Mugabe out to destroy me — Tsvangirai

MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai has accused President Robert Mugabe of working hard to destroy him so that the opposition party will sponsor a weak candidate that will face Zanu PF in the 2018 elections.


The former Premier yesterday claimed the 90-year-old leader was working with the MDC-T renewal team which is calling for his resignation as party leader.

Addressing party supporters and mourners at the funeral of MDC-T founding member Freggy “Mutambu” Dhungwa in Mbare, Tsvangirai said Mugabe and State security agents were plotting his downfall.

He said this was confirmed by the Zanu PF leader’s Independence Day speech on Friday.

“I heard Mugabe speak on Independence Day saying we should leave rebels alone. I asked myself why he is so kind to them. We got
you, now you have come out in the open for sending them,” said Tsvangirai.

Tsvangirai said Mugabe, at his advanced age, was now history and the MDC-T was focusing on forming the next government after gaining experience as an opposition party and as a party in government.

MDC-T spokesperson Douglas Mwonzora had earlier told NewsDay that Mugabe and his party had co-opted State security agents in their “project” to destroy the opposition party and the Tsvangirai brand.

“From the comments of President Mugabe, we now know who is behind the destabilisation of the MDC,” Mwonzora said. “Fortunately, neither he nor his junta will be able to destroy the MDC. For us in the MDC, freedom of expression does not mean violating resolutions of the national standing committee, national executive and national council for leaders not to discuss important party matters through the Press.”

Mwonzora added: “It appears that Mugabe is too old to remember what has been happening in his own party. A few years ago he and his party fired Dzikamai Mavhaire (now Energy minister) for suggesting that Mugabe must resign. Not so long ago, he was furious and ruthlessly punished most of his provincial chairpersons for a meeting in Tsholotsho.”

He said “rebels” in a MDC-T should not rely on Mugabe for protection.

Former MDC-T deputy treasurer Elton Mangoma, who is said to be working with the party’s secretary-general Tendai Biti, has called for Tsvangirai to step down, saying he had become a liability to the MDC-T brand.

Tsvangirai said those who were calling for his resignation were not founding members of the party. He said Mutambu was one of the founding members of the MDC-T who were resolute on sticking to the founding values of the party.

“In terms of how the party started up to now, these are the founders, they are not stakeholders, and they are shareholders,” said Tsvangirai. “Nothing can be done in the absence of shareholders. If you are a stakeholder, you will just come like Mangoma and say I am here.”

But Zanu PF spokesperson Rugare Gumbo said Tsvangirai was out of his mind and was a dictator who should give the people what they want.

“Who takes him seriously? He has reached a level of, for lack of a better word, madness. I don’t think he is himself. The reality is the MDC is in disarray and they should accept that. Why not give the MDC people reform as they want because they claim to be democratic? They are dictatorial and authoritarian,” Gumbo said.

MDC renewal team spokesperson Jacob Mafume said Tsvangirai was the one working with Zanu PF by his continued stay in a government house for free and having married “a Zanu PF woman”, referring to Tsvangirai’s estranged wife Elizabeth Macheka, the daughter of senior Zanu PF official Joseph Macheka.

“These are immature statements we don’t expect from the president of a party. It’s easy to see who is working with Zanu PF by looking at who is staying in a Zanu PF house for free, who is married to a Zanu PF woman and who has worked closely with Zanu PF during the inclusive government,” said Mafume.

“We are not working with Zanu PF, far from it. We need a radical strategy, we can’t lose an election and call for a Press conference or rallies. We need a solution to redistribute the wealth in Zanu PF hands through corruption. He is part of the corruption by staying in a $3 million house,” Mafume said.

Tsvangirai told the mourners that he used to assist Mutambu, but he was also now broke.

“I would help him here and there, but it happened that I got broke and he also got broke, but we will one day get there,” said Tsvangirai.

“We will get to Canaan, but these people born in the wilderness have a problem, they don’t know how this started. No one is against change here, even Zanu PF people miss us because of what we offered in the government of national unity.”


