Chitown accident: Kombi owner charged


A COMMUTER omnibus operator, Fortune Ganha, whose vehicle was involved in a fatal accident in which 10 lives were lost on Monday this week, has been charged for permitting an unqualified driver, Chenengeta Musiiwa, to use his public service vehicle.


Ganha of New Zengeza 3, Chitungwiza, was summoned by the police on Thursday for the recording of a warned-and-cautioned statement at the Harare Central Police Station traffic section.

He was charged with contravening Section 4 (a) of Statutory Instrument 168/2006 Road Traffic Regulations 2006 (permitting a driver to drive as public service vehicle without any written proof of continuous driving for five years prior to driving a public service vehicle) which resulted in the fatal road traffic accident that claimed 10 lives.

In his response to the allegations Ganha said: “I deny the charges in toto; I never gave Musiiwa the ignition keys for the said motor vehicle or any authority to drive that motor vehicle as alleged at all. I reserve the right to add or amend my defence in a court of law when the charges are read to me.”

The accident occurred at around 11am along Seke Road near Trek Service Station.

Ten people were killed, seven of them on the spot, while six others were seriously injured when the vehicle veered off the road and rammed into a tree just after the service station.

Ganha’s lawyer Tungamirai Chakurira told NewsDay yesterday that his client did not permit the late Musiiwa to use the vehicle since it was parked at the garage where it was undergoing repairs.

“The vehicle was not fit for use, but Musiiwa, being my client’s nephew, took the keys from his uncle’s house and went on to collect a friend after which they proceeded to ferry passengers without my client’s consent,” Chakurira said.

“It would appear the late Musiiwa had been doing that for some time, but was not caught until the fateful day. We went to the police yesterday [Thursday] and we were advised the matter would proceed by way of summons.”


  1. Ndatobva ndati kanha kushamisika nezvirikutaurwa na Ganha through his law. This is complete bullshit, Ganha is as guilty as his late nephew, the two should be held responsible for the death of the 10 commuters. His operating licence should be revoked for poor management and for being a risk to the commuters.

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  2. Iwe lawyer, in as much as u want money, pliz usada kuwedzera kuti rwadzisa, leave this guy aende kujeri kuna Gumbura, he employed that driver & ask any1 pa Charge office they know the truth

  3. It is almost impossible to find a driver in Zimbabwe that is both qualified to drive a commuter omnibus and is willing to. We need a properly managed public transportation system, with buses, trains and a subway. We need qualified drivers and operators, similar to what there is for example in Vancouver, Canada or Paris, France.

      • Are you talking about cheap, paid for in installments with hight interest rate, low quality Chin-ese made buses? Is that the type of transport system that resembles us with our full sovereignty?

        I think the 100% manufactured in Zimb-abwe public transportation vehicles that we could possibly produce on your own right now in Zimb-abwe is a scotch cart made in Mb-are from scrap metal. This shouldn’t be the case. If we had the proper political will we could have our own auto industry. I think the closeset thing we have is assembling pre made Mazda vehicles from Asia.

  4. Ganha by u lyn shows kuti uri mhondi seka muzukuru kako,hope u go to jail monoronga team yebhora na gumbura.

  5. Tendai ganha uyu aito ganza parank kuti mfana wake arikuwachisa madriver achiuya ne bag pa den,evry driver knws it pa charg offic

  6. Ganha should reason first and then opens his mouth later.He is equally responsible of this mishap.Malawyers be guided not to oppose for the sake of cash like Mdc.Nyaya iri pachena se mbutu uyembudzi iyi

  7. Ganha should be responsible next time he opens his filthy mouth he sounds like a pre-school kid

  8. But Ganha said in one report that this guy was not his employee but he got the kombi keys from his (Ganha’s) driver and was driving it without his authority. Now this time he got the keys from home…..?

  9. Muvharirei Ganha zvechokwadi. Iyi nyaya yakadai hayidi lawyer. Mutemo wedriving age 30+ ngauchishanda. Muri kunonoka vanhu vachipera. Vharirawo futi driver namai Ganha pamwe zvinganyaradze moyo yedu!

  10. As long as the police are corrupt, accidents will never end. It is common knowledge that most kombi drivers are under 25 years of age, dont have at least 5 years of experience . What surprises is these unqualified drivers pass all roadblocks without being arrested.

  11. manzvengero enyaya acho unobva vatoona kuti mukufunga ndomunenge makutonzvenga. lawyer rinonyepa zvinogumbura iri.

  12. your first statement is not what you are saying now so you are guilt my brother waitove mu rank iweiwe muzukuru wako akaenda ne kombi with your full blessings,knowingly he is qualified to drive a public transport,i wish and pray you go to prison and let it be known to would be offenders that it is wrong to employ someone unqualified. no mercy at all.

  13. bt mapurisa are also to blame cz this driver guy aipfuura nepamaRoad block and ppolice were checking his license, voona kuti he does not have the required experince, womubhadharisa a mere$20.00 fine. So are we saying $20.oo fine is enough to cancel the required experince…Food for thought…

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  15. malawyers mazhinji denga muchaita rekuonera kure kure muri kumwe kwacho mukasachinja mashandire enyu ekucreate nekudefenda outrageous lies. Usarevera wekwako nhema

  16. @james gwaze. what heaven? if u believe in justice from “the guy in the clouds” you need to have your head examined. prove it if u think a criminal act was commited. and prove it on this side of the grave. thats the way the justice system works.

  17. Very sorry to the relatives of the deceased.Wotoona kut mupfungwa meLawyer naGanha ndomakutonzvenga ….

  18. Lawyer is 100% correct. There is a loophole in dis case. As long as e owner (Ganha) of e vehicle is able to avail hs real driver to tel e Crt dat e keys were stolen by e nw deceased driver or he gave hm himself without e full knowledge of owner’s vehicle dat means Ganha is innocent. Whether he gave numerous statements b4 dat doznt count. The one we want is dat wc he got guidance fm his lawyer. I think dat is e same statement he gave in hs warned n cautioned at e police. Remember one witness to help free Ganha is already dead. The one left is e one whom Ganha says is hs real driver. This lawyer is an experienced one. Thats their work to make sure one goes to jail due to evidence availability.

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