Harare Council probes vehicle scam


HARARE mayor Bernard Manyenyeni yesterday unveiled a five-member probe team to investigate the alleged unauthorised purchase of state-of-the art all-terrain vehicles by council management at a cost of $2 million.


The investigations came following reports that the money had been siphoned from the $144,4 million loan facility sourced from a Chinese bank for the rehabilitation of the city’s water reticulation system.

The team, which was ordered to report back to council within 21 days, comprises three technocrats and two councillors.

These are deputy mayor Thomas Muzuva and councillor Stewart Mtizwa who will work with renowned accountant Gabriel Chipara, engineer Richard Maasdorp and lawyer Tendai Toto.

“The team is set to investigate the implementation of $144 million and procurement of vehicles under the facility,” Manyenyeni said.

He said the team would be paid a total of $21 000 on completion of the task.


  1. This is the problem in Zimbabwe, we have seen money being siphoned from Bodies by these so-called probe teams instead of just calling the police because if it is misuse of public funds it is a criminal offence. Since Chombo and company started these probe teams what came out of them other than looting the same funds they want to probe.

  2. ha ha ha ha pay a thief to investigate how he stole the money he stole.it never rains but pours for harare residents indeed.

  3. Hapana chinombobuda ipapa. A report will be done and submitted to the minister, and that’s the end of the story.

  4. In Zimbabwe, we hear of many probes, but there are no results and there is no action taken. I suspect that probe teams claim huge allowances during the investigation, and then nothing comes out of that. So the many probes we hear and read about are scandals themselves.

  5. With all due respect Honourable Mayor, probing is not on, call the Police and let the offenders be arrested. It’s pointless to deviate funds meant to benefit “us” all for a few SENIOR officials. Iya Minister Chombo be investigated too, it won’t be suprising kunzwa kuti he sanctioned kutengwa kwe Mota idzodzi.Council employees are without pay/salaries, why not prioritise that pane kuwedzera Gumi pa ZaNA.

  6. Probe team this probe team that rubbish !!!! Why not just call the police instead of wasting rate payers money for nothing??!?????

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