Newsflash: Masowe members run riot, beat up anti-riot cops

SEVERAL police officers were on Friday seriously injured in a brawl with members of the Johane Masowe apostolic sect in the high-density suburb of Budiriro 2 in Harare.


Apostolic Christian Council of Zimbabwe president Johannes Ndanga, in the company of anti-riot police, had gone to the Madzibaba Ishmael-led shrine seeking to enforce a ban on the church for alleged abuse of women and children.

The visit resulted in a physical confrontation between members of the church and the police, and the latter had to flee.

The injured police officers were rushed to hospital to receive treatment for various injuries.

Also injured was a ZBC TV cameraman.






The attack
The attack
One of the injured cops flees from the scene
One of the injured cops flees from the scene
A Madzibaba prepares to launch an attack on the helpless ZBC cameraman
A Madzibaba prepares to launch an attack on the helpless ZBC cameraman
Madzibaba attack a defenceless ZBC cameraman
Madzibaba attack a defenceless ZBC cameraman
The ZBC cameraman wriggles in pain after the attack
The ZBC cameraman wriggles in pain after the attack
An ACCZ official was also attacked
An ACCZ official was also attacked

More details to follow


  1. batayi bunhu mapostori

    1. BWAHAHAHAHAHA! i dont condone violence but they have tested their own medicine!!!

      1. Taura hako I wish they were a few more of this kind. We can give the boot to the few vanoti batirira zuva nemvura

        1. Kupinda mugwanza rababa neshangu!!

          1. umwe akutodhonha akutoti sorry umwe aa kumasowe mupurisa wotoona mavhiri mudenga tsvimbo mumusoro achitotiiiiza ropa ririkuchururuka hanzi cameraman akutoshaya video wonzwa kuti hauite hauite wotoshaya kuti zvirikufambasei apo mapurisa matatu anhu hooobho.

        2. I think we should do this to express anger when Zanu hands us their shit. We civil servants should lead, hatingatarisi nyika ichienda back to 2008

          1. Off side..vamwe varikurwadziwa ne abuse yevanhu..vamwe vorotomoka.. untoshaya kuti zirikufamba seyi…mwari ngaavaregerere havana chavanoziva..ukaona imbwa yoroma vatenzi chava chimbwa mupengo

      2. Can these clowns go to Marikana? They will come back in coffins

    2. Ndini uya uya

      Jehova weHondo..Dzimwe dzacho idzo

    3. Just curious, which media had been invited to witness this “ban”?. There was a ZBC cameraman and pictures are from Newsday in partnership with Herald. Only these

      1. for real wotoshaya zviri kufamba sei

    4. Chisungo, checkudenga……Ndabva ndati pidigu dhi. Ngatifambirei nevhangeri varume

      1. Halleluya, Hameni!!!!!

  2. A Church of God going that far! Mwari ngatibatsire

    1. Dnt push people Far coz they worship God.every1 has his limmits.

      1. do these worship the true God, i doubt that.

    2. Well you can not take the cops to go fight church factional politics. Let them be disciplined big time and afterall its these police that abuse people.

    3. Jesus did the same when sinners turned His fathers house into a casino.

      1. u can say that again

      2. kkkkkkkkkkkkkk “Nyoka ikapinda mumba bata urove too much”

      3. brenda mudenda

        No no dnt even say tt less u add to the word of God and be found a liar..Jesus dd nt hurt any single soul..he dd nt even think about it,he touched the goods not pple..

      4. Christ did not beat anyone,please read the scriptures again.

    4. Maxwell Msindo

      A church of a god not God I suppose.

      1. Maxwell uri tsaga type yako inokwirirwa mukadzi nemunhu wepa next door kikikikik kukuku hahahaah ichiti ini ndinonamata handi daro

    5. Well I wouldn’t call it a church of God, by their fruits you know them- these guys were violating young women and children with funny teachings that are not biblical at all . This church needs to be closed! For once the copers were in the right here

    6. Ndashama Zvangu

      Which God nhai masowe know no God.

      1. usatongere vanamati hausi mwari

    7. my fellow zimbabweans ,the madzibaba has shown us the way we cannot continue to live in fear in our own country, lets send these looters packing !!!

  3. While I condone violence with the strongest terms I beleive Ndanga has gone to far to act as a church policeman. God said let it grow with weeds

    1. Condone, or condemn?

      1. ha ha ha read Siqoqodo’s comment in context,thats all….the message is powerful…

      2. Nice observation. those two words confused me. I only mastered them when i was in form 4 (after becoming a prefect!!!)

      3. Boko HARAM IN ACTION

  4. zvino kana ma church odayi kumabhawa kunoziitweyi


    2. apo kubhawa munoswera muchinyeberana kuti munogona kurova

    3. Kumabhawa ndiko kwakazara makwara, hausati wambovanzwa vachiti drowning sorrows using the brown bottle. Kuchurch wanhu wanenge wari sober and they do not tolerate nonsense. Kwatananga kwakaipa ZRP should be careful not to incite violence because the populace is facing difficult circumstances in all areas of their lives and to follow them to a place were they go for solace is just too much provocation. Kune vakakuvara sorry henyu thats the price of working under lawful orders from superiors.

      1. Kumabhawa kune mbava nemhombwe chete

  5. Ndicho chirukasi ka chakaimbwa na Killer T ichi “makarova Gunners”. Pacharohwa munhu nejunta pamapositori ipapa mirayi muone zvenyu.

  6. kkkkkk good size touch not my annointed

    1. Its being short sighted for someone reasonable to rejoice over police assault, for now you can rejoice but think of the women being forced to marry those men. If they can do that to the police what will they to defenseless poor women. Its not automatic that an individual claims that he goes to church and you start calling him annointed one of God.Ko mwari vanoti chichi nenhsu yekuroora, think first you people don’t tell everyone that you are afool
      let them guess

      1. Shows you the caliber of people calling themselves Zimbos….celebrating the continued abuse of women and children! How can a father inspect her own daughter’s virginity? Imagine what will be said if the police did nothing? I feel sorry for these Madzibaba…certainly the police under-estimated these child & women abusers. Where is that organisation that shouts about women/child abuse? Shame on you all, empty heads carrying their shameful brains in their backpockets!!

        1. No one would be rejoicing the battering of police officers if the people were genuine republic police who are always there to help people rather than Zanu pf puppets who are hell bent on persecuting people

      2. well done mapostori i need to join one of these congregations

  7. These are the best pictures to I have ever seen from Zimbabwe. The situation, comic value is just valueless. I hope ana madzibaba will disappear for some time because those guys are no good.

    1. @ Weku kikikiki you are so right!

  8. chayaaah yenah…. Dead BC camera men chayaa yena…mabata basa rinofadza madzibaba thank yu very much maranga nyasire dzanga dzichishaya kuziva kut zviri kufamba sei …job weldone big up budiriro glenview 7 makorokoza pamusau ki ki king shadie

    1. wangu mbwa dzaB….b dzakaona moto kkk

  9. jahane masowe sando dzenyu…… let justice prevail . yaaa makavagona

  10. Kana munhu apindwa neku namata panenge potonetsa kumu dzora, zvinenge zvichi oneka neva namati hazvigoni kuoneka nevasinga namati, siyai vano namata vanamate uye mumasowe hamuna kuti mupurisa, nokuti hwushe remweya kwete rwenyama

  11. johane masowe sando dzenyu… let justice prevail … makavagona makavapa zvinhu zvavo

  12. Hahahahaaaaaa…..This made my day.Let me go for a drink.

  13. Kana Peter akadambura umwe nzeve achitova naJesu chaiye

    1. Hahaha. This is the best comment soo far. Ndaspakwa john gaviro

  14. For the first time this online newspaper has made me laugh. The pictures are quite hilarious. How can the men of Jehovah behave in this thuggish manner?

  15. pamberi nemasowe

    iwo mapurisa aidei kunasowe.muzive nzvimbo dzekutambira

  16. hela hela.. majaira kurova ma hiace

    1. kkkk,zvavawana 4 sure, vajaira kurowa maHiace

  17. mapostori went too far inga mwari vakati no to an eye for an eye saka varikuunganiri havo kuronga hondo

    1. kunamata hazvirevi kuti chipusa

      1. thus not true hama u must be humble, and respectful kty uve munamati akakwana, being respectful and humble does mean wakapusa, these guys they have gone too far law does give freedom of religion but religion is below subordinate to law

        1. Religion is below subordinate law?? In your dreams Ranga. Thats the philosophy yaana Pharaoh naana Herodhe but thank god they all failed. We can safely say those politicians who had tried to put themselves above god have failed since the dawn of time. And just like these brave madzibaba all religious figures have used all necessary ways either humble or violent to kick politicians out of church politics. Remember David and goliath???

