Chombo angers Mugabe


LOCAL Government minister Ignatius Chombo is angling for the Presidency and was manipulating chieftainships to manoeuvre his way to the apex of the party, traditional leaders in President Robert Mugabe’s Zvimba rural home area have sensationally claimed.


Mugabe was on April 4 forced to abort the inauguration of Mathias Matare, popularly known as Dununu, as Chief Beperere after traditional chiefs protested that he had been imposed on them by the Local Government ministry. They said Matare was not the right candidate for the chieftainship.

The chiefs had reportedly threatened that if the installation of Matare went ahead, they would walk out on Mugabe, who was present at Murombedzi Growth Point together with other members of his Gushungo clan.

The chiefs claimed that Matare was handpicked by Chombo, who is also MP for Zvimba North constituency, against the decision by the whole clan to install Harare provincial administrator Alfred Tome, from the Dyakonda family.

The current Chief Zvimba, Stanley Mhondoro, yesterday confirmed to NewsDay that Mugabe was forced to abandon the inauguration of Chief Beperere after traditional leaders raised objections over the selection.

“Yes, we raised objections and the inauguration was abandoned,” Chief Zvimba said.

“We oppose imposition of chiefs by politicians,” the chief said. “The whole idea is meant to create puppet chiefs who will pay allegiance to the minister (Chombo). The whole issue is about succession in Zanu PF. We know the idea is to try to manipulate the traditional leadership because chiefs are critical in mobilising people.”

He added: “We don’t want a situation in which politicians jump into the arena of chieftainship conflict. They will not do that in good faith. We don’t want the Local Government ministry to select chiefs for us because we know our history as a clan better than any outsider.”

Chombo was not picking calls yesterday.

The Zvimba chieftainship revolves around the Chidziva, Beperere and Chambara families.

Under the new structure, Chief Zvimba, from the Beperere family, is the paramount chief and deputised by Johannes Jenami from the Chidziva family. Matare, who is from the Beperere family, was earmarked for the second deputy position.

The Chambara family runs the Nyamukanga chieftainship.

Chief Zvimba said the Zvimba chieftainship wrangles were not an isolated case as most chiefs who gathered at a meeting in Victoria Falls in March were also concerned about the “meddling” in their family affairs by the Local Government ministry.

“We met twice in January and resolved that Tome would be the chief, but the Local Government ministry nicodemously prepared papers for the installation of Matare and we said ‘No’ to that,” Chief Zvimba said.

According to sources who attended the meeting, Mugabe arrived at Murombedzi after all people had gathered.

He invited Chombo to brief him on why he had been invited. And all hell broke loose when Chombo reportedly asked the director in his ministry responsible for chiefs, Fanuel Mukwavira, to explain the purpose of Mugabe’s invitation.

One of the family members, Stanley Chikami, is said to have openly told Mugabe that if he had come to inaugurate “a Local Government chief”, they (other chiefs from Zvimba) would immediately leave, setting the tone of the conflict.

Faced with the embarrassing situation, Mugabe is reported to have demanded an explanation from Chombo, who in turn referred all questions to the Zvimba district administrator (DA), Andrew Tizora.

The DA tried in vain to justify why they had settled on Matare when the Zvimba chiefs had earlier on stormed out of meetings in protest at Matare’s nomination.
“So you mean the chiefs stormed out of the meeting and you proceeded to select someone without their knowledge? You now want to select chiefs for Zvimba
people?” Mugabe is said to have countered.

But the most dramatic scene was yet to come. Suddenly, a whirlwind erupted and pulled down the tent Mugabe was sitting in.

A video of the Murombedzi meeting shown to NewsDay reveals Mugabe’s guards shielding off the tent while the President stumbled out to safety, amid ululations from the villagers who took the whirlwind to be an expression of anger from the spirits over the appointment of “Chombo’s stooge”.

Mugabe was led to another tent.

Chikami expressed surprise at why they had been told of Matare’s appointment only that morning when the tents were pitched two days before.

“They (Local Government ministry) wanted to give us limited time to prepare what to say. But we will say it,” he said.

Mugabe expressed dismay that the nomination of Matare had been done without the input of the other local chiefs.

He is said to have thrown back Matare’s papers and demanded that the issue be solved in the interest of the clan before he would be invited to preside over the installation.

