Councillors demand trebling of allowances

KWEKWE City councillors have said the $200 monthly allowances they are getting are too little and want the amount increased threefold.


The councillors said the increase to $600 per month would boost morale among the city fathers.

Minutes of a recent finance committee meeting made available to NewsDay show that councillors also want a package which includes laptops, a residential stand each, free water and a commercial or industrial stand each.

The councillors also want medical and funeral cover which will include their spouses.

They also proposed that Kwekwe mayor Matenda Madzoke be given an allowance of $750 while his deputy Aaron Sithole would get $650 per month.

But according to the minutes, town clerk Emmanuel Musara told the councillors that their proposals should be “realistic”.

“Town Clerk noted the proposals from councillors. He, however, advised that it was necessary that such proposals be realistic,” read part of the minutes. “In his view, he felt that the proposal to peg councillors’
allowances on the amount of the least paid employee was reasonable.”

According to a salary schedule presented to the councillors, the least paid worker was at $444 including allowances.

The city fathers resolved to make an application to Local Government minister Ignatius Chombo for approval.

Kwekwe City Council has cut down on drinks and snacks which the city fathers used to enjoy after full council meetings as they move to streamline expenditure.


  1. mbavha dzewanhu are they delivering the services, those who think 200 is too little for them must resign or risk being fired, people of kwekwe raise up against these greedy council before is late.

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