  18. Haaa, inga zvakawoma. Mukuru wepostori otora mapurisa kuno vhara church, church members vorova mapurisa netsvimbo dzakayeriswa. uhmmm, wooshaya kuti zvikutombofamba sei.

    1. saka achano reporter kunani futi kkkkkkk

  19. Colen Diamond

    Unotoshayakuti Zvirikufambasei…lol

  20. lolest for a change the riot get a taste of their own medicine, ironically at the hands of ‘MadziBaba’ (man of God)….can this literary translate to punishment of the enforcers by the heavens for their hand in kufurufusha the public???? lolest unotoshayakuti zvirikufambasei shuwa

  21. Taura zvako iwe mupurisa aideyi kuma sowe pazuva reku namata

    1. mapurisa aisimbisa mutemo achitsiurwa varume ava nenyaya yekuraper kuabuser vakadzi nevanasikana. Law is superior to anyone in the country religion shld be monitored by law and you must remember that the purpose of law is to protect your rights. The police were just educating people about their rights which is part of their work so you can’t blame the police for that.

      1. Riot police to educate?????????????

      2. iwe urikureva kuti riot police yakauya nema baton stick to educate people??? Anti riot police to educate people????? iwe ka tanga wafunga usati waisa argument

      3. Mapurisa vanhu ,vakupindira politics dzechurch .Pamusoro pezvo riot police yakamboyananisa vanonetsana riini? Mapurisa acho akadii kuita summon mapositori kupolice camp?Mapurisa vanoda kuzviita vanotevedza mutemo kazhinji kacho variivo vanomonyorora mutemo wacho.Kuenda nemacameramen makapfeka shangu kushora SOWE.Kutora mapicture paSOWE zvisina bvumo-kushora SOWE.The police ,cameramen and newsmen did not show any respect to this Christian -sect so DAMN THE POLICE.

  22. Mapurisa ngarohwe chaizvo

  23. Asi ivo vakuru wo vangu tume vaviri chete kugurumwandira rese iri…Mapostori imawa have s’thing to hide ndosaka violence yakadayi ..not kool vatenderi not kool at that the example you’re setting for none believers? Zvanyadza izvi.

    1. thandi's friend

      true..? izvi zvinonyadzisa bcoz kurwadzisa mweya wamwari, kana mupurisa munhuwo futi..? apa vanoparidza shoko rekuregerera nokuitira hama yako tsitsi and wat is this,,,,,SHAME ON YOU mapostori ekumahuswa ikoko ari involved in this..?

    2. Tibvire apo iwe Thandiwe, mapositori have got nothing to hide but people are suffering in Zimbabwe saka kumasowe ndokwavanombonozorodza pfungwa vachichema kuna mwari wavo imi movateverazve kunovafurufusja ikoko. Haa kana ndimiwo, rohwai mapurisa…. muri nyama imi.. eyi

  24. Muma Positori mune mupurisa zvee vamwe vamwe vavo vakavatova

  25. Ndicho chirukasi chakaimbwa naKiller T ka ichi…”Makarova Gunners” – zvino manje pacharohwa munhu nejunta pasowe iri mwaka uno, mirayi muone zvenyu. Ngavatombovhara sowe ravo kwegore rese nekuti pachapfidziswa mimwe mikono ipapa. Pachauya masoja nesupport unit……….they must listen to Killer T……

  26. mmmmmm unobva watoshaya kuti zvirikumbofambasei, armed police force being attacked nemapostan’a ane tsvimbo

  27. tendai chaminuka

    Ndapa kutenda.Mapositori hamuite hamuite….Zvaiwana ngwarati

  28. haaa mapurisa mamama chaiko na ndanga wenyu kikiki nduku yetsvimbo yanga ichitanga yahaka gumbo yozorova musana…good size…mhosva inotangira kumapurisa coz they wer supposed to inverstgate first then lock the culprits but kana ukangotanga kuda kunorova vanhu vese neriot pasina humboo hwakakwana zvinoratidza kupenga chaiko…one officer was supposed to investgat this issue not a dozen

  29. vana madzibaba vanga vari pamweya,uyu mweya wehondo chaiwo!!!Revange is probably coming your way prepare

  30. Mr Regai Soko Tsunga, Mukanya

    Ndiyo ka culture of violence. So maAnglicans chaiwo vatendi vakazvibata. Mapurisa ndiwo aitovarova atumwa na Kunonga and Jakazi. Asi mapostori akati aiwa bodo.Handei tione? Zvinoti kusuwisa zvikati kusetsa. Shame and kkkkkkkk!!

  31. batai munhu, vajaira kudizwa. ponda musoro, uchienda kunani. good size.

  32. Hakuna asinga zivi kuti pama sowe hapa endewi neshangu kana kuvhunza baba VaMugabe vanokudzwa kunamata vano bhisa shangu vachi svika pama sowe, ane mhosva ndimember incharge aka tuma, uye avo vaitora video vano zviziva kuti hazvi bvumidzwi kuma sowe saka Imhosva dzavo, aenda pabako reruvanbira akarumwa Imhosva yani

  33. The bible says,for we do not fight against flesh but against the principles and high ranks of wickedness,So if the holy spirit of God was present in this congregation,surely there could have been a descent way of fighting the national authorities that is if they were going against Go’s will on their conduct because the same bible also says that in Romans”submit yoselves to the authorities in your places.These people a fake apostles hakuna kunamata kwakadaro.Mazimushenjere ayo ndeekupenga.

    1. Iwe kwana iwe. Who are u to judge kuti munhu ari fake. Saka neweo uri fake. Stop preaching

    2. Ras E vanhu ava havaverenge bible so its difficult kuti vaone zvinhu izvi the way you see it

    3. Sometimes there is need to use physical power. It depends. King David vakauraya Goliath wani. It depends

    4. Very sad indeed. How do people professing to worship God attack authorities in such a Manner. Maybe the Police ought to show them who really is in charge! These people must be arrested , they are common criminals. It goes to show that the child abuse allegations are true!

  34. Kana Commander In Chief chaivo vakambopfeka nguwo chena vachitsvaga ma votes anetsa Tsvangson. Saka vakatamba nema spiritual thugs.Maybe vaka wirirana kuti boys dzangu ndini dhara kana mapoti havasisina door. Power kumapositori. Viva vana Madzibaba masimba ndeenyu.Shoes kunevanoda kusvibisa Sowe

  35. Zvoti kusekesa nekusiririsa… vana venyu vanongoti Mwari Mwari nemuromo chete ndizvo here?

  36. ndivo vakanodenha. why did they go to ban vanhu vari kuzvinamatira zvavo.

    1. mapostori akagan'a

      Does anybody knw wen this issue stated kuti mapurisa azoenda neriot dnt suporT shit wil u be happy kuti punana yeGF yako iziwikanwe nababa wake imi vakadzi murambidzwe kuona tv nekuWatsura this is a Boko Haram sect Despising Western education makazingaira mazimba wat will u be without technology frm the developed countiries hee mapurisa ngaarohwe that sect needs to be punished kana zvawakaita zviri Godly we shall see ini naBaba waTensley hatiuyiko tirohwe neNokati zvedu

  37. kkkkkk pakaipa mheni whiteforce barefoot!!!!!! havachatangika vekumasowe vaya

  38. kikikiki kikest

  39. Kumasowe kwakarohwa munhu nemuporofita

    1. sando dzako!!!!!!!popopopooopopopo

    2. Lol nice one

      Kumasowe kune mutemo. Mapurisa akayenda akapfeka njombo nemahelmet vakatotyora mutemo .

      Sando kunana madzibaba.

      Unotowona mupurisa ane baton stick neTear gas achitiza tsvimbo yakayereswa, vamwe vachichema, vamwe vachiseka wobvawashaya kuti zvirikumbofambasei; wofunga kuti asi pamwe pfungwa ndodzanzvenga

  40. The police will show madzibaba who is boss

    1. Police will show madzibaba who is boss, how??? by harassing them?? Yes the police can do that but Madzibaba will always win the moral high ground. The people will never look at police with the same respect and fear again. They have been exposed as a toothless bulldog by madzibaba hehehehehehee

  41. hahahahahahah hona madzibaba vaita zvekutora mboma yepolice ndaseka hangu

  42. Kumasowe kwakarohwa munhu …(just singing)

  43. Mapurisa achepa zvikuru. Zuro mukuru wacho akadonha. Nhasi mapurisa abhurwa nemacivilian. Kikiki

  44. Chayaaa!!!! zonkeee!!! bulala abathakathi!bloodbastard heee given their own medicine haa!! these mapostoli are amadoda sibili . But was there any zanu top politician as we all know zbc only covers zanu pf politicians.? If we can have hundred such men in this country very our problems can vanish.

  45. where is Comm General Augustine “Pass Out” Chihuri ???? Ndochechi yake iyi

  46. jesu huyai vanhu vaya vatanga.izvi zvakutoda jesu vega vanhu hatichazvigoni.