  1. makandiwa eubert

    Zimbabweans I tried to tell you that after Mugabe economy is going to change. whether its mujuru or tsvangirai , they are the only ones who can change the economy. count out munangagwa, he will destroy more. so I was saying mai mujuru or tsvangirai will lead this country any time from now and they have the capacity to change the economy of Zimbabwe. to those in zanupf support mai mujuru and those in opposition support tsvangirai. their combination is good for the country and economy

  2. Mufume is an idiot he thinks evrthin in zim is for zanu pf wakadzidza bt nt that intelligent jst shipout u zpf shit

  3. To hell with Chematama Rugare Gumbo. In Zimbabwe the biggest dictator is Robert Mugabe. We want new blood with a different approach to investment policies. Yes for sure the security agents are trying to destroy our party this is their assignment from the top.

    1. josefa chinotimba

      Indeed Hoko,I support you 100%,Rugare Gumbo is very stupid,he has gone insane himself.The real dictator is Bob my uncle,he has got blood in his hands.

      My Party MDC T,will never be destroyed by silly people such as the little security agents of zanu pf,never at all.We are definitely going to field Dr R.M Tsvangirai in 2018 elections,and that is when we will start counting his term of office only.Otherwise Rugare Gumbo must shut up,infact Rugare Gumbo is a toothless bulldog.To hell with you Rugare.

  4. Mapenzi Dhumanai Chaizvo

    Ohhh Mr Morgan how you quickly forget that the story you are telling us now has been the same story from year 2000 . Are you ever going to take us there . I thing its best you step down and give others a chance . YOU HAVE FAILED THE PEOPLE !

  5. A child born when the MDC was formed in 1999 shall be no eligible to vote in 2018 dear Mr Morgan! You claim to be an advocate for democracy yet you dismiss anyone that challenges you? Zanu doesn’t need to do anything to damage the party you have already done more than enough, the problem is you believing there is now one else who can lead apart from you….were have we seen that before….

    1. Observer you are so on point. I have said the same thing before. There is no difference between Morgan Tsvangirai and Robert Mugabe.

  6. tsvangirai wapera wena only day dreamers are still supporting this puppet. look at biti ,hey smell th coffe . ndeye ropa nyika iyi

  7. i think the best renewal method was Mangoma ,Mafume, Biti,and all those ontop of the MDC stuctures wroght to Tsvangirai saying ‘we have failed,so we resign for the better of our party, so may you also resign’it was logical that way,not just say Tsvangirai resign and we stay in

  8. For the sake of moving forward i would like to ask this. If we all agree that Zanupf has been rigging elections since 2008. Why would we blame Morgan Tsvangirai as an individual besides leadership renewal has to happen across the board because no one knows where the problem mafume your approach to problem solving is are playing politics of patronage the people need the truth we win together and when we fail its Tsvangirai thats not fair especially considering what he has done within the MDC. He doesnot deserve to step down in that way give him the dignity that he deserves after all he is willing to pass the batton to someone else at the right time.

  9. Mugabe never said Tsvangirayi should not expel. Leaving them alone zvaireva Save kuti vasarova vanhu sezvakaita Mangoma. Morgan should just restore his dignity by acting like an aspiring president. The MDC-T can expel anyone, but no violence please.

  10. aerial production

    those who are critisicing Tsvangirai, i hope you are holding a jeep or benz keys. If u are a Pedestrian or u have an X Jap and u a supporting Zanu, shame on you. Tsvangirai can neva betray MDC coz he is the one who formed it. As for the wife, he cld even Marry Bona if he wanted, there was no restriction until after she got married. For the zanu pf house, this is the state house not zanu pf and he is eligible to stay there, unless if you want him to stay outside the country. U traitor

    1. charles charingeno

      Douglas Mwonzora is dead right! I am surprised by people from the opposition who support the ZANU(PF) project of removing Tsvangirai. It is simple, get Tsvangirai out of picture then you can field any candidate from ZANU(PF). Why are you clamouring for the removal of Tsvangirai who has led the party for 15 years and not for the removal of Mugabe who has led the Government and totally failed for 34 years? Think about it and do not be blindfolded. I am yet to see anyone who comments about this statement on the period the two gentlemen have been in power compared to each other. Next time give us a clear analysis of the issue not just sensationalizing it.

      1. @Charingepo-Might the difference be that Mugabe took over for three years as president of ZANU in 1977 and has been in power ever since. Now Tsvangirayi, some say through no fault of his own, has been at the helm of his party for the past 15 years with very little to show for it except the Highlands house..Spot the difference? People are not saying Tsvangirayi should quit politics they are saying for someone selling democracy lets see it closer to home not this bashing of competitors..that is so ZANU and old fashioned if anything!

