Man infects wife with HIV, dumps her

A WOMAN on Tuesday told the Chitungwiza Civil Court that her husband deserted her for a girlfriend after he had infected her with HIV.


Florence Mazani of St Mary’s bared all when she approached the civil court seeking a protection order against her husband, Darlington Tembewa, whom she said was in the habit of assaulting her whenever he came home.

She told magistrate Marehwanazvo Gofa that Tembewa — her husband of seven years — had promised to take care of her after he had infected her with HIV.

Tembewa, however, left her to live with a “well-known prostitute”.
“After infecting me, he promised to look after me as I became sick, but he then left home to stay with his girlfriend who is prostitute,” said Mazani.

“Whenever he comes home he assaults me, throws my clothes outside and takes my property to give his girlfriend.”

Tembewa, however, denied the allegations.

“Do I manufacture diseases? I don’t have a company that manufactures Aids. She is taking advantage of being sick, that’s why she accusing me of all those lies,” said Tembewa.

“She talks too much and I had to seek refuge at my girlfriend’s house.”
Gofa granted her the protection order. Tembewa was ordered not to physically or emotionally abuse Mazani.


  1. Zvibatei varume. Izvi hazviite izvi

  2. @gwede, are u married ? most of these wifes talk too much,they are always procted by the law and they take advantage ‘itinyo ndiende kumapurisa uedzerwe wofufutirwa handinzarwoini,uriimbwayemunhu’they say.Dont just take their side without asking their neighbours first,they’ll tell you that ‘this man is in prisoned by his wife’ aripatyghty

  3. Hauna chawataura Gweje,chii chaunoziva pamuso pemhuri dzinorarama neutachiwana we HIV Aids?

  4. @gweje,vakadzi havagwigwi ava saizvozvo,vamwevavo vanoshungurudza varume vachitemba kunoripota.Saka vamwevarume vanoona zvavo zvirinani kusiyamusha wacho vonofurwazvavo nemhepo varikumwe.Vaonavasiiwa havo vomanyira kunoripota vachizvinatsa,gweje oti zvibatei varume.investgate does she prove kuti murume ndiye akamubatisa nechirwere,kokanaakachiwana nemamwemawanire,hiv inotapurirwana zvakasiyanasiyana,even nemareza,zvigero..etc etc

  5. Only in zim where a man intentionally infects a woman with aids and the authorities dont even bate an eye lid

    1. Collin, sure how do you prove beyond reasonable doubt that some one has infected the other especially in a case where the two involved were not aware of their status before the accusation. And don’t fool yourself that it is only some men who are promiscuous, these days you might be shocked that some married women are even more promiscuous than their men. This must not shock you, its the reality, its only that you might not know or you refuse to accept reality.

  6. Any proof that she was negative?

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