  47. Kumasowe kwakarohwa munhu………Kumasowe kwakarohwa munhu nemuporofita #singing hangu

  48. ayo mapositori anoda size vatumireyi masoja coz what they r doing is wrong children should go to school and hospitals are there to help, women should be treated with dignity so hapana kuti vakapenga. vatumirei gunners

    1. pasi nemadhimoni

      i agree with you getty. they wont get away with this. vajaira kuporofita nemadhimoni nenyoka. everyone knows they are not saved. they may not pay now but if they dont repent they will meet with their maker one of these good days. why should a “man of god” be violent!!!. they should be reduced to their size these demon possesed abusers of women. the police were only trying to rescue kids from this bokoharam of zimbabwe. polygamy, uroyi , kuporofita nhema plus kuvenga bible. vanyanya.

    2. Saka zvinoda riot police

    3. nhai getty hanzvadzi inga pataurwa wan nevanoziya magwaro kuti peter akacheka munhu nzeve wan, david akatema goriati, vanhu vakarohwa mutemberi wan. i personally think their approach was bad ndosaka varohwa. the president himself akaremekedza sowe akabvisa bhutsu ivo vaakusvika vachitsika tsika krawa!!!!!!! mapostori atadza hawo bt porisi deserved wat they got

  49. ummmm……..zvakaoma zvakaoma, unotoshaya kuti zviri kumbofamba sei

    1. Too good to believe that this is happening in Zimbabwe

  50. Dis is good! I’m changing religion coz I now know kuti mapostori they do as they say. kikikikikiki

  51. Wasu PaWatsomba NgeNyakatsapa

    kunyange muchida kana musingadi, Jesu achauya chete

  52. Aaaaaahhhhhhh

  53. (Singing) kumasowe kwakarohwa munhu nemuporofita……..

    1. haaaaa…kwakarohwa munhu zveshuwa

  54. Zvepapsipedenga

    Zvavekutonetsa. nyaya dzeukuru idzi. Vanhu ngatitsvake zvokwadi zva mwari kwete ukuru.

  55. Tatenda Melodious

    Kkkkkkkkkkkk pabatwa dako apa kkkkk vakagonekwa mapurisa iwaya..arikufunga kuti paRoadblock panongobuda mari

  56. haaaaa mapurisa anorowa amana muchanzwa zvenyu revenge yacho

  57. pple, tsimbo dzirimudenga murikudziona here….kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk ays..madzibaba on the attck

  58. But munotakurana wani muchiende kumaHeroes zvaita sei nhasi.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Kana iikuda okuwenga tamba vakachenjera shamwari!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  59. Regai kupima nyoka ne gavi iyo iripo-ACCZ pamwe ne ZRP vatadza kwazvo,kupinda mumasowe ne bhutsu,ne hat ,kutadza ku respector vanhu vane nzvimbo yava-vadii kutanga kutaura neva Sondos vasati vaita mhere mhere-kuuya ne riot kureva kuti pane zvavaida kuita -nokudaro mupositori munhu -tomboisa zvemweya parutivi toita zvenyama kan nguva yacho yakwana

  60. batai munhu

  61. Imagine being thrashed like that then come month end no pay on time dying for thank you .

  62. Zvima church mukazvirega tend to gravitate towards arnachy, a government unto themselves, (zvanzi Va Chihuri vanopindawo iyoyo, ndipo panobva fungwa yokuti hatitongwe.) They cant resist law enforcement. Kukazotuma gannerz hazvizoite zvakanaka. Ndiwo matangire ana Bhoko Haram. Securocrats take note.

  63. This is manifestation on indecorous behaviour from all parties involved. Howbeit when morals are departed from the leaders of the church and discipline has slipped from the grip of our beloved security forces??

    1. Philosopher wandisekesa nechirungu chako. Mapurisa akapiwa ma shanana. Vakadii vakabvunza pasina kurova vanhu. Ungadenha vanhu 100 imi muri 7. Hahaha chipurisa ngachipiwe kuna madzibaba

  64. tendai chaminuka

    MaKungfu Masters.Sando dzose kumapostori.Vanoduva kuti vanoti havaite zvenyika.Dai Zim yakanaka kare

  65. wat the hell is this!!!!!!are these members of the church that has the holy spirit as their guide….it is written in the scriptures that if one slaps your right right cheek give him your left cheek as well….what then were the man of god as they claim doing….then we start to wonder if these guys gather so that vanorotera vanasikana kuti vawane vakadzi….kana benzi rikatora hembe dzako ichigeza parwizi rotiza nadzo iwe wotevera benzi riya apa usina kupfeka,mind you iro rakapfeka,saka anonzi anopenga ndeupi?who is to loose dignity ipapa?wobva washaya kuti zvinhi zvacho zuikumbofamba sei!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. wangu apa hatina detail rese kuti mapurisa asvika akatii hahahah zvakaoma

    2. Mu bhaibheri Hondo dairwi heavy

  66. hahahaha inga zvakaoma ,iwo wangade kuvharisa church pane kuti vavharise mabhawa

    1. u can say that again

    2. Kuvharirei mabhawa. wakambodhonzwa nani kuty huya kubhawa, kunoenda anoda nezveko. Funga usati wacommenta

      1. Uri right ipapo Tricks but it goes the same way neku masowe futi. Hapana anodhonzwa achiyendeswa kumasowe saka hapana need yekuvharisa masowe. Anenge awona zvekumasowe zvisiri kumuitira anongoregera kuyendako osiya vanoda zveko vachizvinamatira

  67. Haaaaa mahwani chaiwo nezuro ndakadonha apa nhasi vaakudonhedza team yangu.Tichaona kunowira tsvimbo nedohwe.

    1. Chihuri waka mama wena. Rega vanhu vanamate

  68. Ndanga ndi President ku church kwake akaenda kumasowe vanototi haanamati .Muno muZim hakuna church inotonga imwe hondo dzechitendero ndinonetsa .Ndanga ngaarengi vanhu vanamate mwari wavo nenzira dzavanoda.At least adzidza


    1. kwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

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  70. Zvose totosiira kumapostori.

  71. Where is the law in this country?Surely these Mapostories they ve gone very far.Kids re dieing because of not being to hosptals.This is not a laughing matter at all.These guys need to be taught a lesson.Wait for Part 2!

  72. Don’t mess with the Holy Spirit.

  73. Mapurisa akato mama chete. Ivo vaiitei. This has nothing to do nekuti vano namata fake or not. Nekuti uri mupurisa haungo rovaka munhu. Vakanzwa bata. Dai ndiripo ndaka batsirao. Zrp inozvinyanya. Gore rino mawacha. U think nekuti munhu ano namata saka regai tivadenhe. Munhu munhu… mupostori kana mu roma. Mapurisa anoita bully ngaa dzidziswe netsvimbo. Yaaaas


  75. they were beaten coz the came to the holyland wearing shoes.

  76. Shurushuru Z68

    Inonzi chigamba to chigamba kkkkkk! Mapostori ndoo shurushuru Z68 chaiyo yakudhara. Unotoona mumwe mupurisa ati njaya kudonha makumbo mudenga musoro mumavhu apa postori richirakasha netsvimbo vamwe vachiti yee yee wotoshaya kuti bhii neshoko racho zvakamira sei.


  78. Predator drone

    best pictures of 2014.kikikkkkkkkkkkkk.

  79. Zuro mukuru wavo akafenda.ZRP should recruit from masowe next time.


    Kana Peter chaiye was violent akaruma nzeve yemumwe ikabva iye aina jesu wacho kkkkkkkkkk,jesu wacho akachaya ma vendors akanga achitambura coz they pushed to the end. ku AFM ma overseer takaona achichaya vanhu mukereke musiuno saka ukatamba nevanhu vamwari uchiti vakapfava zvaunogona vanozvigonawo.

  81. Madzibaba matigonera iwo wane wakadzi wangani ndinofara kuti imi munoroora pane iwo mapurisa humbavha nehumbavha hwakawanyanyira dai magura misoro wajaira kudhizwa kwaakuti nyika yedu inga nake here. Batai munhu,Wobva washaya kuti zvinhu zvacho ziri kumbofamba sei.Haaaaah haaah nhasi ndezveduwo imbwa idzi dzakajaidzwa zvekuroora vana vadiki hazvimna kutanga newemasowe zvakatangira muchidyiro.

  82. Roadblock revenge kkkkkkk pwatiiii. UNOTOKUNYATSOONA KUTI ZVIRIKUFAMBA SEI.

  83. Daidzai mface wangu shinso na souljah love vatange kubika mangoma. Iyi nyaya inoda song dzakati ooo. Bhahahahaha

  84. kutouya nema camera man kikiki thanx madzi Biee but mapurisa mava netsika yakashata first maAnglican maima shungurudza second AFM waterfalls now its madzi Biee but madzi bie havaite havaite…. Apa Ndanga anyatsoti ndakuno shiner ne riot but unfortunately the tables has bin turned to them wat a good move… Mapurisa musangotumwa kunorova pasina humboo hwakakwana zvinoratidza kusafunga murikushandisa simba panoda njere muri madofo eZanupf

  85. “…..and the violent take it by force”…….

