Chivi Rural Council takes begging bowl to Diaspora


THE cash-strapped Chivi Rural District Council (RDC) has taken its begging bowl to the Diaspora in a bid to raise $8 million to refurbish roads, rehabilitate boreholes, dams and schools in the arid and underdeveloped area.


Addressing journalists in Chivi yesterday, RDC chairperson Killer Zivhu said the fundraising programme would be rolled out under the auspices of the Chivi Development Forum.

“We intend to raise $8 million for refurbishing roads, clinics, boreholes, schools as well as rehabilitate dams that are heavily silted. We will be engaging the sons and daughters of Chivi who are in all corners of the world,” said Zivhu, who is also the chairperson of the development forum.

Zivhu said the development forum would go to South Africa, the United Kingdom and Canada to raise money for development.

“Our first port of call will be South Africa, then we go to the United Kingom and Canada. We will meet those from Chivi as well as other Zimbabweans in the diaspora,” he said.

He said the development forum would engage people who hailed from Chivi on May 26 in different towns and cities in Zimbabwe through various meetings to be convened.

In Masvingo, the meeting will be held at Victoria Junior Primary School.

“We are leaving no stone unturned that is why we will also engage Chivi residents who are in all corners of Zimbabwe. We hope to bring development to our district which has often been scoffed at,” Zivhu said.


  1. thats my hom twn

    thanx to Chivi RDC fo such an initiative. The future of our hom twn and children lies in our hands.
    Im in Hre an willin to donate u may setup a secure Council ecocash platform tht wil mekit easy fo all of us around Zim to donate in seconds.
    However dnt get carried away lyk most councils around Zim tht hv engaged into misappropriatin council funds through buyin flashy cars n so on. Let you b cleared warned.
    Put our funds into gd use for the future of the nxt generation….Amen

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