EU pleased with Zimbabwe revisiting indigenisation policy


EUROPEAN Union countries are happy with efforts being made by the government to revisit the indigenisation policy and reverse the parcelling-out of Save Conservancy to Zanu PF bigwigs.


Speaking on the sidelines of the bestowing of the Federal Cross of Merit upon former Harare mayor and businessman Muchadeyi Masunda in Harare, EU head of delegation to Zimbabwe Aldo Dell’Ariccia said Monday’s Zanu PF politburo decision on the Save conservancy was encouraging and would have a positive bearing on the re-engagement exercise.

Zanu PF resolved to boot out top military chiefs and party heavyweights from the money-spinning safari landholdings in the prized Save Valley Conservancy for double-dipping.

“It’s a long overdue, wise decision. It’s important that President [Robert] Mugabe himself has had to take the decision in the interest of Zimbabwe and Zimbabweans. The conservancies were indigenised because of full participation of chiefs around,” he said.

“It was the real sense of economic empowerment because the benefits went directly to the people. The best defenders of the decision taken by the Zanu PF politburo are chiefs and local leaders. It’s good news and something encouraging and a good message to investors,” Dell’Ariccia said.

He said the decision would contribute positively to the engagement processes the EU and Zimbabwe were taking.

Dell’Ariccia said investors were interested in coming to Zimbabwe and there had been dialogue with captains of industry where many expressed their interest to put their investments through.

German ambassador to Zimbabwe Ulrich Klockner also said the decision by the Zanu PF politburo was encouraging.

“We heard the very positive news that the President has decided that the issue should exist as it is and the plan to indigenise over 40% of shares to Zimbabwe nationals who would invest nothing was abandoned. That was one of the stumbling blocks and if removed, it would be a good way forward,” said Klockner.

On Monday, the Zanu PF politburo resolved also to remove all resettled farmers from properties protected under the Bilateral Investment Promotion and Protection Agreements (Bippas), among them Sango, Sabi, Chishakwe, Masapasi, Makore, Gunundwe and Chamurwe ranches which were reportedly owned by German, Danish, Dutch and South African nationals.

All gazetted land under the Save Valley Conservancy besides properties under Bippas, will now become Parks estates expanding the territory under the Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority, which currently controls almost 20% of the country’s total land area.


  1. I would rather trust Danger my dog than ZANU-PF ,lets wait and see. Military Chiefs are involved here lets see who can move against them. I think my President is held hostage by these securats lets see if he can act against them

  2. good footing for the onruning suççesion jigsaw. positive start for whoever wil b picked to b nxt president of Zanu & of course Zimbbwe.

  3. We condemned this disastrous indiginisation policy from the beginning. This policy failed. I personally do not trust Zanu pf ideology of preaching verbally during the day at night for the sake of campaign they preach the opposite.

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