        1. Falcon you are flogging the wrong horse. The country is in econmic turmoil and all you do is turn away the attention of people. Mugabe supported MDC rebels yet he does not want them in his party and can that also pass as an independence message? mediocrity at its best.

        2. So what Mugabe said about MDC rebels was what the country expected as an independence message.

    2. Criticising Tsvangirayi does not mean support for Zanu pf. Even MDC-T members are allowed to criticise Tsvangirayi. What’s so special about Tsvangirayi that he cannot be criticised. Even Zanu pf supporters should criticise Mugabe, and there is nothing wrong with that.

      1. Well said.

      2. One would think that what Machakachaka is saying is common sense but alas it is not so. Some people think that once you see anything wrong with Morgan then you must love Zanu. There is nothing special about any of these politicians, they should all step down for the sake of new ideas.

  11. Ndabaningi Mazodze

    Your worst enemy is yourself Cde Tsvangirai. Especially nyaya yemadzimai iyi.

  12. To the leadership crisis within the mdc-t trouble makers like chamisa and mwonzora must be dismissed forthwith. They are doing more harm than good to the former flamboyant party. As for Tsvangirai he is now an expired product if you eat it you get botulism. The sooner he steps down the better. Zanu pf women are his business and now Tsvangirai is being used by Elizabeth macheka to destroy mdc-t.

  13. Those that want tsvangirai to leave are the ones who must leave and form their own political party. Gwisai, ncube etc tried but failed. To me Tsvangirai is a hero!

  14. Tsvangirai claims stakeholder in the mdc-t and labels others shareholders kkkkkk. Here we go sounds worse than zanu pf. This mdc-t creature now has all the Hallmarks of zanu pf. Imagine how long Tsvangirai would want to stick and cling to power if he wins an election. That man is worse than Mugabe in terms of dictatorship

  15. Nyura wega Mogirls Mogayz siyana naBob nxa!

  16. those really clamouring for Tsvangirai’s outster must themselves ship out and form their own parties and garner support from those who are supporting this foolishness. Tsvangirai is more

  17. I propose Tsvangirai cedes power to Biti but be allowed to be presidential candidate in 2018 while occupying an interim arrangement for founding president! Pakadii apo

  18. This Jacob Mafume is very childish. That house MT is staying is a government house. Love crosses the political divide so using such immature reasons to force MT to resign is just craze, what we are all saying is wait for congress and unsit him, but alas you have been fired from MDC so form your own party or revive ZIP. People of Zimbabwe is Tsvangirayi your problem, so Tsvangiryi goes today and suddenly industry reopens, the economy booms handitka. We concntrate on trivia that is why ZanuPF has remained oppressing us for this long. Really if you look at the renewal team those who have come out in the open are mediocre politicians. Biti has seen through them and has distanced himself from them. For Rugare Gumbo ah ah so he can really open his mouth like that, kushaya mukanwa.

  19. TSVANGIRAI….you are already destroyed………..

  20. Vana Mafume you are just mafikizolos who joined the party late at the time of GNU coz u also wanted to embark on the gravy train. You are one person I have never respected even at the time you were in the SEC as secretary General you could not even adumbrate nor speak 5 letter English sentence coherently. The likes of Takura Zhangazha, Dumisani Shiku, and one Dzimano used to rescue you when you started stammering while attempting to adumbrate. You have been ZANU PF since college judging by the calibre of people who used to champion your cause such as one Makuchete, the like of Isiah Prosper, Dumisani Shiku, to name just but a few. So just be man enough and admit that you are one of the crassy ZANU PF operatives who have infiltrated the MDC

  21. @courage Tsvangirai is no longer fit to contest for state presidency he failed in 2008 because of poor and shambolic planning. He will never win an election again. (1) because he is surrounded by fools like mwonzora and chamisa (2) he is a violent person with dictatorial records (3) he has lost value. People who laboured to make him popular worked for nothing since he has brought the good name of the party to disrepute by his unchristian behaviour.

  22. The former prime minister is now a vampire, he only gets his supporters or listeners at funeral
    gatherings, kikikiki.

