Mliswa hits back at Rautenbach

FIREBRAND Hurungwe West MP Temba Mliswa has threatened to name and shame senior government officials who were allegedly bribed by businessman Billy Rautenbach to scandalise him in a deal in which he is accused of attempting to extort $165 million from the businessman.


Addressing a Press conference in Harare yesterday, Mliswa said all his business transactions with Rautenbach were done above board.

Mliswa has been at the centre of controversy after Rautenbach claimed that the Zanu PF Mashonaland West provincial chairperson was an extortionist who demanded about $165 million from him.

But Mliswa yesterday came out guns blazing and accused the businessman of insincerity and using money to victimise him after reneging on earlier “business” agreements.
Mliswa said the money was shareholding and consultancy fees for linking Rautenbach up with influential government officials to facilitate his acquisition of Hwange, Unki and Chisumbanje deals.

“Time will come when I am going to name who received what from Billy. He [Rautenbach] believed that I could do all that for free. I don’t come that cheap. I am a businessman who believes in a handshake,” Mliswa said.

He described Rautenbach as a “crook” who was no longer wanted in South Africa, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Botswana due to his unscrupulous dealings with the governments.

“Rautenbach fled from South Africa after serious economic offences regarding import tariffs. He established a mafia operation, abused Zimbabwe soldiers in the DRC, and was deported from the DRC in 2000. He is not welcome in SA, the DRC and Botswana. He is now using Zimbabwe and thinks he is untouchable,” Mliswa fumed.

He said as an MP he was determined to ensure that everyone accounted for the country’s resources and would push to ensure that Rautenbach’s shady deals were probed.

Mliswa claimed that Rautenbach’s deals had prejudiced the country of billions of dollars.

He said the businessman was not an investor but exploiting Zimbabwe’s resources.
Mliswa questioned why Rautenbach, a white man, had become the single largest land owner in the country.

“Billy was given 30 % of Unki, he never mined, but speculated it and made money to establish the Green Fuel project. He should explain what happened to the Unki concession, given to him for free by the Government of Zimbabwe. He should also explain how much he brought to the country.”

He accused The Herald of fronting Zanu PF faction fights. It is widely believed that Vice President Joice Mujuru and Justice minister Emmerson Mnangagwa are fighting to replace President Robert Mugabe.

He castigated a parastatal boss (name given), who had allegedly been fighting in Rautenbach’s corner as an opportunist, an Uncle Tom who dumped Zanu PF work in order to front for whites.

“Even his house in Mutare was bought by Rautencbach. He did the same when he fronted for whites in the Save Conservancy,” Mliswa said.

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  1. Newsday makasara! I used to think you were independent media and you knew top secrets but alas..the Herald controls the media! You want to hide public secrets?? Why??? Right now I can safely say all the other papers are good at ranting human rights slogans and if that’s not there you have nothing to write. Prove to us that you are independent and private. Without human rights abuses all you other papers have nothing to write!!! You dont have enough business news, sports news, entertainment news and investigative news!!! Please spare us and admit failure-like scavengers you survive on dead meat, hovering around for another carcass!!! Give us newsworthy news please!!!! Without fear nor favour my foot!! The Herald has just given a detailed account of Mliswa’s side kwete zvenyu zvana “name withheld” what for if you are independent????

    1. @chokwadi
      Kasi watumwa??

      1. @Kitsi , what Chokwadi is saying is very true go and read Herald you will see for yourself what we call full detail not zvatirikuitirwa ne newsday izvi zvana (name withheld) iro herald rakanyora kuti basel nyabadza. the should tell us the truth kwete kuviga nyaya like they are doing.

        1. The media centre took a video recording of the interview. Mliswa mentioned the parastatal boss by name. Newsday have decided to withhold this person’s name for fear of being sued. They are within their rights.

        2. I dont know about journalism but I know about ethics. This is one such case when the mentioned person can sue both Newsday and Mliswa for defamation so they withheld the name, however, the herald is a different case all together coz its state media! Also please dont try to rubbish Newsday coz some of us never rubbish herald bcoz we dont read it anymore. Just do the ryt thing and stop reading newsday.