  86. Nange ndaane tym ndisina kuseka.

    madzibaba musadaro.

    1. Kikikikikia hehehehe kana neni

      1. kunamata kumasowe hazvirevi kuti vabatiswa mazai kanakuti vagurwa maoko. pakadai vanokuratidza kuti watamba nema husa.police officers were totally wrong because they did not first investigate nyya iyi from the first rather they were using grapevine information. every religious belief ine ma ethics, beliefs, acceptable standards ayo of which the police violated those sets.

  87. Zimbabwe Rohwai Police

  88. kufunga kwangu

    saka vaChihuri vakadonha nemunamato wakabatwa kusowe ka,hona imbwa dzake dzorohwa manje tenzi vari kuchipatara

  89. kufunga kwangu

    pwaaa rova musoro kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  90. in as much as zrp ichionererwa, this is no laughing, this mapostori men are busy ABUSING WOMEN & CHILDREN all in the name of religion…smthng shud be done abt this

    1. True. And mapositori aya vazviparira. They have it coming their way from the junta. Mira uone.

  91. kufunga kwangu

    saka Chihuri akadonha nemuteuro wakabatwa kusowe ka,hona imbwa dzorohwa tenzi vasipo yaaaa

  92. We should not request details, we should not even take sides, the baseline of the matter at hand is that morals are departed from these blisters and hooligans.

  93. But I’m surprised. The person who took these pics, where was he? Why was he not attacked also? I’m sure he was also wearing a white robe and managed to disguise himself.

  94. All is not well policemen being pounded like a snake which strayed into someone ‘s house this is a bad omen .

  95. madzibaba vazotamba nemoto manjeeeee

  96. kufunga kwangu

    aahh imi vanhu comment yangu iripi

  97. Security yava zinyenyeke zuru rakapinda nyoka.

  98. Apa ndopasina kunamata apa, kana ivo vadare vacho vatadza kudzora vamwe vavo? Manje muri kusungwa mese

    1. zvinotoreva kuti newe haunamate muna jesu nekuti kana jesu akambozviita mutembere ariiye mwana wamwari ko izvi zvashamisei

      1. Jesu waunotaura aiita abuse vana here? Jesu akatorovera vanhu kunyonganisa kwaiva kwoitwa church . saka tikangoti Jesu akarova vanhu tisinganzwisise nyaya yavairohwegwa.

        1. Wawakawona achiita abuse vana ndiyani? Usangoteerera nyaya dzaunonzwa dzichitaurwa nevanhu vakavenga mapositori wotodzitora kuita dzechokwadi. MuZimbabwe mune matare edzimhosva saka dai panga pane ari kuita abuse vana aidai akavharirwa mujeri kare

  99. haaa, mapitures aya anodakadza zvikuru,,,thumps up Newsday. This was the first leg of the mactch & ZRP lost 4 – 0 to the Madzibaba.

    Lets wait for the return leg……kip your fingers crossed

  100. Ndo church yangu, hazvirevi kuti munmati haarove u are totally wrong, Mikairi wekudenga basa rake nderei, ko ivo maIsrael pavai paradza mamwe maguta nehondo kuti vasvike canaan vaive vasina mwari here??? We did it in the name of God.



    1. these Madzibabas should be heartlessly disciplined that they may distinguish between ordinary men and law-enforcement agents. Above all, these self-professed man of God are abusing women and children inasmuch as they are starving them of their civil rights which include right to education and enclosure of privacy. All this they do in the guise of their white robs yet inside they are wolves-false prophets of the last days. They must be taught an excellent lesson so that others can learn.

      1. Ha ha haaaa thats meaningless rumbling from an obviously uneducated troll. If there are parents who are not sending their children to school the law enforcement agents can only solve that if they knock at the parents door and deal with them. You dont try to crush a church, that foolish. Besides more than half of the masowe people dont even have have children. Talking of barking up the wrong tree…

  102. Chanzwa butter chimbwasungata chezanu pf icho chinonzi nDAnga. He is a zanu pf de facto political Commissar masquerading as a religious leader. Tru Men of God employ holistic ways of conflict resolution vis-avis dialigue, prayer,supplication nd fasting kwete hondo. He abused his ZANU PF support to draw a batallion of armed policemen to batter people worshipping. Tables turned against u nDAnga nd yr habdlers. I know u ar only a messenger of zanu pf nd Hell. Let pple choose where nd who to worship with. Thoz who cry of abuse are mature enough to break away just as u did johannes when u formed yr Pan-Africanist church 14 years ago. Shame on u naChihuri. Wapihwa size inokwana. Kkkkkkj

  103. Ko Church dzama Satanist dzakati chakata muno,munodini kudzi vhara nhai? Kana vane zvavaida kugadzirisa vaidai vango daidza mukuru wesangano racho kwete kuenda kunorambidza vanhu kunamata. Lets we be accusers of bretheren. Wrong strategy was applied here.

  104. i thought our police comm gen (mr chihuri) was also a madzibaba

  105. Mapostori batai vanhu

  106. Jesu mutemberi

  107. Lets we not be accusers of bretheren. Judge not. Ko church dzama Satanist muri kuitei nadzo?

  108. Vakambo zviita mutembere kutakura zvenyika vachipinda nazvo mumba jesu akarasa zvose.Zviri mutsananguro.

  109. hats off mapositori kkkkk asi hawaziwe kuti mune matsvimbo kkkk

  110. We salute you mapostoli this is what angry men do kurova !!!! kurova !!!!!even them police do the same when they smash windscreens of kombis which after work they board to their homes .It feels good to see a police officer being floored like that . eesih!!!

  111. zvakaoma check check police battering, vanamadziba hamuna kumira fyn. unbelievable!

  112. ndokuti zvityise hamuvagone mapositori aya Boko HARAM of Zim

  113. Kana kumasowe kwakarohwa munhu nemuporofita!!!

  114. VaNdanga ava vanomboita nezvei,ndiye mkuru wavatenderi vose here kana kuti vanoona nezvemanamatiro evanhu,vavanenge vasingadi vovabvisa?kana kuti vari mune zvematongerwo enyika?kana kuti vanoda kuti vanhu vauye kwavanonamatira?vandinetsa baba ava,ndipeiwo maziviro enyu vehama

  115. nsukuzukuduma

    madzibaba jeti lee

  116. Ernest Murahwa

    Kanavanhu wanetsa varume batai vanhu, unotoshaya kuti zvirikufambacei ( Mapurisa akachioneswa newatendi wechipostori ), Musi uyu hapana kudanwa anonzwa apo mapurisa akange otiza nehupenyu mushure mekunge vatendi wechechi yechipostori wanetsvimbo dzavo wakaonekwa wachirikita mapurisa . reporting from Bhushu near Gumbanjera ndini wenyu Gazimuto

  117. Thanks to mapostori for beating the lights out of them useless cops.Those who are talking of the spirit of god amongst this congregation are wrong.
    David had the spirit of god in him and when goliath the uncircumcised philistine mocked the israelites david killed him with the spirit of go in him.At times we don’t have to blabber around saying god this god that.At times god wants us to be little davids and fight for him.These guys transgressed and they were given a thorough hiding!


  119. kurova Babylani

    Hamudzidze nhai kurova Babylani sure mirai makadaro ndokuguma kwesowe renyu ikoku.

  120. kurova Babylani

    Hamudzidze nhai kurova Babylani sure mirai makadaro ndokuguma kwesowe renyu ikoku. Maya zvakaitika kubudaz kuno kumbare haitite chirukazi………Killer T

  121. People whether you like it or not ana madzibaba vairasa they have taken the law into their own hands and nhamo yacho vachaiona imi masupporters musipo

  122. KuMasowe kune zvese kana muchida hondo danai Joshua asi isu hatitongwe nekaOrganisation keMDC go to hell ACCZ for what Nyika ino ndeyeMweya mutsvene.Madzibaba Lawrence and others where are you?

  123. Ja zvaiwana ngwarati!

  124. hahaha.pakaipa.The madzibaba’s must be arrested ASAP.Tumirai masoja patsve munhu,after that muvaendese kuchikurubhi

  125. Dai vakabva vava pfekedza magemenzi

  126. God sometimes approves these fights and killings Moses god’s blue eyed boy killed the Egyptian who was ill treating his fellow jewish and god never punished him.

