‘Politicians loot Chingwizi donations’


VICTIMS of the Tokwe-Mukorsi Dam floods in Masvingo have made sensational claims that Provincial Affairs minister Kudakwashe Bhasikiti and other top government officials were looting donated goods, diverting them to their private businesses dotted around the province.


In an interview with NewsDay during a tour of the camp last Friday, spokesperson for the affected families camped at Chingwizi transit camp Alfios Chekai said some government officials in the province had set up tuckshops, flea markets and restaurants at Neshuro Business Centre, a few kilometres from the camp, to cash in on the donations.

“We have been turned into beggars by government officials operating in and outside the Chingwizi camp who are now benefiting from our donated food handouts,” Chekai said.

“Well-wishers must know that if they brought donations here [Chingwizi camp] and leave the goods at Bhasikiti’s office, the intended beneficiaries are not always getting the original consignment. Our leadership are selecting the better stuff for their flea markets before distributing to the intended beneficiaries.”

Another villager, Margaret Zvinirai, said they last received food aid on April 8.

The villagers accused President Robert Mugabe of neglecting them by failing to set foot at the transit camp after he declared the floods a national disaster four months ago. NewsDay was also reliably informed that the villagers have engaged lawyers to draft a petition to Mugabe highlighting their concerns, demanding his intervention.

Recently, 10 Cabinet ministers led by Local Government minister Ignatius Chombo left the camp in a huff after they were dressed down by the villagers.

The villagers have resisted attempts to move them to one-hectare plots earmarked for their resettlement, demanding bigger plots and cash compensation for property lost during the floods.

The ministerial delegation which also comprised Information minister Jonathan Moyo, Agriculture minister Joseph Made, Lands minister Douglas Mombeshora, Energy minister Dzikamai Mavhaire, Finance minister Patrick Chinamasa and Environment minister Saviour Kasukuwere were repeatedly booed by the flood victims at the camp.

The estimated 3 000 families at the transit camp last Friday said they would no longer entertain any of Mugabe’s representatives in the province whom they accused of cashing in on their crisis.

“It is shocking that our President has not yet visited us, but instead, he is always reportedly travelling outside the country,” one villager only identified as Joseph said emotionally.

“As for now, our only hope lies in Mugabe, but it seems he has abandoned us by sending these greedy MPs who are looting donated goods and peddling falsehoods. They claim they are the ones sourcing the donations when in fact international and local donors are coming on their own volition to leave the handouts at Bhasikiti’s offices for distribution.”

Another victim said: “We were promised by Vice-President Joice Mujuru when she came here that we would leave this place after we are fully compensated.”

However, Bhasikiti denied the looting allegations levelled against him saying: “We have a team of auditors who are responsible for the accountability of the donations. When the goods are received here, they are recorded before they are taken to the beneficiaries.

“Only beneficiaries could do that [reselling the donated stuff] if they think they had enough after receiving their allocation.”

Bhasikiti said if the donors were not comfortable with the procurer they should keep their stuff.

“No donor is allowed to deal directly with the beneficiaries,” he said.
But residents insisted that Bhasikiti and his provincial leadership were taking advantage of a national disaster for political interests.

“Bhasikiti and his colleagues are misrepresenting to us that all the assistance is coming from Zanu PF, yet in actual fact we know they are from donors,” a villager who preferred to remain anonymous said.


  1. Bhasikiti,like all other zanu pf looters is doing a fine job.Next time Bhasikiti will be promoted to a senior ministerial position. Why do people expect to get grapes from a thorn tree? Anyway,’NDOMENE HAICHEMEDZI’
    ZHANU chiwororo ! Regai presidnt na amai vamboona nyika veduwe. IZVI ZVE MUTOKWE/MUKOSI HAVANGA ZVIPEDZI. KO NDIVO VAKAZVIDAIDZAVO HERE ???

  2. Finally it has dawned to people that ZANU PF never donates anything to anyone but instead loot what has been donated by well wishers especially from the west, who, ironically are called our enemies.
    Our so-called friends fly into Zimbabwe to be KOROKOZAS .. NO DEVELOPMENT BUT LOOTING KUPERA.. These are our very good friends.. AH GOD HELP !!!

  3. Its not gud vanhu vakadaro Dai mutemo waibvumira ngasungwe lyf in jail chairo vanoda kuuraisa mhomho yevanhu nenzara

  4. Nemiwo vanhu muchinyanya. Maiisirei “X” paZanu pf? Hezvoka mavakuona huipi hweZanu.

  5. This is a political script, why do people want Mugabe there at Chingwizi?
    Why do villagers engage lawyers to write a letter to Mugabe? Are they expecting to go to court?
    It boggles the mind how newspapers try to push an agenda.
    If there is a problem with looting of resources, go and report to the police and make follow ups on the reports, get them to take action. It’s not good enough to make unsubstantiated allegations for political mileage.

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