        3. Guys dont forget that The Herald is a gpvernment arm and can get away with naming people without being sued. NewsDay cant name people without substantiating allegations for the obviousnfear of being perecuted or being shut down. Besides, The Herald is part and parcel of the factional fightd in Zanu Pf so if you see them naming someone like this, they have an agenda

  2. As the good Lord’s bible in Luke 8:17 says ” For all that is secret will eventually be brought into the open, and everything that is concealed will be brought to light and made known to all”.

    And we the Shona also have a saying, ” Rine manyanga hari putirwe”. (literal translation: that with horns cannot be wrapped or hidden).

    Truth is key to prosperity.

  3. We have heard about this Rautenbach guy for years now,each time in connection with shady financial dealing in several countries,including Zimbabwe. He has been the bedfellow of ZANU PF for many years and has sponsored the party with his millions,hence he enjoys the protection of this corrupt party and is untouchable. Rautenbach has always been a welcome guest of ZANU PF,neve mind his rotten background; they are birds of a feather. “Takatora ivhu redu kubva kuvarungu” is a refrain for the masses at party rallies.

    From now on Mliswa had better look over his back everytime time he moves,on foot or by car. He is now a MARKED PERSON if he carries out his threat to expose high ranking ZANU PF officials. ZANU NDEYEROPA.

  4. seems interesting. this mp should not wait too long to name the shame. did his party not know about this?

  5. Portiphar Mudumbwi

    Cde Temba Mliswa is not entirely clean in this whole saga. Why did he demand $165 million from Rautenbach.What special skills does he have to warrant such an exorbitant consultancy fee? When he was in good books with Rautenbach he never raised all these issues he is now talking about. It’s a case of sour grapes. If he is not careful, Mliswa will fall by the wayside. ZANU PF sharks do not tolerate being embarrassed by young upstarts like Temba. Mark my words!

  6. The empire has fallen

    After the death of papa, the kids will kill each other and the family wil be no more.

  7. Themba, be careful on whose toes you step on. So many have done this but i think u are shooting your self in the foot.

    After all is said an done, nothing will happen. So it makes no sense to have a press conference or even publish this.

    I urge you to keep your mouths shut.

    1. I have never admired Themba at all.He is more of an armed robber who have the chance to use his relations to top Zanu PF figures.Now itsotsi zvaro ratibatsira kubudisa the true colour of our Government, ndizvo zvairi.This is the incredience of a REVOLUTION, it creates confusion and an ungovernable situation like this.

  8. Mliswa you racist pig!Call the race card is all you can do.You act as if you are clean, I bet your dirty laundry will be out in the open soon.Small fish

  9. Potiphar Mudumbwi

    Cde Temba Mliswa is not entirely clean in this whole saga. What special skills does he have to warrant a consultancy fee of $165 MILLION? It seems Temba is a lightweight trying to make his mark in the heavyweight division. It’s dangerous. Some ZANU PF shark will soon swallow him and we will never hear about him again.

  10. hapana zvamunondiita

    Mliswa Mliswa u shud knw tht this is extortion, n it cn neva b ‘above board’ if it were y ddnt u raise é red flag these transactions were taking place wit é alleged senior gvt officials. All along u bn quiet wen Rautenbach ws acquiring vast land n u query tht nw coz u hv bn fingered? Is ths 2 make him stop 4rm mo implications on u?

  11. Is’nt this Billy a Rotten Boy? Thouroughly corrupt.

  12. I personally dont like this Mliswa guy but I think this Rautenbach is as corrupt as they come,he operates like a mafia boss in Africa well connected to top influential people in key decision making positions.Have you ever wondered why the entire nation is being held at ransom by one white man,the entire nation is being forced to use ethanol blended fuel for the benefit of a family run business what a scandal and you have Zanu pf talking about indigenisation what a hoax.

  13. this is pathetic reporting from newsday

    all is in the herald, why withhold a name? it tells us you are in the faction of that same guy or you are on his payroll

    for sure nyaya yakataurwa pa press conferance then you withheld the name as if its fromm your pvt source

    editor tipe maserious, i thought I will get a better analysis of this story from you but alas i will follow the herald from now on ndi BASIL NYABADZA zvirimo muherald and there is continuation tomorrow in the herald

    what an independent newspaper NXA

  14. Mbiri yechitsiga muzhira yakazopedzwa nomoto. Zvimwe zvinoda kunyarara. But then Mliswa knows everything more than all of us!

