Partisan behaviour in the police deplorable


The Zimbabwe Republic Police on Monday arrested three MDC-T activists in connection with inter-party violence that rocked Epworth on the outskirts of Harare on Sunday.

The violence reportedly occurred after suspected Zanu PF activists stormed an MDC-T rally shortly after party leader Morgan Tsvangirai had left the venue.
Police spokesperson Chief Superintendent Paul Nyathi identified the suspects as Moses Chindanga (26), Kholwani Makina (29) and Alex Makina (33).

The arrests came as Zanu PF and MDC-T officials traded accusations over which party had sparked the violent clashes. It is commendable that the police swiftly moved in to arrest the suspected perpetrators of the violence.

It is, however, unbelievable that the police would arrest only MDC-T activists for the violence, which also involved the ruling Zanu PF party apparatchiks.

For the record, Tsvangirai visited some of his party’s injured supporters in hospital, but the ruling party has not been able to avail any concrete evidence to prove its claim that its supporters were injured in the skirmishes.

The partiality exhibited by the police in this case does not bode well for the country’s citizens, as it appears partisan politics have played a part. This in itself does not inspire confidence in the populace against the backdrop of the 2008 violence which was chiefly perpetrated by Zanu PF and supported by security forces.

Zimbabweans do not want a return to that dark era. The conduct of the police must never at any time bring back the memories of the dark 2008 era where almost 300 opposition supporters lost their lives for daring to support MDC-T while thousands of them were maimed or skipped the country as it became too dangerous for them.

In the same vein, we commend Police Commissioner-General Augustine Chihuri on his statement indicating that any lawbreakers would face the wrath of the law.

Chihuri must, however, ensure that his words are translated into action to inspire confidence in the bulk of Zimbabweans who are tired of the partisan forces.

Zimbabweans must be able to live side-by-side even though they might support different political parties. But this is only possible if the police remain steadfast in their quest to keep peace in the country.

Nobody is above the law. If anything, the law must take its course whether one belongs to the ruling party or otherwise.

Being a member of Zanu PF should not be a passport to step on the rights of the Zimbabwean masses.

Now that it appears campaigning for the 2018 elections will start early this time around, Zimbabweans urge the police to be steadfast and keep peace for the benefit of economic growth of the country.

The police and all the political parties involved must condemn the violence and discipline their supporters starting with Zanu PF, which has outright control of the levers of power including the security forces.

Violence in any form must be condemned, Zimbabweans want peace and not war.


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  2. Its sad that this outgoing generation of zanupf leaders has chosen to go to the grave with the immature & backward mentality of viewing political opponents as enemies. The greatest resource that any country in the world can ever have is its people. Persecuting & dividing ourselves along political lines has led to the unecessary flight of the county’s finest skills & talents & is a sure recipe for the failed state we are today

  3. What do you expect from a party lead by criminals? ZANU(PF) owns Chipangano and other militias so that they can kill with ease. By one day is one day. Someone will have to answer.

  4. The late John L. Nkomo said ‘Peace begins with you, peace begins with me, peace begins with all of us’. We must walk the talk

  5. Totally deplorable behaviour but what next? Burning issues we must resolve as Zimbabweans. Are we going to continue like this forever. Voting hasn’t changed anything. Do we expect it to change anything in the future when those defeated refuse to go or more people than normal appear from nowhere to vote. Has anyone any new ideas what we can do? Some Zimbabweans have come with a suggestion. Visit and make your opinion known. Don’t forget to like the page if you do.

  6. Guys u can be a hero by biting one another for the benefit of some one’s interest but at last the burden lies on you who hold the blood rather than who sends you there. Muri kusiira vana nhamo nengozi dzamuri kutsvaga that’s why some other people are living without families or jobs because of their ancestors who killed people decades ago.

  7. No grave is deep enough to bury the past.Let them do as they please but we will never forget. One day someone will pay for all this. if not them their children or grand children. There can never be forgiveness without justice.

    • Shava. That is where the problem lies. Why leave for tomorrow what can be done now. Talk to each other now, resolve issues, we are not animals. These people who do these things live with people, the people they live with must reject them as animals that they are. Animals do not belong to the people unless they are domestic animals. Those that live with them must tame them. If we wait for revenge it will never come because before the time comes there will be amnesties in order to have peace. Let us tame our own animals now before they do more damage to our lives and our democratic way of life. And most importantly the future generations.

  8. And go there to Epworth and see the poverty there 34 years after independence yet they have the guts to stand up and defend such poverty.

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