Mnangagwa quizzed over pardoned rapist

A MATOPO man jailed for raping his 12-year-old niece was allegedly pardoned by President Robert Mugabe recently despite the fact that rapists were not covered under the Presidential Amnesty.

By Chief Reporter

The rapist identified as Jaison Gaba Dube is now allegedly threatening villagers with unspecified action for causing his arrest.

This first came to light during debate in the Senate last week when Matabeleland South Senator Watchy Sibanda (MDC-T) asked Justice, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs minister Emmerson Mnangagwa if rapists were also covered under the amnesty.

Prisoners who committed murder, rape, treason, carjacking, armed robbery and stock theft were excluded.

“My question is, was your ministry involved when the President gave amnesty to the prisoners?

“I am asking this question because, in my constituency, there was a man who raped his 12-year- old niece and now is out in the communal lands there. I am saddened because that is a girl child and this person is supposed to be incarcerated,” Sibanda said.

In response, Mnangagwa said: “The amnesty which we granted resulted in over 3 000 prisoners being released, but we exempted two categories.

“One was those who committed rape, were exempted from benefitting from the amnesty and those who committed aggravated murder and robbery were not included in the
3 000 persons who benefited from the amnesty.

“Your particular individual, if it is true that he is out as a result of the recent amnesty I would wish to get the details because even if you look at the Government Gazette, it specifically and clearly states that those who committed rape are exempted from benefiting from the amnesty.”

Yesterday, Sibanda told our Bulawayo Bureau that he was related to Dube, adding that the rape incident came to light after the girl fell pregnant.

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  1. Wings of Change

    he should go back to where he belongs. Ndovanosvibisa President vedu so the mistake can be corrected by sending bambo ava mujeri. The girl now is afraid to walk freely because the molester is in the area.

    1. im with you on that one…ngaidzokere mujeri mhuka iyi

  2. Yayayaya, the end is nigh ma comrades donate blood, be a blood donor and th almighty god will immensely reward you, Yes donate blood today!

    1. Scared Reader

      You are a suspect why campaigning for blood donations on wrong platforms. uri kuri dii and you are working for who? I have observed you are broadcasting this on every paper and on wrong platforms. I hope you are not a Vampire.

    2. Vimpire unoridii ropa

  3. i think munangagwa gave a fair and reasonable response.uyo weblood do not emotionaly blackmail us we are already blessed with or without donating blood

    1. Zwide Ka Langa

      Good point on both the Munangagwa response the imbecilic point about blood donation.

  4. If i were this guy i would have vanished right now but since he’s narrow minded he’s already seeking to go back by intimidating people anyway lock him back he’s missing his cell since he ain’t comfortable amongst society

  5. munangwa gave a good response but this blood begger should be serious and give us a chance
    Chivimpire a guess

  6. stock theft is overplayed, honestly it can not be equated with crimes like rape, armed robbery or murder. after most these beasts cost lnot more than 400 USD

    1. Zwide Ka Langa

      I see your point Dibango but you are missing the whole impact of stock theft on the economy. If the sentence is not steep then people will take it lightly with disasterous consequences on the animal farming industry.

      Let me give you an example:
      1. I invest in cattle because I have calculated the following:
      i. Animal deaths
      ii. Animal births
      iii. Land investment
      iv. Animal stock feed
      v. Animal medication

      All the above can be estimated within reasonable accuracy so as to ascertain my business risk. But once you add stock theft into the equation (which, if let to run riot, would be un-insurable against), then it is not a business worth pursuing. (This is effectively what happened during the so-called land reform programme resulting in the decimation of national herd).

      We would then need to import the meat staples like beef, mutton etc. With the level of meat product consumption as high as it is, either the prices would sky rocket, or buying from neighbours would be the norm.

      Either way, the economy of the country would be decimated.

  7. the offence of stock theft is overplayed, honestly it can not be equated with crimes like rape, armed robbery or murder. after all most these beasts cost not more than 400 USD

  8. Why do we donate our blood to a vampire. Tell us your org and why you need human blood.

  9. Ndoopamunonetsa mabiya yedu, did our father’s not tell you that “Gonzo mhini gara mumhango chemudzimu chikuwaniremo.”? I’m sorry you had to learn the hard way, to the rest of us listening, take heed! Nda tenda

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