“Chombo had been manipulating the chieftainship in the Zvimba area for his political expediency. He appointed Jenami to become the deputy paramount chief. He also reportedly made Jenami’s son, Gibson, a headman,” Svinurai Jenami, a spokesperson for the Chidziva family, said.

The Chidziva and Beperere families have now solicited the services of a lawyer, Jonathan Samukange, to block Matare’s appointment and reverse the selection of Jenami.

Chombo is said to have demanded CVs from the family members and settled for Jenami.

“We know our family history and we will not allow chiefs to be imposed on us. It’s a family inheritance, politicians come and go,” Svinurai said.


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  1. Nickname yekuti “Dununu” surely means this wannabe chief was going to be a mere stooge.

  2. Chiefs are critical in mobilising people kuitaseyi. Mobilising people for Zanu Pf, is that what Traditional Leaders should stand for? Handidi munhu asinga sapoti Zanu munyika mangu…imika! Let Chombo ichocho continue to impose chiefs as he himself is an imposed Minister.

  3. makasara amana…..chombo is mugabes close frnd…nyaya yenyu haina kana musoro,,,have u eva wondered not even a single day e president has eva sed anythin abt tht guy but every week he is a headline o bad news…


  5. Mugabe was not angered in fact i am sure he and chombo shared a chuckle in the helicopter ride home…..ah’zvimadhara zvinopopota mhani!! Anyway Ignatius siyanana navo tozogada wedu mambo kana zvanyarara.

  6. Unongonzwa dununu achiti yeeeh agerwa mubhutsha wongo shaya kkuti zvirikufamba sei. Matende achi ita nguwane

  7. Rambai madzishe. Politicians come and go. Hwenyu ushe ndehwe mhuri yeZimbabwe. Mukarega vachitonga matare enyu motorerwa masimba.

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  9. musakanganwe kuti umambo uhu une varidzi pahwa kasiirwa kunaZvimba muridzi achienda kuSIPOLILO.Mukati imba yacho yakaparara here.Imba yaRambwakupetwa iri kupi handiti ndiyo yanaDzapasi naBadzaNedemo.Ana baba veGushungo varipi kufa kwakaita vaMabhutsu vepaKasanze.Varume masvikiro arikutiii?

  10. All the three family lines have something in the form of chieftainship already. What is all the farce about? What are they trying to achieve? Or, what is Minister Chombo really trying to solve? It appears there is no problem at all. Are they going to get extra land on which to house the created new chieftainship? According to general procedure among the Zezuru and related groups, the chieftaincy post revolves among the sons of the original founder chief. In this case, they are only three and there appears to be no problem.

  11. He is doing this in other districts, creating headmanships from his offiice who are aligned to zanupf

  12. Ko idzo dzimba nhatu idzi dzakambobva kupi?

    Vasekuru vangu imba yava Chisora akabereka Musundi.Vakapiwa ushe muna 1966 asi zvakazotsikwatsikwa.Saka dzimba nhatu idzi dzakambobva kupi.

    Vana Chisora,Musundi,Nyamangara,Samukange,Madziyanzira vanodawo majana avo.

    Iko iyo imba ina President wenyika sei isina bhuku rinoratidza kwatakabva tose?

  13. Zvanyanya nhamo akatadziswa kudya honye dzababavake headman chimbamauro.kasaruro suduruka hapasi pako

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  16. Ko hweka Rwizi chaiwo hwamiswa neyi kwemakore akawanda kudai? Imba yekwa Bute ndoyanga irikutonga. Nhasi ndezva Karwizi (Maodza, Muzanenhamo). VaChombo tamirira

  17. Gweshe the son of mutare is the original chief zvimba not all these so called chiefs who lie to the president that the gweshe family has died and no one exist by now .i want to warn them that one day the ancestors we rise .let the real selection be done at chakona maringowe mountains not in the offices they know the procedure

  18. Chombo tried this in Lower Gweru trying to steal the chieftainship from Golden Bunina giving it to Stephen Mkoba
    we know that the President doesn’t care what Chombo does but he should really loo into his dearest and closest aly.

  19. Mugabe avakutsamwa nesarudzo yaChief asingadiwe nevanhu what about all those city council commissions that have been imposed why doesn’t he get “angry”. WWF chaiyo.

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