Allan Chimbetu snubs Sulu birthday bash


ALLAN Chimbetu on Tuesday night failed to turn up for Sulumani’s birthday bash held at the Book Café sparking speculation that the two were not in talking terms.


Allan’s absence was contrary to what he had told NewsDay early this year during Douglas Chimbetu’s first show at City Sports Bar that he was going to be part of some special gatherings of the Chimbetu singers.

“As you know that blessings always come from parents so as a way of showing my support and fatherly role I am going to be with my sons on their special events,” he said. Contacted for comment, Allan could not open up why he failed to turn up for the event despite receiving the invite from Sulu’s management referring everything to his publicist Junta, who was not picking up his phone.

The bash dubbed Sulu at 32 was a success as it was well attended by an array of both musicians and promoters.

Sulumani was joined in celebration by fellow musicians Alick Macheso, contemporary musician Jah Prayzah, younger brother Douglas, Bob Nyabinde, pole dancer Beverly Sibanda, dancehall chanter Spiderman, among others.

Promoters Partson Chimbodza, Josh Hozheri and Lawrence Chinoperekwei alongside businessman Philip Chiyangwa and Zimbabwe Tourism Authority chief executive officer Karikoga Kaseke also graced the event.

Chiyangwa said he was going to give Sulu a stand as a present while Mhondoro-Ngezi legislator Mike Gava pledged to buy Sulu’s wife air ticket ahead of Sulu’s United Kingdom tour next month.

However, instead of concentrating on celebrating Sulu’s birthday, several musicians took the better part of the day playing Sulu’s late father Simon’s songs.

Edith Weutonga performed Chauta, Cindy Munyavi played Spare Wheel and One Way with Pah Chihera performing Rudo Ibofu. The night belonged to sungura ace Macheso who performed as the main act proving his prowess both on the microphone and guitar as he continuously kept revellers on their feet.

Macheso wowed the crowd with well-choreographed dance routines. He showed his art by belting out some free-style tunes with a dancehall-like song winning the hearts of the many who responded in wild cheers.

Meanwhile Sulu’s publicists Joe Nyamungoma saluted dendera fans and promoters who graced the event.

“I am happy with the level of unity prevailing within the showbiz scene as many artistes and promoters supported this event.”

Nyamungoma added that the spirit of unity must be commended for the growth of the entertainment sector.


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  1. Shame on you Mike can you pledge an air ticket to sulu`s wife when you have never done anything to the less priviledged ku Mhondoro-Ngezi?zvikoro zvinosemesa,nherera hobho.wakavhoterwa nemukadzi wa Sulu?wamama,if you think kuti uchaluma futi.this is your first and last.uri gava rinemuswe we saga.nxaaaaaaaaaa.

    • Now that we know that the MP for Ngezi can be located partying away at these “museve music” gatherings may this Mister Gava spare a moment for the Mamina road which is in a pathetic state. For an MP who can throw money where more money is already in abundance I think the issue of this god-forsaken dust road is not much to ask for. The only note worthy MP for Mhondoro Ngezi was Comrade Paul Mangwana who went out of his way to develop schools and start the tarring project of this road before he was unceremoniously replaced by the under- performing Bright Matonga; himself another party animal like this Mike Gava chap.

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  2. GAVA vakuru vanoti benzi rinoudzirwa pasadza apa zvekwaGava zvadambura musungo. rangarirai vakakupfekedzai masuit varume ivhu rine nzeve iri.

  3. munopenga guys, munoda kut Mp ashandise mari yake ku sota road, nxaaa. CDF haina kubuda ka kubva ku gvmt, ari kudya mari yake, kwete yehuremende, idiots

  4. Sulu, baba havatumirwe munhu kunovakoka kuzvirongwa zvemusha ,unotoenda wega, ndimudhara ava plus remember ndovasara vega saka vade.
    Wakaita busy nei kutadza kundoona mudhara wega ,asi waakuda kureleaser? Kubva kana zvakadaro rhythm yacho uri kurehearser naani angavakunda ? KWANAI BA’NINI!!

    • Taura zvako Tammy. Kunyangwe mwana akava nemari kana mbiri sei baba ndibaba chete. Remekedza mubereki wwko mfanami uwane makomborero.

  5. Honorable Gava vanhu venyu vayaura kuMhondoro.Matonga was the best takairasa veMhondoro.marovha achawanda look now zvakuitika kuNgezi mine.

  6. for sure we stil value our tradition unotumira nhume kuna baba vako imimi muchigaramu same twn..haaaaaaa bodo ka

  7. apa sulu wakatadza baba havakokwi bt vanofanirwa kuudzwa prgrm panemazuva plus havatumiri nhume, unoenda wega, baba vako vari right zvavakaita ndochikaranga chaicho

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