  23. To say TSVANGIRAI is finished & MDC-T is dead can only be ZANU PF’s WISHFUL THINKING.The president clearly confessed
    failure to destroy Tsvangirai.
    Democracy is very much alive in MDC-T but the party refused to be destroyed by indiscipline.MDC-T refused to listen to the
    treacherous voices in the stupid name of LEADERSHIP RENEWAL Let whoever wants form their own parties NOT to say,the will
    stay put when they are clearly rejected.To Hell with the so-called LEADERSHIP RENEWAL in a struggle.
    Of coz there will always be some doubting Thomases but CHANGE is bound to come.
    It’s a shame some pple believe charlatans who pretend God will come down to sort out ZPF created economic problems.
    Yes we need Devine help but not as has been preached recently.
    The true prophet of God Nathan confronted king David on Uriah’s wife.True prophets speak without fear or favour.

  24. Didn’t you know that they want to destroy your party you moron.


    va tsvangirai munonyanya dzungu iko zvino makatisiya pachena sei musingakwanisi kuitawo zvinoita vamwe????

  26. mafume n company macio tsvangirai watchout

  27. Nelson Mandela stayed in Robin Island for 27 yrs,but the day he was released from prison he became the candidate for Presidency in A.N.C.Mr Mafume are you telling me that the ppl of South Africa were not in a position to elect someone they wish.They saw it that he had the potential to win the election regardles of his age.The same applies to the Mdc T President he is and will be the right candidate to stand againt Zani fp.He is the only man who has challenged the hirachy of Zani fp.So pliz give him another chance its not too late.

  28. Tsvangirai this is too much now .kana woda kuita basa redu rezvitunha taura wanyanya maraly pamariro.respect the dead.wavakuteedzera sekuru futi.wanyayo kukoponora zvinoitwa nasekuru bob.

  29. Wezhira Wezhara

    I dont know why we who r not as wise as Tsvangirayi failed to see it before now!! Mugabe beat Tsvangirayi with the biggest margin since they began competing and relegated the MDC-T from being the party with the parliametary majority to being a small opposition in parliement ALL in a plot to remove Tsvangirayi from leadership of the MDC and replacing him with his puppet Mangoma.

    When Mugabe labelled MDC puppets of the West and beat up their supporters we ridiculed the old man now Tsvangirayi labels those who wish him out puppets of ZANU(PF) and beats them up…..I have to hand it to Tsvangirayi,he DID learn a lot from Mugabe in the GNU.

    Now all we need to do is vote him into power so he can really show us what he can do with the economy,CIO,Army,State Media at his disposal..The sky is the limit…Tsvangirayi will show us all he CAN be such a better oppressor than Mugabe….even if it kills us all.

  30. Wezhira Wezhara

    The disappointment for many Zimbabweans is when MDC uses ZANU(PF) as a standard…So because Mugabe suspended Mavhaire MDC should expel Mangoma for saying Tsvangirayi must go????

    If MDC aspires to emulate ZANU(PF) why should any Zimbabwean vote for MDC???

  31. I hvnt seen loyal cadres of a party crticisn its leadership n public that’s blasphemy….so mangoma get lost n biti too

  32. Tsvangison this is politics. If they are trying to destroy you and the mdc why can’t you also stand up and fight them using own inteligence. You have been in opposition politics for some time now and you are only telling us up to now you do not have intelligence systems around you. You have them but they are fools who support you even where you go wrong. Tinogaro kuudza you need serious strategists shamwari, MDC party was a workers driven party saka musaita sokuti makagara pasi mukataridza njere to form it. The structure was there so don’t fool yourself muchiti you formed the party, you simply transformed structures which had been formed by Robert Mugabe into a political party and that’s why your thinking and the rest of you who came through ZCTU is tainted and resembles Mugabe’s thinking. Kunyepa here kuti you were originally zanu pf and sharing the stage with Mugabe on worker’s day holidays. Saka musashora vana Mangoma, your brains cannot form a party. You have actually destroyed the ZCTU and now busy destroying the workers party. The party is not yours, it originally belonged to the workers. Sorry maningi, kunakirwa too much, taura zvinemusoro apa. You still far from presidential material!!!!

