‘Sodomy’ councillor denied bail


MDC–T councillor Sydney Chirombe (43), who is facing sodomy charges, was yesterday denied bail by Harare magistrate Milton Serima, who invoked President Robert Mugabe’s sentiments on homosexuality in turning down the councillor’s bid for freedom.


Chirombe is jointly charged with Joseph Muchena (23) with whom he was allegedly caught pants down.

Serima further agreed with prosecutor Sharon Mashavira that Chirombe was likely to re-offend, was a flight risk and that he was of no fixed abode.
He added that although Muchena was previously charged with sodomy in Kariba (case number 50/02/14) and subsequently acquitted, there was “also a high propensity that he will commit similar offences”.

The court also ruled that Chirombe’s position in society, where he is a councillor, could induce him to abscond.

Allegations against the two are that on May 15, police from Glen Norah found the two accused persons engaging in anal sex inside a car.

After they realised they had been caught in the act, Chirombe, whose undergarment was at knee–level, allegedly jumped onto the driver’s seat with the intention of driving off.

But one of the police officers grabbed the keys through the window and arrested the pair.


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  1. Shame on him. Was he actually aquitted on the Kariba case or he used money to bribe the complaint? Is just worsen that pigs and dogs. Councillor here vakomana? This man is bringing the MDC-T party’s name into disrupt.

  2. Can’t the responsible authorities review the Kariba trial of this guy? We are tired of corruption in the judiciary.

  3. dear mr Mubvumbi, propensity is a term that denotes likelihood on a balance of probabilties. in the present case that likelihood is obviously there given that the man has a similar charge that he was facing previously. while the charge is a serious one which in any event cannot be condoned from a moral standpoint it is still imperative that the cde of no fixed aboard be accorded a fair trial

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