track, he goes on to ask questions on why Tau, apparently referring to fellow musician Taurai Mandebvu, is not in jail for murder when raunchy dancer Beverly Sibanda was once arrested for dancing.
He also seemingly digs at the Zimbabwe Tourism Authority for failing to bring American singer R Kelly who was scheduled to participate at this year’s carnival.

Alick Macheso was not spared when Stunner sang: “Tafadzwa nemukoma wangu (Macheso) taiti varikufara, wozonzwa mumapepa vakuburitsa nemazhets akudhara,” in reference to the bitter maintenance row that Macheso is embroiled in with estranged second wife Tafadzwa Fortunate Mapako.

He also takes a swipe at King Shaddy as the only artiste to be denied a visa.

Among others that were ridiculed include dancehall music when he portrays a scenario where jazz is said to be more popular than the genre, the MDC fight that has seen axed secretary-general Tendai Biti being persecuted and prophets on miracle babies and miracle money.

The musician may also be on a collision course with Matimba as he accedes he used his voice note without his consent.

“It is just a mix tape that is not for sale,” he said apparently oblivious of who Matimba is.

Creativity, or the lack of it, Stunner appears to be shooting himself in the foot with the track.

What is clear is his sheer need for attention and of course failure to let go just like Ray Jay who released a similar track I Hit It First, dissing Kim in April last year.


  1. i will never forgive Pokella for what she did to me,it was me who was supposed to dump her.

  2. reporter it seems like u have a born to chew with this musician. Who doesnt know how he sings since he started? & u think the song is more about pornello more than it is a song. Unenge waimudawo pornello iwe

  3. I think this journo was given a sidekick by Porkello to diss Stunner. Musaita mafeelings panhau

  4. Stunner should just grow up…. He is acting like another Rocky…. Hazvina future zvawatanga izvi mumwe wangu

  5. This reporter doesn’t appreciate art. Many things inspire creativity including life’s disappointments. He’s not bitter, he’s just expressing himself through art

  6. Taura hako thru art da soul z freed. Ndo art yacho kaiyi nhai. Tis only dat critics are pple who wanted to be authors, poets, musicians etc bt bcoz they are failures they grow bitter & so they turn critic. Lol journalist

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  8. hapana apa.,mfana akawachiswa ne baby apa,.apa bag anokundwa futi,.pokello akazvigonera akatoroorwa..mfana ngaachitsvagawo wake aroore,.history is history.

  9. hahahahahahah seriously reporter u got issues to deal with tiudze hedu dzeku Nigeria kana washaya nyaya ts a sooooooong for crying out loud hahahahah leave stuner kana akarwadziwa eheka zvinorwdza he will move on when he gets over it let him be>>>>>>big fan

  10. I do not care for any side but now I understand y musicians like Stunner won’t make it. Decent musicians unonzwa kuti was in studio for a year or more then they produce good work. From wat I am reading malyrics aya zvinhu zviri very recent nekutobva atoreleaser. Chances are that zvakangoburwa zvisina kuibva uye pasina creativity. Chiphrase chekuti unobva wazvishaya chakutobuda mufashion, one shud make music that stands da test of time.

  11. This reporter doesn’t like Stunner. Can we please get proper news not this nonsense. This is an abuse of the media to attack an artist. I’m not a Stunner fan but this is wrong…

  12. My dog’s brother makes £3433 a day chasing other dogs around the yard. Why waste time reading about shits like pokello when you too can make same? Hmm?

  13. out of all people,wafungira Pornello..Ma reporters maakushaya manje..We all know u hate Stunner,alwayz writng bad thingz abt him…hate or love…We leeeeead TCR

  14. My verdict is if the song is so bad why review it at all? Hapana music isiri biased bhururu. It doesn’t even have to be fair. And who is persecuting Tendai Biti? Washaya imwe career here? Zvekunyora zvaramba. Unobva washaya kuti zviri kumbofamba sei?

  15. but why reporter uyu akuda kuiita sokunge stunner is the bad guy here Pokello yaakaita haite and thats final aingoda fame kuna Stunner haite haite Pokello STunner arinani.

  16. so who z the ‘socialites’ here pornello? pornello is now socialites? Mahoso shuld surely go back to lecture coz this z gutter reporting. & is there an editor there?

  17. Maida kuti aimbe kutii?
    Ndozvaaku lover Plus zvaakamboimba aimbo consulter imim.kana mashaya kt zvikumbofamba sei request thi # will send u link ryt away.

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