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Kunonga remnants face eviction from CPCA properties


THE Anglican Church of the Province of Central Africa (CPCA) has said it is working on modalities to evict two priests aligned to defrocked Bishop Nolbert Kunonga from its properties in Mhondoro and Mutoko.


Kunonga was excommunicated by the CPCA in 2008 after which he forcibly took over control of the church’s properties.

This resulted in CPCA parishioners worshipping in the open.

However, in November 2012, Kunonga lost a five-year protracted legal battle for control of the CPCA properties after the Supreme Court ruled that he had been excommunicated by the Church and was, therefore, no longer entitled to its properties.

During his self-imposed reign, Kunonga would openly declare his allegiance to President Robert Mugabe and Zanu PF.

CPCA head Bishop Chad Gandiya told NewsDay yesterday that the eviction of the priests, who have been occupying CPCA properties since the end of Kunonga’s reign, was long overdue.

“I was told just recently that the evictions had not yet been carried out but all along I thought they had been done,” Gandiya said.

“We hope to effect the evictions as soon as possible because we do not want things hanging over our heads for way too long.

“We would like the evictions to take place way before the end of the year.

“Our diocesan secretary is currently looking into that and it is our hope that the evictions will be done in a peaceful manner.”

Gandiya said in the event of resistance from the Kunonga loyalists, they would seek the services of law enforcement agencies.

“I think it’s just a matter of us going there and telling them that we want our properties back but in the event that there is resistance, we would have to obtain an eviction order so that the evictions can be carried out,” Gandiya said.

He said the environment at the two churches was, however, peaceful regardless of the fact that Kunonga loyalists were still occupying CPCA property.

Gandiya said scores of Kunonga loyalists in the two areas had since rejoined the CPCA.

“A lot of the priests have come back to us and there is no animosity at all,” Gandiya said.

“Actually, a lot of them were surprised that we accepted them back.
“That has always been our stance and we do not force people to join us.
“People come on their own volition and we accept them so that we can worship God together.”

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