  33. Stupid. When you called for sanctions you also wanted to destroy him. Dont cry foul. Waperegwaka.

  34. Silent observer

    “Mugabe is out to destroy me so that MDC will sponsor a weak candidate againist him in 2018”. Does this statement mean Tsvangirai is the strongest leader in MDC?. This is mockery in deed. The weakest leader in MDC is Tsvangirai. You claim to be a champion of Democracy but practically y’re parallel to that. Three consecutive electoral failure and you claim being rigged, why can’t you take action on that. Yes mn’t pleasent is a state property but whats yo capacity in government to stay their. Mugabe is not out to destroy you, he is the happiest man with yo capacity as mdc leader because he knows he has a weakest prey. Come 2018 you complain on rigging and plead for another chance in 2023 election. A man who is not able to control his zip how can you control the nation. Your belief is expelling those who challenge you and yet they have a better vision and more influencial than you, shame on you better uende!

  35. Vavengi vaTsvangirai masupporters a Mugabe in one way or another. This is a hard fact

  36. tsvangirai you are done keep on dreaming .2008 you missed the plan you have no strategy hence you will never deliver. worse you are cry baby but one thing for sure you are still popular its either you man up or ship out

  37. Haa Morgan haasisina power. Better ayende zvake. Chero mukadzi wake chaiye akanga odawo kututa twake. He lost his chance in 2008, now hapana hapana.

  38. So Mr Morgan you wanted Mugabe to build you? Unfortunately you don’t build ruins

  39. I dont love Zanu, never have. But I find Tsvangirayi’s aversion to plurality of ideas shocking! Keep your friends close, & your enemies even closer. Thats how you win in politics. If you surround yourself with Chamisa & Mwonzora!? Really? Bring Dabengwa, Welshman, Madhuku, Makoni closer. Keep Biti & Mangoma in line……. take advantage of divisions in Zanu promise them something! Show you are the man. Tsvangirayi is just useless. Shame.

  40. Tsangirayi, do you think Mugabe loved Nkomo or Stamps? No! He knew what he wanted & got it. Now wake up stop behaving lyk a child. Politics is for strong men

  41. Brave men are not afraid of darkness. Cross the bridge when you arrive there, why do you cry usati varohwa, ko paucharohwa unobova chirudzii?

    1. I was reading about the most notoriuos dictators of the earth, Hitler, Mussolin, Stalin, and even Mao Tse tung. There are a number of things in common, they were all ruthless. They clinged to power thru murder, hatespeech, and blood sucking. They were very good at destroying debate through descenting on opposition. But also they all died painful death. I compared this to Tsvangirai and Mugabe. Tsvangirai scored 0/5 and Mugabe scored 5/5.

      I encourage you zimbabweans in this era of ICT to read the history of these people. I will assure you that yu will see the tyraant mugabe in all of them and you will claim your freedom.

      Aluta continua MDC

  42. Haaaa nanhasi Tsvangirai uchiri kuda kutonga , zvakaramba kare enda kumusha unorima sezvo wakawanawo munda

    1. If yu say Tsvangirai is destroyed , so why always talk about him ,leave him alone , those who think can lure people into joining them, forget go and form your own party.

  43. Tsvangirai you have got any empty big head . U speak b4 thinking. Haufi wakatonga zimbabwe nehudofo hwako ihwohwo. Wakanyengedza vanhu uchiripanyanga the zctu vanhu vakabuda basa vasina kana rebhuri ku cone textile iwe uchipiwa zvioko muhomwe tit for tat haulume ndingatsva ndaitonga ndoga ini we zhira wezhara wezheve we zhowezha kwete iwe

  44. many people, me included, believe MDC is going to form the next Government hence the continued interest in Tsvangira and MDC Party politics. However it is disheartening to note that the current leader of MDC -T exhibits a lot of similarities to RGM including his conduct. When a leader starts believing that he is the best or that he is indispensable, he loses respect from his followers. The era of hero worshiping, in the political arena, is coming to end in the Zimbabwean politics. Stepping down has Party leader like what Mandela did will accord Tvsangison a strong position in the history of Zimbabwe politics and will strengthen and improve chances of MDC in unsettling ZANU PF in the next elections

  45. the truth alwys hurts.the coming zim president is tsvangirai.hw can we hav a president asina maziso.its beta fr zanu to have leadership renewal fr the health of mudhara wavo uyo

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