  15. Temba,Temba,Temba, we can see that you don’t come cheap at 165 million US a hand shake, just a little greedy don’t you think. Just a small question ? was this consultancy hand shake going to be above board ie invoiced and taxes paid or was there a serious case of over lubrication leading to too much slip and less grip. Remember you are playing with the BIG boys in town. Rautenbach being one of them.
    By the way was it not you who was going to route out corruption.

  16. Its embrassing & disgusting when a bold man speaks real things that are pulling a whole nation under en a “pastor” is trying to silence him munonamata Mwari upiko pastor vana Jeremiah nana Elijah vakataura chokwadi at whatever cost ! FEAR IS DEVILISH UORI

  17. Billy is one such guy who stop at nothing to get what he wants , even if it means its illegal.

  18. Reverse Mandatory blending

    Two of my cars are already ruined because of this E85 petrol thing being forced on us. Who is going to compensate me?

  19. Mliswa say he is a businessman who believes in handshakes. Is this a new economic or accounting term? Can someone out there please upskill me? I am an old timer, things could have changed with the introduction of the ZUS$.

  20. I think this Mliswa character has an oversized ego and his wanton mouth will land him into a lot of trouble. It has in the past and he has been fortunate to get away with it. He might think he is attacking Billy but Billy has a lot of these big guys in his pocket and I hope Mliswa knows what he is doing because if he just up to schoolboy antics he might end up in a lot of trouble for these reckless statements

  21. Don’t frighten the honourable MP “pastor”; pastors are called to preach faith not “fear” .Even the 1st apostles were afraid of being killed as you are taidai tisina the acts of the apostles for they were threatened with death , Paul said we are considered as sheep to the slaughter.As a pastor tell e flock to stand for what ey believe in at whatever cost

  22. our generation will not do anything with these zanu thieves. that 165m could rensurface masvingo harare road. and newsday ne herald will support zanu pf ruling, fofakiseni mhani.

  23. what seem to amaze me is all this while Mliswa ws dealing with this guy criminally-because he was aware Rautenbach is criminal bt it ws fine with him becoz aipihwa mari,nw that he feels he has been short changed he is going public.Also Mliswa should be arrested i corruption ka iyoyo yekuti u only get deals kana pane munhu it proves in zim hapana icho unoita wen u have no links in the goverment.

    ndatenda hangu

  24. The accident is now imminent. Anyhow could this have caused his uncles sudden illness?

  25. This is getting nasty!!!!!!!

  26. I love th vision nd hindsight
    chronicled by ths mutsvangwa fox,
    as much as i wl love u guyz if u start
    donating blood, be a blood donor nd
    experience th enormus love th
    country hv fo u, be th special-one by
    donating blood today!!!

  27. mliswa aida kupihwa 165 million kuti anga ageza shumba mazino here

  28. Well done Themba. Play the village idiot and expose all the shenanigans of this rotten lot. The good thing about the village idiots is that they have the guts to spill the beans on all village secrets without fear or favour.

    The question is, if little Themba would demand US$165million for facilitating a deal, how much are the big chefs demanding????

    Hew!!!! And they are ruling???? Lord have mercy on this lovely country. We don’t deserve this!!!!

  29. Themba Mliswa must be arrested he is a crook.

  30. billy must be deported n account for the countries resources well done temba

  31. Temba u ar too young to play around with these sharks. Zvasiyana nemombe dzawaibira varungu veKaroi. This Billy sha mdara zvekuti haun two weeks anenge apedza newe. Haafambi muroad sewe pamba pake anogadhwa nemakarwe remember anotamba nemashark enyika/ rega tigare tatoti RIP youngman. WABAYA WRONG BUTTON.

  32. Does Mliswa run a Consultancy firm, if not then he is just as corrupt as those he is implicating. We encourage you to continue exposing fellow dirty and greedy partners.

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