Securico, Volsec fight turns nasty


DAGGERS have been drawn between indigenous private security firms, Securico and Volsec, with the companies accusing each other of plagiarising company information amid fierce competition in the security services sector, NewsDay has learnt.


The rivalry between the two firms intensified after it was established early this year that Volsec Security Services, had fraudulently acquired its ISO certification status last year using stolen documents from Securico Services (Private) Ltd.

An ex-Securico secretary Zinya Makombe (34) last year appeared before Harare magistrate Tilda Matambanashe and was convicted of theft after she breached her former paymaster’s password and transferred the quality assurance documents to her new employer Volsec’s computer system.

Makombe was initially sentenced to 12 months’ imprisonment, but six months were suspended on condition of good behaviour and the remainder on condition she performed 210 hours of community service at Warren Park 1 Primary School commencing on November 19 last year.

It was established during the court hearing that Volsec management took the stolen documents to the Standards Association of Zimbabwe (SAZ) purporting to have originated them in line with ISO9001/2008 requirements resulting in the awarding of an ISO quality assurance certificate.

On Tuesday, Securico business development manager Kudakwashe Makuzwa told NewsDay that Volsec had also reportedly plagiarised their website information “word for word”.

“They plagiarised our website word for word and while they were plagiarising they mentioned one of our companies Multi-Link. I picked it up during the time that I was going through our competitor’s websites last week,” Makuzwa said.

Securico managing director Divine Ndlukula added that she was surprised that their competitor had copied their website information and they immediately revamped it three weeks ago.

“There are glaring facts for all to see. I have no issues with anyone and I am not fighting anyone, but what I am not happy with is the use of our information by Volsec on their website,” Ndlukula said.

“I know my rights and I will go for them for as long as I know I am doing what is right. I am not being vindictive to anyone neither am I scared of competition, but I am expressing disappointment in the manner that Volsec has decided to conduct itself.”

Ndlukula further accused the SAZ of failing to resolve the impasse between the two security firms.

But, Volsec chief executive officer Reuben Chisale dismissed the claims saying Securico was out to tarnish his name for fear of competition.

“What Securico is saying is not true at all. We never at any stage used their website information. In fact, we have been fighting an ISO certification war at different levels instead. Securico reported us to police sometime in 2012 and the matter was found to be of no substance after investigations and they even went to report to SAZ and the same body dismissed their claims,” Chisale said.

“Police searched Volsec’s offices to verify the claims being made by Securico. Both hard and electronic copies of the Volsec’s certification documents were submitted to them.

“After thorough investigations they concluded that there was no copying of the electronic or hard copies of the ISO certification documents. Their conclusion was confirmed by the Attorney-General’s Office which refused to charge Volsec.”

Chisale added: “However, Securico filed an appeal against the decision. The SAZ’s Appeals Body also compared the two quality manuals and it found that the quality and management documents were different. Aggrieved with the above, Securico again mounted another appeal to an Independent Arbitral Tribunal which also found that there was no plagiarism of any ISO certification documents by Volsec.”

Commenting on the matter, SAZ director-general Eve Gadzikwa said their investigations had found no fault in Volsec’s operations.
“We are not aware of any other dispute between Securico and Volsec. What I can say is that as a national, regional and international body, we investigated Securico’s complaint and discovered that it was not true,” Gadzikwa said.

“Volsec’s operations are above board and the firm was certified after meeting the systems requirements and the process takes several stages. To me everything about that firm is in accordance with SAZ’s requirements.”


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  2. Nyaya iripo apa. SAZ should be investigated. How can it say hapana nyaya yet ma Courts akapa conviction kune mynhu akaba mapepa e ISO yacho?????????

  3. Zimbabwe is now full of unscrupulous businessman who want to get rich fast without establishing sustainable business ethics. Volsec should compete fairly and establish its own systems instead of relying on copying / plegarising. its really unethical. and How can SAZ support such practices and yet its supposed to be the governing body. Taneta ne corruption!!!!!!!

  4. Is this not the same Chisale who allegedly committed fraud and ran way to South Africa only to come back with this Volsec company in partnership with other Zimbabweans. He is so canning that he soon kicked these partners out and wrestled the company to himself through dubious allegations. Caution is advised when dealing with this chap.

  5. Saka murume weVolsec agara arimunhu wechitsotsi kauyu. Ma1 kana matsotsi avanemasecurity company

  6. ladies and gentlemen Securico is now the leader in the security industry after taking the baton from former security gaints like Securitas, Fawcet Guard Alert and Safe guard. these former gaints never cry when Securico took over. Now its a new situation through hard work that can be seen by a blind man Volsec were rightfully awarded ISO. Even if you compare the service of both companies you can see that Volsec is way above securico Leave Volsec alone mai Ndukula is afraid of competition. she shall die from heart attack because there are a lot of new security companies that are emerging and they are offering high quality services better than both Volsec and Securico. More so the success of Securico is not through hard work but because it is linked to Big ZANU PF shefs. Keep on going Volsec never look back you are doing wonders in the security industry you are being propelled by ex -securitas employees

    • The only person who eats the pie in the pudding is the customer – I suppose you have to ask the customers of the two companies as they are the only people who can tell us who is better than the other. However the matter before the public is not about quality of service – its a matter of theft – if someone steals from you then you have the right to shout “STOP THIEF” at the top of your voice. Just leave Securico alone – they have chased their thief and from the look of things they have cornered that thief.

      But copying word for word sure – wotoona kuti Securico yacho neVolsec hapachina musiyano apa makambani maviri akasiyana wobva washaya kuti zviri kumbofamba sei chaizvo. Ukuwo SAZ yoti mvura ine sewage yakanaka kumwa, vobva vapasisa zvakabiwa Aaahhh zvinu zvacho zvinoto confuzer – kuto shaya kuti zvinombonyatsofamba sei chokwadi

  7. Chidofo cherudzii ichi,kuita word for word. I thought these people will be more intellegent than this. Ndasurrender ini

  8. What Securico is alleging is comparable to a PHD graduate copying a grade 1 student, Volsec Security is the first Security Company to be certified in three ISO standards in Africa & if not the World. Volsec is ISO certified in ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004 & OHSAS 18001:2007 whereas Securico is only certified in 1 standard. Volsec was never convicted for any wrong doing, Securico ex-employee is the one who was convicted & rumour has it that she is back with Securico, a security company employing convicts!!!! Copying documents does not get one certified, one need to marry documents with what is actually happening on the ground.

  9. This reminds me of a rift btwn Samsung and Apple. The later is accusing Samsung of being a ‘thief’. Apple is claiming that Samsung copied its iphone and ipad. Samsung was sued £70 million.

  10. Yoooo somebody is feeling some HEAT. Whatever it is that you are doing volsec keep it up. I love this competition.

  11. Police found no substance in Securico allegations…SAZ dismiss Securico claims ….. Police searched Volsec offices & came out empty handed ….. Attorney General refused to prosecute …. SAZ Appeal body concluded the documents are different ….. Independent Arbitral Tribunal found no plagiarism ….SAZ Director General said what Securico is saying in not true…. Next we are going to hear that SADC & EU clears Volsec or the UN has endorsed Volsec documents & certification.

  12. “It was established during the court hearing that Volsec management took the stolen documents to the Standards Association of Zimbabwe (SAZ) purporting to have originated them in line with ISO9001/2008 requirements resulting in the awarding of an ISO quality assurance certificate”. ( Newsday)

    I think the above statement speaks for itself.

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