  127. Kumasowe kwaka rowa munhu nemprofita singing

  128. Dear Editor
    mbabvu dzangu dziri kurwadza nekuseka izvezvi, shepard Tozvireva you are star. aya ndo maphotos anonamirirwa mumba manje aya especially paye pamunotsamwisana nemukadzi paye, unongoti mai mai mwana honai picture iri kumadziro iyo. office vachizhezheudzwa nemboma yavo. apo assistant inspector vachirova butsu kutiza.chokwadi maida kuti mapurisa aya awanewo simba kupi ivo shefu vakadonha wani pamberi pemutungamiriri. kikiikikikikiki tarisa kureba kwetsvimbo yamadzibaba ozoona ya officer. please editor ipai photographer email yangu ndimukandire apprecation fee, kana Chihuri ari kutosekawo izvezvi.

  129. Thats really bad. Those Monkies are abusing young women and girls. Just wait and see I know ZRP very well. I bet thats the end the end of that congruent

    1. In your dreams Shedza, in your dreams.. Johwani masowe is going nowhere & zve abuse zvauri kura izvo those are just allegations. No one has been proven guilty of that crime in court saka you dont have the right to say it as if its a proven fact…. Do yourself a favour.. Go to night school

  130. haaaa aya ndoma1 manje pavanodzoka mapostori muchachiona panofa munhu chete munorohwa mukamera bvudzi mumusoro kkkkkk atleast ZRP yamborohwahwo yanga yanyanya

  131. Exodus 93 vs 300 ”Ndiri Mwari we hondo.”

  132. Now you mapostori form a strong group to defend yourselves never let them shiit on you .

  133. @Shedza ”…end of that congruent” you must be a big pisss of sh*t to say that.

  134. Just yesterday Chihuri fell now his charges fall, its a harbiger for the death of a king.

  135. Vanga vajaira zvavo zvekutuma victim netsamba voti enda unouya neakurova wacho,hanzi MADZIBABA JET LEE,nhasi ndaspakwa hangu 

  136. samuel Gweshe

    The beginning of the biblical Christian persecution.

  137. in reply to Jungle.your comment is as just a good as from a baboon how can you give a greenlight to something that is against the Law because the sin or crime was committed in Church. Ngavasungwe variku raper vana.

  138. Totenda Jihovha wehondo…Mapurisa aitirwa nyasha…

  139. Madzibaba Officer

    Ah kuno kwaMutare taseka wena!!! Tipeyiwo VIDEO kani!!!! Put it on circulation pa Whatsapp NOW!!!!

  140. Am surprised we have ignorant people using the internet. For those of you who think this funny, may poetic justice prevail upon you. the police were merely trying to stop the abuse of women and children. 4oo girls were forced to drop out of sxul and were being forced into early marriage.

    1. Madzibaba Officer

      There are legal systems to correct that and not using force. What do you mean by ignorant? You always think you know better like those ZRP dudes. Your wish NOT GRANTED!!!

  141. Madzibaba Officer

    Ini saOfficer ndinototi vamwe vangu vakanganisa. Ngavasiye zvePoritics. ZANU inorovesa!!! There are legal systems that can be used if that ACCZ guy had a problem with our heros. He chose to hire vamwe vangu and they were rubbed too good. GUDHU!!!

  142. melusi tasiyana




  144. mwari chiuayi wawutoshaya nekuti zvirikufambasei


    KKKKKKKKKKKKKKkkkk but mose mucharohwa mukati baba maguma nhasi kunamatira ipapo.kubatwa muchabatwa henyu


    sa svari wepana vharazipi paya paakabatwa ari mumba ma svosvai tsvimbo dzakabudiswa kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk


    Kikikikiki zvakaoma. Kuseka nhamo serugare. The News Day photographer is the BEST in the country, no doubt. I believe these were not the black boots, becoz the black boots wont tolerate such trash.

  148. Looks as though….If the police try it on Prophet PaMakandiwa we will burn this brothel called Zimbabwe, form a political part that will make Morgan look like a class monitor and see off the Robert Gukurahundi Mugabe.

  149. Looks as though u have already said it….If the police try it on Prophet PaMakandiwa we will burn this brothel called Zimbabwe, form a political part that will make Morgan look like a class monitor and see off the Robert Gukurahundi Mugabe.

  150. Aah Looks as though u have already said it….If the police try it on Prophet PaMakandiwa we will burn this brothel called Zimbabwe, form a political part that will make Morgan look like a class monitor and see off the Robert Gukurahundi Mugabe.

  151. I am disappointed nezvakaitwa nemadzibaba. Vaifanira KUZVINDIKITA vanhu kwete kuvamaranzura kwavakaita.

    1. simoni u cud not have said it better

  152. What@ Aah Looks as though u have already said it….If the police try it on Prophet PaMakandiwa we will burn this brothel called Zimbabwe, form a political part that will make Morgan look like a class monitor and see off the Robert Gukurahundi Mugabe.

  153. ndovaivharisa mabhawa vasati vatendeuka ava…..imi moda kuvadzora kumabasa avo ekare……shame inga ma1!!!

  154. Kkkkkkkkk the Zanu-police thinks they can do wateva they want to any1. Manje vabhabhatidzwa netsvimbo dzaGabhurena ,vese havachina mamhepo,nemadhimoni adzingwa ese.

  155. Ndanga wants all mapositori churches to fall under him as president. Kuda kudya more.Day dreamer. Issues of religion can not be treated like that because they can be dangerous. When people believe, they can die for that and continue to believe that God will accept them for dying while doing what they believe is the correct thing.
    Inyaya dzinoda kubatwa mushe kwete zvanoda kuitwa na va Ndanga izvi. Extreme beliefs lead into Boko haram, alkaeda etc.nekudaro, hadzidi vanhu varina kurongeka kana dzoda kugadziriswa. Zvino Ndanga arovesa vanhu vaatora ku camp.

    Pakupedzisira mapurisa will revenge but still and depending nekutenda kwavo mapositori aya haiperi.

    Yes abuse ngaipere but not kudeedza riot police kugadzirisa such a case. Thank God hapana afa

  156. All this goes to show how soiled our morals from The President down to his henchmen…!
    This is the tip of the iceberg! Oh no! (tip of garbage!).. Witness the rot in higher offices.
    Its stinking…

  157. aaa kana jesu wakorove vanhu mutembere iye ari mwari kuzoti madzibaba zvavo munhu chokwadi unorikitwa ukaone nhamo. madzibaba rovai town yese muvharise kunyange central. aaa ndosaka VaChihuri vakadonha vanga vaona mapicture aya pawatsap nhai

  158. Haaa nhasi ndafara, im going out to drink for dis

  159. zrp haina defeat,mourning will come for hooliganism cant be condoned,certainly a plan is in the offing

  160. tikwanirei imi makurasa context yenyaya this church shld be shut down they are abusing women and children. next time takutumidzira red barreta kubudiriro ikoko

  161. tinofanirwa kutsvaka kuti chatanga kuzhaka chikwe chii?chakonzeresa kuti madzibaba aripamweya asimudze mubhadha kukagadura muchengetedzi wemutemo,pakaoma ipapa>

  162. thanx anamadzibaba maranga madinga.

  163. inonzi batai munhu murovei ndari mupondei musoro batai munhu the song goes on

  164. mochitsvaga rimwe sowe coz apa marima nechisi.

    1. waspaka

  165. Give the men a BELLS….kkkkkkkkkk

  166. l think mapurisa aroverwa kupinda pamasowe nebhutsu aya.

  167. Give these men a BELLS……..kkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  168. Madhinhiwe Acho

    pakaipa pakaipa mhenhi, mapurisa ambozama kurova can’t get…… whats goes around comes around…

  169. Firstly I would like to say this story has been so far the best commented article. Why? Becoz in the history of Zimbabwe since independence that’s the first time ‘ black boots’ force member have been confronted head on by Zimbabweans and defeated. It means vanhu ve nyama vanoroveka like anyone else. Zvinongo da zvivindi though becoz history shows kuti vanorova zvine power.
    Secondly I would like to comment on the root cause of this fracas- disorder yepamasowe. Mazuva ano masowe has been infested by false prophets who are busy working for their own glory and not God’s. Mapirofita akudhererana havachada kufamba pamweya vakutevedza nyama nekuda hupfumi hwepano panyika . Madhila ndoazara kumasowe anoonekwa ne kufamba nemota dzinotyisa. Zvakataurwa Nashe Jesu Kristu kunzi nzira yavo ne hupfumi hwepano hazvifambidzane zvakulkandwa kwakadaro uko. Especially pamasowe kana pasinga verengwe bible unobva washaya kuti saka inzwi racho ririkutaura ndiMawri here kana pamasowe pakupomeranwa mhosva nekurwira zvigaro nekuROVESA mapurisa anga ajaira zvawo zvekurova kwete ku rohwa. Vamwe mhedzisiro yacho tochanorambwa naiye mambo Jesu ndichirida Halleluya. Zvino kana tichinge tarambwa naiye Jesu tinozowanikwazve tichinotsva mugomba guru rine moyo usingagume. Halleluya. Ndopedzisira ndichiti tarirayi tirikurarama mazuva ekupedzisira naizvozvo isayi maaziso enyu pamuchinjiko wamambo Jesu musazosvikirwa makarivara- Rugare mapositori.

