Sadc Gender Protocol Summit kicks off


JOHANNESBURG, South Africa — The ninth Regional Sadc Gender Protocol Summit opened here yesterday with 350 delegates from 15 member states in attendance.


The two-day summit is aimed at lobbying governments, politiciains, non-governmental organisations and faith-based organisations to campaign for the sub region to achieve the 50% gender parity target by August 2015.

Delegates from Zimbabwe are joined by other delegates during the opening of the SADC Gender Protocol Summit on May 26.
Delegates from Zimbabwe are joined by other delegates during the opening of the SADC Gender Protocol Summit on May 26.

Held under the banner 50/50 by 2015 and demanding a strong post 2015 agenda, the summit is being hosted by Gender Links and the Southern Africa Protocol Alliance.

With just under 15 months to go, the call comes at a crucial time in the Sadc region as the numbers of women political representatives continue to shrink.

A delegate goes through the summit's programme at the opening of the three-day event.
A delegate goes through the summit’s programme at the opening of the three-day event.
Gender Links CEO Colleen Lowe Morna
Gender Links CEO Colleen Lowe Morna

Speaking at the official opening, Gender Links CEO Collen Lowe Morna said:

“Southern Africa blazed the trail by going well beyond the requirements of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) when it comes to gender equality. But now, in South Africa, where we had a majority of women premiers of six out of nine we now have two out of nine. Women representation has moved backwards from 44% to 40%.”

Women in Politics Support Unit advocacy officer Tsitsi Mhlanga said the new Zimbabwean Constitution was a women’s constitution because it promoted gender equality.

Women in Politics Support Unit advocacy officer Tsitsi Mhlanga
Women in Politics Support Unit advocacy officer Tsitsi Mhlanga

Asked on whether Zimbabwe would reach the 50/50 target by 2015 Mhlanga said:

“We have 323 women councillors against 1 631 men. The analogy of women in local government is like women driving a [Mazda] 323 next to men driving a Range Rover. There is still a challenge in the local government. However, we almost reached the target with the Senate at 48%. And without the quota, the percentage would have been much lower.”


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  2. You know, what most guys in power are doing is not fair. This quota system is quite good and awesome, but now the criteria with which the representatives are chosen remain a detriment to the achievement of the real goals of this whole issue. Honestly speaking we have a lot of intelligent woman around us who are of value, its either they are never considered or are never candidates. Look at our own senate, l attended one meeting for which they were present, then i wondered are these real legislators who will drive Zimbabwe forward. These women are just put in power to be used because they don’t even know what their duty in the senate is and it will never be made known to them, why because they are just there to be used for veto purposes. One was preaching about forward with ZIMasset and l just got a chance to ask, hanzi iprogramme yakalonjwa navaMugabe, yei? she could not tell. Then i had to ask myself, are there no eligible women to take those positions, they are everywhere. Can political parties please help by choosing people who know their mandate or at least those who can handle the position after relevant training. Look at Zambia, full of young and energetic women in strategic positions of Government. I will qoute this last women of the senate in that meeting around when the now governor of RBZ but then being bankers association President was giving a very breathtaking presentation, “tava nenzara mukaramba muchingotaura tokubvisirai hembe muno” are there no eligible women who can reach 12 midnight engulfed in work. This is amazing, i am a man, i say forward with educating and equiping the women to allow for gender equality but down with women abuse in the name of gender equality.

  3. It’s not just taking in women to make up the numbers. Of course there are some strong,able women who deserve as much support as their male counterparts. Please don’t waste resources on these talk shows. Most women only think of their men & families which is not bad at all.
    Vakuru vanoti,’MUSHA MUKADZI’. I have yet to see a home of bachelors only. Madzimai akakosha veduwe chete vamwe vavo havazozivi pokugumira.

  4. Anenge achida basa will just apply presenting her qualifications not that you are a men or woman. You are now trying to bring another form of corruption. We employ basing on your qualifications and ability to perform not sex

  5. why a u forcing them, take a man and a woman to contest, women will vote for a man why? leave it to those ho capable and those who have the ability go for it. its natural.

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