Ex-footballer Dick acquitted


FORMER Zimbabwe International football star Herbert Dick has been acquitted by Kadoma magistrate Takudzwa Gwazemba on contempt of court charges and failing to pay maintenance for the upkeep of his child from a previous marriage.


According to the State, Dick, also a former How Mine defender, was supposed to appear before at the Kadoma Civil Court after his former wife, Mercy Musau, approached the court for the upkeep of their child.

Musau then delivered the summons to Dick’s former address in Kadoma. However, she served the summons on Dick’s relative, Gift John, who in turn did not communicate with the footballer, who was in Bulawayo.

The Kadoma Civil Court then proceeded with the matter and Dick was ordered in absentia to pay $100 monthly for maintenance.

However, after three months had passed without Musau getting any money, she then approached the court leading to the arrest of the star player.

In passing judgment, Gwazemba said that it was not Dick’s fault that he did not appear before the court.

“I found you not guilty because the summons were not served on you or your place of residence or work place,” the magistrate said.
Wayne Togara represented the State.


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