  170. Madhinhiwe Acho

    mumba mababa mune mufaro usingaeri…..handidzokere kumba kana muchechi manakidzo so so sooooooo

  171. Madhinhiwe Acho

    but on a serious note, i offer my deepest condolences to all those who has been injured in due course of the operation ngonjo ngarirohwe.. am sure they were merely following order

  172. Madzibaba sando katatu gagaga nemutsa.they deserve d it they were not supposed to come kusowe kwenyu muri pamusangano vakadzoka vapei mweya mutsvene.kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk giroriya

  173. Time to repair broken tsvimbos and wash the bloody garments! Ya Zim never stops entertaining me

  174. mapurisa anzwa bata aitwa zvishoma. we now know the are not invincible. riot pasowe ndochii ichocho. matigonera madzibaba. thumbs up

  175. Mina ngithi kawashaywe lawa mapholisa sidiniwe ngabo besishaya lathi. Let them have the taste of their own medicine. Great stuff this…

  176. Ahhh aaaah repo radeuka wena. Dont play with religion guys.Apa wachihuri wachidonha apa kuBudiriro maofficer achitiza neupenyu. Zvinoita here kupa Cde Emmerson masummons mupolutburo meetings? Iyi ndiyo yatambwa nemaofficer apa.

  177. should we all fold our arms and cherish the battering of our armed forces?who is going to SERVE n PROTECT us?Can we congratulate madzibabas actions and disclose them in our records as heroes?

    1. I have no sympathy with the police. They are have been beating innocent people since 2000. They deserve it. Proper hiding 🙂

  178. Kana munhu anetsa arume batai munhu

  179. kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk hahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahaha kwakwkakwkakwkakwkakwkakakakwkkakwkakkwka zvaiwana ngwaratttttttiiiii…. kana munhu anetsa akomana batai munhu,pondai musoro muchisota munhu kkkkkkk inga sulu akaimba wani

  180. apo vazviruza apo,,,vawama vana mazvikokota vanesvimbo dzakareba uye dzinohaka gumbo kana votiza,,,kana huro unohakwa pwapwapwa,,,mazviruza bablan

  181. Ndanga ndiye wandafarira avakukohwa hunhubu hwake hwaanoita misi nenguva. Plus dai vamuuraya neZanu pf yaiita peace. Satan agere muchi church chaNdanga busy fooling Amai Mujuru everytime kuvadanira marara pese pese. I hate Ndanga and his followers. Mapostori handei nebasa plus chiACCZ ngachivharwe nemapostori achibuda machiri asare ega.
    Ndatenda hangu madzibaba makatsiga chaizvo

  182. wondr if zimbabwe can have this spirit…….such is lakkka

  183. Pabatwa basa paBudiriroKana apo. Tinoda kambo keBudiririkana waimbi

  184. We want more of these indigenous churches. They show the way

  185. Ukakwira mugomo uchitsvaga makudo unomawana,vakagadzirirwa size yakanaka

  186. u pple commenting,u ol went to xul,let vana vaendewo. how can they say mwana haachaone door rexul. vana wer withdrawn frm xuls. twakuswera tuchitengesa migomo. it’s so sad coz it’s not the children’s choice to drop out of xul. l actually know headmaster who went to beg some student’s parents kuti mwana angoenda jus to write grade 7,the dad refused,& th kid is very bright. th boy’s sister couldn’t ryt O Level,his oth sister should hv been doing fom 3 this yr bt vakaregereswa last yr 1st term.tumwe tudiki 4 go to sell zvimigomo more TVs,radios,cellphones hanz anemademons.vanotaimira a girl to turn 18 tdy,nxt week atova kumurume hanz kuti asanzi shz under age. l hv hama in that Budiriro chech,it hurts children’s lives being destroyed takatarisa. negotiations started last yr for kids to be returned to xuls bt vaingoomesa misoro.thoz kids r our future doctors,teachers,pilots,presidents etc.

  187. Whatever comment transpired and pondered here is vital,but note one thing, this apostle sector doesn’t believe on what is written in bible since they sort for so-called fresh supply from heaven.They are ignorant by not following the law of God and they can’t make to heaven by this act of violence,christians are not like unbelievers,those are people who suppose to unite people, thats why they’re constitutional courts to settle differences.They don’t follow government’s rules which regulates people formed a group,ah kuguma kwenyika uku.

    1. Does government follow its own rules? So what makes them an exception

  188. kikikikikikikikikikiki hayaaas hanzi Mapostori haana hasha

  189. To the much of a surprise if Mr Ndanga has come for peace what was the police doing at a church gathering armed with buttonsticks,ukapinda mumvura tarisira kubuda wakatota.

  190. This is someone or should I say somebodies being beaten. This is very different from what we have been reading in the papers and the matter now in the courts of some political party guy was beaten up at a harvesting house. I mean a picture tells a thousand words here, real violence no doubt about it.

  191. Dzirikumbonzvenga

  192. Dzirikumbonzvenga wobvawatoshaya kuti zvirikumbofamba sei

  193. Oh by the way I remember in July last year I remember some high profile politicians wearing white garments. I wonder???

  194. these Masowe guyz are right Ndanga haana masimba okubhana chechi president vakati mumwe nomumwe ngapinde paanoda,Ndanga wnts to tk advantage js bcz he calls himself the leader of all apostolic churchs,so if u dont register to him kuti adye mari anokubhanai mapostori aona kuti zvanyanya.handipindi postori bt some of the accusation ndeekungodestroyer if u dont follow wht he wants. haasi iye mwari mhani asipo zvayiitwa sei nhasi obuda mugwenzi oti ibvai ipapo hahaha unopiwa sando nevakomana vemusvuvu.

  195. Ok well done Mapurisa anzwa…Mashakada was a true prophet…kumasowe kwakarohwa munhu….Nevertheless the abuse of women and children is dire…zvakaramba zvakadaro deploy the army ikoko

  196. Mapostori batai vanhu.

    1. ndangandarobwa

      in all this there is nothing wrong but the worst case lies pakuti ndanga is a competitor so he z uzing politics to outpower rivalries,manye kuna Mwari hakuna competition

  197. These pictures are some of the best I have seen. The photographer, Shepherd Tozvireva, gets my award for the best pictures. But there will be hell to pay – the police are going to make an example of these mapostori.

  198. ***now m wondering which one is more effective. Tsvimbo or Baton stick

  199. bata munhu mupostori

  200. ndangandarobwa

    in all this there is nothing wrong but the worst case lies pakuti ndanga is a competitor so he z uzing politics to outpower rivalries,manye kuna Mwari hakuna competition

  201. I like law & order BUT WHY IS THE POLICE HELPING NDANGA TO HARASS HIS COMPETITORS ??? There is some ZRP partisanship here. Such kind of bias does not help matters and, unfortunately, that’s the way ZRP does its policing, so partisan that people do not trust their impartiality. Why should the Church be banned when investigations are in progress ??? And does the police investigate using riot police ???

  202. Pupurai Togarepi

    Like many Zimbabweans I don’t condone violence in all it’s forms. However Ndanga should not abuse our police force for his selfish ends. If the police officers had contacted that operation without the so called ACCZ president this unfortunate incident could have been avoided. Ndanga is seen by many Zion and Apostolic churches as a emperor who wants to build his relevance through successes of other churches hence the hostility in my view.
    For those who enjoy insulting our security system think twice. We are in this peaceful environment because of the diligent police force. I hope emotions will be put aside and the police force minus Ndanga can competently resolve this incident.

  203. tsvimbo mumusoro…hatidzori tsvimbo nekuti gudo rabata kumeso

  204. fellow policeman

    & yet tinenge tichiti tiri kurwira vanhu asi vanhu vacho celebrate kana warohwa,as a serving policeman i genuinely expect more heart 4rm u zimbabwe & i dearly feel sorry 4 my fellow serviceman

  205. Handisati ndamboona mupostori anopfeka tie

  206. mapostory akumberi aya

  207. rambai makadaro vanhu vamwari

  208. Zvepasirino…..Mapostori iwaya ndoakavhota nhasi zvanyandurana gonzo nachin’aika. manje apa vatamba nezvimwe pachatsva mbiti vamwe vachatofanoenda karivhari nenyaya iyoyi. Kana pane akangwara ngaatombotama onopinda kwaGumbura

  209. Tamirira zvedu maurban song ichatobuda manje manje nezvamasowe apa tinonzwirira zvedu nemangoma. Vachihuri vachaona yokutamba nezvakaitika izvi dai vakangotora mukuru wacho chete wosunga iye pobva pavharwa mukuru acho asipo vanhu vanonga vasisina simba

  210. Sando kunana madzibaba.

    Unotowona mupurisa ane baton stick neTear gas achitiza tsvimbo yakayereswa, vamwe vachichema, vamwe vachiseka wobvawashaya kuti zvirikumbofambasei; wofunga kuti asi pamwe pfungwa ndodzanzvenga

  211. Unotowona mupurisa ane baton stick neTear gas achitiza tsvimbo yakayereswa, vamwe vachichema, vamwe vachiseka, vamwe vachiti ye ye ye, wobvawashaya kuti zvirikumbofambasei; wofunga kuti asi pamwe pfungwa ndodzanzvenga

  212. The action packed video now available

  213. If they try this at Prophet Makandiwa’s church you can be assured there will be an inferno in Zimbabwe.

  214. Kumasowe kwakarowa munu nemuporofita hona kwakarowa munu lmao;
    Kana munu anetsa batai munu

  215. ….If they try this at Prophet Makandiwa’s church you can be assured there will be an inferno in Zimbabwe.

