Community service for baby dumping


A Mutare woman was yesterday slapped with 630 hours community service for dumping her newly born baby in a bushy area in Sakubva high density suburb.


Georgina Mazikana pleaded guilty to the charge of exposing an infant as defined in Section 108 of the Criminal Law (Codification and Reform) Act.
Mutare magistrate, Waini Makamera had initially slapped Mazikana with a 24-month prison term, but six were suspended on condition that she does not commit a similar offence in the next five years.

The remaining 18 months were suspended on condition that she completes 630 hours of community service at Zhaware Primary School in Marange.

Charges against Mazikana are that on May 7 in the morning, her sister Tsverukai Mazikana received information from vendors at Sakubva Musika that the accused was pregnant and was almost due for delivery.

The vendors said they were no longer seeing the pregnancy or her baby. Tsverukai made some efforts to get the truth, but Mazikana was not forthcoming prompting her to forcibly take her sister to Sakubva Police Station.

Police interrogated Mazikana until she admitted that she had given birth to a bouncing baby boy and dumped the infant in a bushy area in Chitungo area, Sakubva.

She confessed that she covered him in a sack before dumping the child adding that the child was still alive. Police escorted the accused and managed to retrieve the baby.

The child was rushed to Mutare Provincial Hospital for a medical examination as Mazikana was arrested for exposing the child.

The State submitted that Mazikana had no right to act in the manner that she did. Makamera took a swipe at the behaviour of Mazikana saying she should feel ashamed of her actions.

Makamera urged Mazikana to take good care of the child.

Cuthbert Bhosha prosecuted.


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  1. This is too lenient a punishment.She should have been given a more severe punishment to serve as a deterrent to the to be offenders.The sought of Gumbura’s.She is a disgrace to motherhood.

  2. What abt the man the made her pregnant? Where is he? He is supposed to look after the child too…takes 2 to tangle right? While i agree that she was wrong to dump, the man must have also refused responsibility. The 630rs are fine by me coz she wld need to look after the baby with scarce resources after all and that prison itself….God bless zimbabwe

    • The man has nothing to do with this. When indulging, women should protect by being on contraceptives to avoid getting pregnant and then to avoid having man refusing responsibility for the babies and avoid baby dumping.

    • What hs this to do with the man? People, grow up and be responsible. This sentence is far too lenient & of no consequence. Where are child rights activists? I tell u if this ws committed by a man he wld be jailled for not less than 20 yrs. Wake up & smell the rate

  3. You can’t blame the man here.The woman might have been sleeping around with different
    men such that she can’t even tell who impregnated her.A woman should understand that
    unprotected sex may well result in unwanted pregnancy.
    Women should be realistic&responsible. This game of blaming men on obvious matters
    just cannot help. The magistrate seems to have been a bit lenient with the baby damper
    here. Gold diggers need no mercy at all. What will she tell this baby boy when he grows ???

  4. To say a bit lenient is an under statement, this is tantamount to attempted murder, plain and simple. Women seem to be getting away with everything in this country, i fear for the future of the boy child. If a man had done exactly the same thing to a child born to him, do you think he would have a got slap in the wrist like this?

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