#AMHVoices: Accident along Josiah Tongogara

A Harare man died on the spot early Thursday morning in a traffic collision involving two cars along Josiah Tongogara Avenue near the Belvedere Trading Centre in Harare

Witnesses said the deceased, Lloyd Gwamura (35),was driving a Nissan Elgrand van towards the city centre when an allegedly drunk driver in a Nissan Hardbody twin cab truck going in the other direction, encroached into the opposite lane, resulting in a head-on collision.

The three occupants of the Hardbody sustained serious injuries and were ferried  to Parirenyatwa Hospital

Petronella Chatambudza, the sister to Gwamura said  her brother had just left her Westgate home just after 5 a.m and she was shocked when an hour later, she received the news of his death.



The car that Lloyd Gwamura was driving when the accident occurred.
The car that Lloyd Gwamura was driving when the accident occurred.


This car allegedly driven by a drunk driver encroached along his lane along Josiah Tongogara Avenue, just after Belvedere Trading Centre. It is said that three people were in the car and are in critical condition at Parirenyatwa Hospital.
The mangled Nissan Hardbody Truck
The decease's sisterPetronella Chatambudza who was called after the crash, said her brother had just left her Westgate home just after 5pm.
Petronella Chatambudza.


  1. it hppned today mrng my dear nt wednesday

  2. It hapnd this mrng nt Wednesday as reported

    1. Iwe pakanzi Thursday morning hausikupaona? Dzokera kuchkoro unodzidzira kuverenga.

  3. very sorry rest in peace

  4. cant u read guys were its written early thursday where did u get wednesday

  5. newsday dnt take us fr a ride manga makanyora kuti wednesday then u changed,u ar nw confusing us.

    1. Haiwawo bvuma kuti watadza kuverenga now you want to save face


    Majority of Zimbabweans are è worst, stupid drivers.

    1. therez no point in calling others stupid when no one calls you stupid and also it changes nothing they will just become more stupid by the hour.All im saying is they are reckless and need to be monitored by cameras so they will learn to behave we are taking long to install cameras on our roads thats why the drivers are driving stupid like you said.

  7. 5am thursday morning umwe munhu anenge akatodhakwa? hanzi ndirikusimudzirwa mhepo kuti ndisabudirire imika. RIP but zvorwadza

  8. Zimbabweans please stop imitating combi drivers on the road.On the steering wheel do not be an expert in breaking the rules of the HIGH WAY CODE.We gain nothing out of death that could have been prevented.

  9. aerial production

    they are tarnishing our image we drunk drivers.

  10. Privacy Please

    Zvinobvumidzwa here izvi kungotora-tora mapikicha evanhu achiiswa pama news websites?

  11. thursday morning drunk???kunevanhu vakagarika zvedi.drunk driver ukaita munyama wekubuda muhospital you will face drunk and driving charges and culpable.zvichigara zvakanzi mamba nedriving hazvidyidzane

  12. member dze intelligence ndidzo dzinodhakwa kuseni,ko vangagoitei chimwe chakakosha.


  14. Privacy Please : YES photos may be taken and put on news websites as long as you are in a public place. This accident happened on a public road. Inga munoswero torwa mapikicha kubhora muchibuda pa TV nemuma newspaper wani.

  15. Nelson Chirume

    Drunken Driver,someone wonders kuti munhu uyu anga adhakwa nguvai makuseni akadaro ,unotoshaya kuti zvinombofamba sei .

  16. paul makundidze

    disheartening. rest in peace papa lodza. to mai takudzwa, be strong my dear. such is life.

  17. very sad RIP

  18. what a tragedy

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