  216. if this can happen to policemen, l wonder the level of abuse to women and children

  217. hapana hapana, ndipapi pacho patichakanganwa mapurisa zvaanoti ita tisina mhosva ngarowe stereki .

  218. Wl Zimbabwe ever be a peaceful Country

  219. Confirm kuti nxt week murikuenda kuchurch here madzifather coz vanhu vamakarova varikumobiliser
    izvozvi I know Chihuri hana inofa yakaloader

  220. i think the best ndanga could have done was to get the abused women n children to report their cases to the police so that arrests are made.u dont close other people’s church over unreported allegations where no witnesses are avialable to take the stand.Church politics dzakadai hadzidiwe.the women who claim to have been raped should report to the police.inga nzira,gumbura n a lot other church leaders were arrested after victims reported and not Danga closing churches.thats going too far.His job should be educating people to report abuse in churches and corruption so that when empowered proper reports are made.Now look at his militarian appproach,yarovesa mapurisa naiye wacho.

  221. My simple massage to Johanes Ndanga of the ACCZ is that stop poking your nose in other people’s businesses, stop being such bitter lemon.When people are at prayer they want peace,you go with your police to incite violence on pipo at prayer.,nw you got what you wanted, feel it.

  222. Kumasowe kwakarohwa munhu by Cephas Mashakada! kkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  223. Uku ndiko kuzvidza masimba ehurumende kusvika kuna President Chaiko. VaChihuri vanofanira kuona zvekuita nevanhu ava vanozviti vanonamata. kana dai zvikanzi zvadini mupurisa haarohwe nepovo kunyanya vanhu vechechi for that matter. No no no no no.

    I think the police were attacked by demons dzaRigion chaidzo

  224. it was good to confront them after church not at the public, uye inyaya inyaya yekuti ma jounalist akabhadhara police kuti handeyi tinotora nhau tiite mari,
    pakabva paita makaravaskopilitaniology isues vakasanzisisana
    Police yaida kuvatsamwisa nema statement kuti media igovabudisa vachiita sekuti havafunge
    Vakabvavatadza kunzwisisa kuti police irikuda kuti zvinatsofamba sei

    1. Ndanga akaratidza kusafamba paMweya becoz dai akatanga abvunza paMweya angadai akaziviswa zviuya zvaive mberi. Angadai asina kurovesa vanhu. My advice kunaNdanga next time bvunza Mweya kuti ndoenda ne riot police kumasowe here kana kwete. Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  225. Pakarohwa munhu varume…

    Chihuri akafenda musi wechina. Vakomana kwakurohwa musi wechishanu. Nhasi mugovera kuchaita sei? Verenganai kuti makakwana here ikoko

  226. Mabhenjo pa fiyo

    imi maita sei kani ? apa ana madzibaba vazodhidha nejazi manje. iyi iRiot kaiyi manje kwakuuya Gondo harishaye rega uone in the next few days if not hours pachatsva mbiti boyz dzangu, munyika maani imomo ?

  227. zvinoreva kuti mapositori aya akabatwa pamusoro ,kwete Maoko.hapana ane mhosva ndezvezuva iroro.Hanzi zuva nezuva rinezvaro……cease fire in budiriro

  228. Madzibaba apa ma kisser nyoka,,,,,

  229. mapurisa anosiya mbavha onanga pavanhu vanonamata ( this shows injustice)

  230. this shows injustice act by police _ngarohwe mapurisa


  232. barefoot vs black boot

  233. Ko kutenda kwenyu kuripiko munhu kana areswa anodzorwa neshoko mateo 7vs 21 kwete netsvimbo nekuti chiero ichocho muchaerwa nachooo imiwooo

  234. barefoot vs black boot. svimbo vs button stick. Inga zvinu zvimoshanduka wani

  235. Acts 16….we saw Paul ansd Silas vachirohwa pamwe nekuvharirwa asi ivo ndokuziva kuti havarwe nenyama neropa, the next thing vakarumbidza mwari ivo mwari vakarwisa mhandu vega as we heard that pakave neearth quake ngetani dzikadimbuka. paul and Silas vakabuda mujere vaine maconverts umambo hwamwari ukaenda mberi as people were added to the kingdom. saka ava havaverengi shoko raMwari see they are in error otherwise dai vaive for Christ dai Ndanga akatotendeukawo

  236. Shephard Zvinorova

    God knows his who his people are and who are not

  237. Ife kwasu tingoti kurumwa ngeshekuchera. Ndizvo zwakaitika apa. Mapicture acho angobvira kutsekesa kana netsotsi idozera mumabanana. I think the congregants felt overwhelmed by the sudden presence of the ZRP and perhaps thought they were under arrest hence the jilted reaction on their part. Ask the President; he knows the social etiquette when dealing with people like these – you have to act like one of them if you want to win their hearts and not impose yourself just like that.

  238. Besides the fighting issue, this incidents shows how a church should be, and that is united

  239. Vanhu mungafarise henyu asi officer havarohwe, worse kana ukarova gunmen. Church iyi ndiko kupera kwayo

  240. bempwe bakapokola baswanana zyo bakazibila kuma bantu sunu ibhonobono lyabaputila

  241. Po! Po! Po! Po! havaite!! havaite!! usadheerere madzibaba.

  242. what was the anti-RIOT police doing there and what was the purpose of the news crew and all. Yes mapostanga aya ane a bad practice but it ought to have been left to the law kwete kuti mukuru weimwewo chechi anokokorodza police kuenda kune imwe chechi. Their approach ndiyo yakavarovesa and vakanzwa butter. I tell you had this been handled in a professional way pangadai pasina akakuvara and also pangadai pasina mvongamupopoto yese iyi.

  243. usatambire mudziva rinengwena apa ndipo panemagumo ese manje mwari vanotsamwa kana motadzisa vanhu kunamata iko kuinemutemo wefree worship is this free worsheep? wht is free worsheep kana zvadai?please up to next Friday we neeed peace.

  244. am short of words only to say never judge a book by its cover

  245. sando kumapositori

    a new phenomenon of resistance has come upon zimbabwe. pick up a pot, a pick, a shovel, sando, a stick, or anything you can lay your hands on and do whatever you can in your community to annihilate the oppressors. form community-based resistance and vigilante groups and let these be the new vanguard for a people’s revolution against poverty and oppression. viva mapositori, viva!!!

  246. That was very good of the Vapostori… I dont condone the allegations, but you use diplomatic channels to approach and educate a grouping… Why didn’t the ACCZ invite the leadership for a meeting to discuss the allegations. You dont go into someone’s backyard and insult them like that. You get your what you deserve…..

  247. Violence is the last thing we want to see in our country,,,,,,,ther are better methods of resolving conflicts if the so called men of God are beating and revenging then you at tyms wonder wc God they serve we must submit to the authorities as the scriptures say if so be it that the church felt provoked by claims that they are abusing women they could have at least sat down with church council to speak on the mattter amicably and as ppl who are respct by the society,,,this incident goes to show how stupid church leaders and responsible authories can be at tyms,,,,conflict in form of fytn will nt resolv nything

  248. From all the comments that i have read here i have learnt one thing and that is people are against the police that is probably the police force in this country have been protecting the junta .


  250. Hi guys! Izvi zvinosetsa izvi but at the same time zvinotsamwisa especially considering women nd children abuse allegedly going on in that church. I think mapurisa aya used the wrong approach as well havangangorohwa pasina kutaurirana mushe kkkkkk. I don’t condone violence, and neither do i condone what these alleged abuse of the innocent citizens.

  251. Rova chaizvo Paurosi wozodzoka woreurura

  252. Nhaiiwe robert mapurisa api awaichisidzira nawo vanhu nezuro. Chihuri wacho akapotsa afa ega pamberi pako. Nhasi mapurisa acho awaivhaira nawo arohwa.

