‘Probe Harare-China water deal’

THE State Procurement Board must probe irregularities involving overpricing by the Harare City Council on the $144 million Chinese loan for the overhaul of Morton Jaffray Waterworks, government has said.


Speaking after touring the Morton Jaffray Waterworks project yesterday, Environment, Water and Climate minister Saviour Kasukuwere said the local authority must explain the overpricing anomalies in the multi-million-dollar deals.

Kasukuwere said although the Chinese were doing a great job at Morton Jaffray, the project would not immediately end Harare’s water crisis without the Kunzvi Dam project.

Asked about the project vis-à-vis corruption, Kasukuwere said: “I am sure there are appropriate methods of managing or indicating exactly what it is that has been done that is causing the inflation of prices. If it’s a fact the tender board is there to look at that. Let’s have some comparative figures to indicate to us that here are the inflated figures and why it has been done and I am sure the City of Harare will be able to give us the answer.”

Local Government minister Ignatius Chombo distanced himself from the Chinese deal.
“I didn’t even sign that contract. I am hearing it (the overpricing) from you. Why can’t you ask the engineers or the town clerk?” Chombo asked.

Parliamentarians recently asked both town clerk Tendai Mahachi and Harare mayor Bernard Manyenyeni to justify the $144 million expenditure on the water project. A report by a consultant, Peter Morris, showed that more than $100 million was being abused by officials on the project.

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Kasukuwere said it was unfortunate that there were people making some noise over the Harare-China deal.

“The City of Harare has called those who are prepared to enter into public-private partnerships with the city in terms of rehabilitation of equipment. Not only the City of Harare, but across the country. Those with the finances are free to approach government and we will work with them,” he said.

It also emerged that council was losing millions of dollars purifying water as a result of pollution by residents and companies with Chombo saying the companies should pay for their actions.

Zimphos and Olivine Industries were mentioned as some of the companies polluting water and burdening the local authority that was forking out more than $3 million a month on eight chemicals to clean the water.

Manyenyeni told Parliament recently, that the Morton Jaffray project would only add 20% to the existing 500 megalitres a day being pumped daily.

Council has used more than $68 million on the project in purchasing equipment.

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  1. 3 million dollars on 8 chemicals ? maybe im the daft one but isnt that overpriced too ? Im now. certain that we zimbos dont appreciate the value of the USD

    1. Yvonne R. Saulter

      How to earn 300 us dollar per day its unbelievable but its work Hope to see you around here more often
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  2. Hei minister Kasukuwere! People are not making noise about the Harare-China deal, all what people want is transperancy and nothing more. You still don’t appreciate this after all these recently reported corruption cases .

  3. Nhainhai Minister Kasukuwere ndinzwireiwo, hamufungi kuti mavakurasik? Really, “.. .it was unfortunate that there were people making some noise over the Harare-China deal”? This is purely purely the unshaven face of corrupyion on your part that you are exhibiting Cde Minister. Zvongonyararwa hazvo, be serious Minister unless you were misquoted.

  4. He could be misquoted because in the first place he says this overpricing must be investigated. Minister you and your friends are doing it. There was a company which won a bid to supply something to a parastaland the Minister demanded cash USD120 000 at his desk for the deal to go through, how they will raise that was their business meaning that company was supposed to overprice that parastal by 120 000.00. That company failed, lost the deal and it folded rendering some people jobless. So overpricing is done to greaze you guys and recoup the costs.

  5. Please don’t forget that we got our independence through China.Why worry about corruption where Chinese contracts are involved??This one must stop asap!!!

  6. corruption corruption
    how can they buy a cast iron gate valve from china for $ 12000,00
    isu muno muzim we sell that same valve for $3500.00 after ka profit . nyarai wo zvimwe.

    1. The press must go all out and give us a table of the itemised costs and lets hear what local industry has to say about the pricing. This cant be allowed to go on and on like this. You have them paying upwards of 75 cents for alum when the whole world is paying 50 cents..is this not embarrassing? The tender stipulates 24 million kgs do your sums..this is cool 6 million travelling very fast into some bottomless pocket..When are da people going to say ENOUGH?

    2. @Valve- these are the guys who pay 75 cents for aluminium sulphate when the whole world is paying 50 cents…For 24 million kgs this is a cool 6 million going into some bottomless pocket and its many concubines out there. The media should simply get the list of items and publish them so we can do comparisons with what is being paid locally ref this tender. ENOUGH already!

    3. @valve man- Many thanks for this..Who should we turn to? These are the same guys who pay 75 cents for aluminum sulphate when the whole world pays 50 cents..So a cool 6 million is shared among someone’s Harare concubines? This is no longer funny.

    4. @Valve man- Why would you be surprised if these council guys do not think twice about paying 75 cents per kg for alum when the whole world is paying 50 cents? This is a cool 6 million for someone and his concubines…Enough already!

  7. Kasukuwere must be aware that people are watching what is happening with the money. They failed to give the total amount which was used now we want to know how much was left from 144million dollars from China. Who was involved? Chombo is trying to distant himself from this deal but all along he was involved with the Council affairs. If this issue is properly handled we will reach the root cause. Corruption in the society.

  8. procurement in zimbabwe is now being mis managed
    it has jus lost its sense
    they ddnt do the supplier selection process
    only to award china only for them to hv som left in their pockects

    ministers and the responsible authorities i beg u not to play with public funds
    thats our money ‘us tax payers’ yamurikutamba nayo kudaro

    truely this wil follow u

  9. The capital city of the Republic of Zim. is facing a serious water problem and the the City of Harare has borrowed US$144M to adddress the situation. Now the minister resposible for overseeing this whole thing says he is privy to the details the tender. Surely this where we expect a minister to fired if the gvt is serious about Zimasset.

  10. Pure clean water is gushing out at the cnr of 3rd st/R.Mugabe. I went on a trip to Zambia on the 29th of March & came back on the 6th of April. Passed thru the same point on my way home, my heart bled to find the same point with water running out. The streets l’m highlighting out, are busy with vehicle & pedestrain traffic. Is it that the City authorities are not aware of such a pipe burst, which runs for days like that? Infact, myself, could have seen it during this period, imagine it could’ve been running out for the past days weeks or months now, 24hours a day & now that l’m in Mozambique, on another trip with work, maybe the same water (as l’m highlighting now) is still flowing into drains. Shame on our City Fathers, who are unable to see such a precious resource flowing into doldrums.

  11. no matter how much mineral resources we claim to have, it seems we simply want to borrow from others and yet we are not good at returning back.ndanyara zvikuru.

  12. General Linton

    A certain minister is trying to distance himself from the project. We all know the irony of that. God save us.

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