    1. mucharovesa vanhu zvakanyanya sowe rotovharwa ndoinonzi mheni yakasiya mazai, vamwe ratove jeri dai vakataurirana zvakananka


    first it was Chihuri collapsing during a passout parade, and now its the riot police being routed by a “fearless” vapostora. indeed signs of miseries coming in the way of this zanupf militia masquareding as zimbabwe national police. these miseries shall consume them together with those on whose behalf they perpetrate horrendous crimes against the people of zimbabwe. sando dzavo mapositori because they have courageously ignited the fire the nation has been waiting for over the last 15 yrs. VIVA VAPOSTORA VIVA!!!!

  254. Chamboko chionorwadza majaira kurova vamwe. Batai munhu

  255. While I don’t support the behaviour of the police, mapositori you are very wrong. What message are you sending to the public? Ndizvo here zvakaita mwari wedu izvi? Ko Mwari wedu unorwirwa sezviBhaari here? Haa matinyadzisa kwazvo. Futi hamuverengi bhaibheri futi. saka zvamunoparidza munozviwanepi? Kana zvichibva kumweya mutsvene muri kuzvinyora papi? Muri maSatanists and I condemn you in the strongest terms. The government should swiftly move to ban all these many and disorganised groupings. Haa basa nderekungongwaudza vanhu muchingoimbira pose pose. Muri kushandiswa kunamata zvikwambo zvevanhu muchifunga kuti muri kunamata Mwari. I am very angry with your deeds. Rather come and let’s face the truth using the right political means.

  256. brenda mudenda

    God save us all for we fall short of glory..

  257. Tiri pakutsanya izvozvi. Mapinda mutemberi yashe imi. Regai muone zvenyu.

  258. Amandlaaa !!!!!! wiliiiii wilil.liii liii!!!!!!!!!!!! The power abusers was brought down to earth by men of cloth .They abuse women who do not support zanu during elections now this wantt to behave as if their are not rapists shapa mapostoli shapa.

  259. Abata moto ngaatsve. Excellent mapostori

    1. Pakarohwa munhu kumasowe nemapositori………….singing… munhu ngatakwe nyika inake ..

      Uchi nemukaka zvinobva muziya neropa… heyo Canan yavapedyo ……… vemachurch ndovanosunungura nyika muutapwa………… nemuudzvanyiriri….

  260. Chief Nyajena

    Zimbabweans whilst it was a good move to ban the church basing on the allegations, I do believe the police over reacted that made them deserve to be beaten.

    1. Pamasowe hapabvumirwe hat
    2. No shoes at church
    3. E-Johani Masowe no cameras

    There were many ways of dealing with the abusers; instead of banning the church they could have arrested the abusers basing on the complaints. Kana pasina vaka reporter hakuna ariku abhuswa. Vamwe vemapurisa makatopinda basa netumatombo tutatu twekumasowe.

    The problem we have in ZIm is our police officers are too corrupt and deserves to be beaten. In Zimbabwe, only those with senior are enjoying life, those without ranks feel oppressed by police officers. There was no need to go with riot police because riot never brings peace but war.

    If you use Nkayi road from Bulawayo you will see 8 road blocks within a distance of 40km. Solusi – Byo is only 40km but if you are lucky you will see 6 road blocks. Mutare – Harare 18 road blocks, Byo – Harare 22 road blocks.

    Mapurisa anotifurufusha hatina rugare. Most of the accidents are caused by frustrations by police officers. We have abandoned boarding safe public transport thus buses because of police officers.

    The kombi that killed 10 people in Chitungwiza was as a result of our corrupt forces because they knew the kombi wasn’t fit and without papers but they never impounded the vehicle. Mapurisa anehuwori ngaasungwe

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  261. Vaera vedenga

    Nyaya iyi dai kwakatorwa vakuru vechurch votaurirwa nyaya yavo kunze kwemasowe ndodaira paigona kuita kunzwisisana kwakanaka kwete kuti vanhu vese vachinzwa.nyaya dzana Ndanga ndedzekuda kuonererwa chete zvino anamadzibaba dai makazvambaradza iye anozviti president wechurch dzemweya kumasowe arimberi kwevanhu mweya kana vakuru chaivo vanozviziva.mukutanda mapfeni ndomukuwana hwohwa apa ndinodaivira anamadzibaba makavaratidza gwara dai makanyatsopedzera ndanga makasiya reporter uyo asi makagona time vanoziva kuti church haicharwi

  262. pakafamba satan. asiwo mapositori aya anozvinyanya. iripo child and women abuse mukereke iyi ngatisanyeperane

  263. “kumasowe kwakarohwa munhu namuporofita!!!”…singing, kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  264. Photographer of the year !




  266. i dont condone violence but violence begets violence. for the measure you give so shall you be given.The police got what they always give others. If they feel the pain, tomorrow they will treat civilians with respect now that they know practically how it feels when they beat civilians with reckless abandone.

  267. Zvava pedo kuzoitika zvino. Musati mwari ibenzi vakomana. Nyika iyi takaipiwa kuti tisadzvanyirirana asi nhasi vanhu vose vari kuchema. This is the beginning of serious clashes of mob justice ahead.

  268. ipayi mfaro…. madzibaba ndo yava ryot yacho. mbavha dzakamama

  269. Which women these so called police say they wanted to protect from abuse when they have been abusing women of zimbabwe arise woza ,who abused Josephene Mukoko? Its the police, who abused Kulinji mdc woman activities ? police did ..Where is Rushiwe Guzha and who made her disappear the police . so pliz do not lie to us we were not born last week.But with what happened it gives zimbabweans some hope.


    vapositora mhondi dzavanhu vaitoda kuuraya chaiko. shame on you vana satanists

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    kurova mbiti nemboko dzeZRP.kkkkkkiest!

  273. ivo vakazvinyanyawo kuudza chaunga chese kut u have bn banned??? ndosaka vakarohwa

  274. Ko vaizoda kubanner church on what grounds rohwai vakomana next tym murongeke

  275. kusaziva kufa…..riot police mukaiona yakafanana here nemapurisa akarohwa aya? lets be learned about who is riot and who is not kupfeka black does not define riot…this was a mere peacekeeping group different from riot.
    ko sei muchipedzera shungu dzekuvenga police moti child abuse yekumasowe yanaka nokuti police yarohwa?
    Ko sei muchiita comment zviro imi musati mava nemafacts chaiwo…..mungati police ingaendesa vanhu 9 vasina kana teargas kana riot gun ivo vachiziva kuti kune more than 300 people…the fact yakaita kuti vakurirwe is ….they were not expecting violence plus moreover this Ndanga did not tell them what his intention was…

    1. tibvirepo, the police should be always be prepared, even dai vakaenda vari two, i was in korea for my blackbelt (shodan) Grading, its a requirement by law for a law enforcement agent to have a first dan belt. isu zviiite tina president ugoona kuti unobudirira here ku spender the next three seconds urimupenyu

    2. tibvirepo, the police should be always be prepared, even dai vakaenda vari two, i was in korea for my blackbelt (shodan) Grading, its a requirement by law for a law enforcement agent to have a first dan belt. isu zviiite tina president ugoona kuti unobudirira here ku spender the next three seconds urimupenyu

  276. unotoshaya kuti zvirikumbofamba sei ….kkkkkkk
    apa commissioner vakafenda vakapfeka bhutsu dzegrade 1

  277. Glory to God!

  278. Kana mukuru wemapurisa achiti vakarova mapurisa pamberi pevana varikuda kutii coz mapurisa ndiwo akauya kuzoita hondo pamasowe pane vana. Vakadashurwawo rwendo runo. If u can’t beat them join them. Mupurisa wese ngaatumire size yegemenzi kumadzibaba Ishmael

  279. Ini ndakutora mapostori Tsvangirai wotora mapurisa nemasoja

  280. hahahahaha…….lol they derseved it zim police r too forward they think they r untouchable to hell with corrupt system its time zim get their rights and start to march 4 corruption enough is enough

  281. approach which was used was wrong, regai vakapihwa zvinhu zvavo

  282. kkkkk i must say coupled with the commissioner’s recent incident where he collapsed during a parade…this conclusively shows how weak the arm of the law has come to be….we need fresh young blood to bring in new ideas and motivation into the force….after all why send a riot squad to a church kkkk

  283. ameni ,hareruya ,giroriya ,check check tichicheka netsvimbo , nongesai madzimai maria musazokangamwe tsvimbo mozorova netsvimbo momamisa netsvimbo muchiti bamu bamu netsvimbo to show dem kuti hamuite ……

  284. Totenda hondoiyo haina kuuraya munhu, so netx time please police Riot follow the channels,rules and teams.Kana mapostory aiva nemhosva ndoomasungirwo evanhu here you must know the stratage,way of aproch and who to see before looks like police youre working where theres money only, even if was a dicision of first consult mhomhoyose truelly totally wrong as you see it pamunhonosefodya .

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