Harare to demolish all illegal structures

HARARE CITY Council yesterday said it was moving in to demolish all illegal structures, including houses in Mufakose built on top of water pipes and other structures mushrooming around the city erected without municipal approval.


The move was in line with government’s order to demolish illegal structures around the country in a development residents view as reminiscent of the 2005 Operation Murambatsvina.

Charles Nyatsuro, chairperson of the Housing and Community Development committee, told NewsDay yesterday that there were steps to ensure all illegal structures around the city would be removed while those that could be regularised would be legalised.

“There are two areas to look at when we deal with illegal structures: there are those that can be regularised and those that can’t be,” he said.

“We are yet to get a list of which structures will be demolished, but there are houses like in Mufakose built on water pipes, those are dangerous and you can’t regularise that. It’s only a matter of implementing resolutions that are there and illegal structures should be dealt with.”

Nyatsuro said there was mushrooming of illegal structures in areas like Mbare including markets and small shops and there was every
reason to remove them.

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Illegal extensions were being built on houses without council approval and the local authority insisted that this be dealt with.

“It’s illegal, they must be removed. In Mbare there is resistance from people, something political, but council is saying what is illegal is illegal and should be removed,” Nyatsuro said.

Ward 11 councillor Anthony Shingadeya said an audit must first take place to establish what was legal and what was not and those that could not be formalised should be demolished.

Government recently gave a three-week ultimatum for residents, starting with Chitungwiza, to demolish their own illegal structures or risk involvement of police to assist in razing them down.

Councillors recently spoke of the need for a solution over the houses in Mufakose. While councillor for the area and deputy mayor Thomas Muzuva said there was indeed a problem, he said there was a need for a solution that would not prejudicially affect the people.

City fathers are likely heading on a collision course with residents’ associations and civil society organisations if they go ahead with the demolitions without providing alternative accommodation to those affected.

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  1. wagarikaka Charles

  2. ko aya mazivanhu ezanu aitengesera vanhu mastands asiripamutemo haasungwinei ?vaChombo zvaida muuye momene kunokuChitungwiza muzoputsa dzimbadzacho dzisiripamutemo nekuti ndimimunodziziva,zhinjidzacho vanhuvenyu,vamunoziva,vakatitengesera pekuvaka zvamunoziva.Huyai muputse takatarisa,isu hatisikuzoputsa,COME and DEMOLISH,come come come

  3. aerial production

    iwe charles nyatsuro unogara kumalow density une mari yawaiba coz u got the chance. Why uchida kuona yo fellow zimbabwean vachitambura more. Where du u want those pple to go. This can neva be a priority in Zim, if MDC was in power i dont think it was going to this inhuman act. Mbare pple resist these thugs from demoliting yo dear homes. Built the new houses first before you destroy these ones

  4. Mastands arikutaurawa aitengeswa nevanhu ve ZANU nhasi maita mari makuda kupunza kuti next election muwane zvekuvhara vanhu nazvo people of zimbabwe rise up havakudei vanhu ava

  5. ndiko kwava kuparara kwezanu pf.let thm go ahead n do it n see wht will follow next

  6. I bought a stand from one Mudavanhu in 2010 through his company ‘Develop it Africa” in Tynwald North(LOT 4). My understanding is that the land belonged to the state and his obligation was to service and sell the land. He did not pay a single cent for it. However since then nothing has been done in terms of development. There is still no water or sewer system, no roads, no electricity. We have been to his office countless times but we keep getting excuse after excuse. He even has the audacity to flaunt his ZANU PF links in order to cow us down. We have also approached the Ministries of Local Government and Housing and amenities but we are always shuttled from one office to the other without being given satisfactory responses or explanations. All that we are told is that he is related to Chombo, as if that should be enough to shut us up. We actually suspect that our money was used to build his Maranatha Secondary School since it was built soon after we had purchased stands from this Mudavanhu guy. We are appealing to government to look into this issue as a matter of urgency because I believe there are many people like me who have been fleeced of their hard earned money by these corrupt vultures. Even the award of the tender for him to develop this land needs to be investigated considering this Mudavanhu guy is said to be related to Ignatius Chombo who is the Minister of Local government under which the project fell at the time it was first executed before it was transferred to Housing and amenities.

    1. enda kumaporisa unovura case. kana tavekutonga tichavasunga. just wait an see


    ku mufakose uyai muone!!!!!!!!

  8. Idiots, those who bought from ZANU PF agents are obviously ZANU PF supporters, so when you are destroying the illegal structures you are punishing ZANU PF supporters, so i am surprised
    by opposition activists who are blaming the ZANU PF government and supporters for correcting
    what they corruptly or illegally did. Otherwise you are a bunch of squatters masquerading as decent citizens, Those illegal structures must be destroyed without notice, since they also mushroomed without notice. Its HAVEN FOR CRIMINALS AND TOTEM-LESS PEOPLE. PWANYAI. Pamberi nemurambatsvina.

  9. muchinyanya kuda zvemoko muhomwe. Of all the people vane dzimba dziri “illegal” how many can demonstrate kuti they got those stands zviri legit? Chickens coming home to ……………….

  10. Zvekupenga izvi

  11. Ko madii kutanga ma collector ma bin first and all the rubbish around our beloved city. And also go and remove the bricks and sand that is for sale at the corner of 1st Street and Kwame Nkurumah.

  12. ah 1st street na kwame zvinosangana nhai?

  13. This Old man should go and rest. Zimbabwe at the moment is in a major crisis, its like we are at war. He should let those with strength and Zimbabwe at heart carry on and rebuild this nation.

  14. @ Toddy ,Union haasi iye avakunzi Nkwame here? Kana ari iye 1st street na nkwame dzinosangana!!!!!!

  15. better kubvisa zvima tuckshop zvakavakwa mu bus terminus esp pana 4th pane kupazira vanhubvenyupekugara….

  16. Why is it all demolitians are done in June Murambatsvina also happened in June

  17. While we may feel sorry for those that are having their houses demolished, we should also look at the bigger picture- and that is the threat of disease outbreaks which will affect a much larger chunk of the population. Houses built on top of sewer and water pipes have to be demolished no matter how emotional we may get.

    1. Well done, you must be a Doctor for real, all these other squatters, they want kuti nhamo yavo ibate vamwe instead yekuti vaipedze, they are clue les ndivi vanoiitira kana pasi mumatoilets vosiya vanyora mumadziro netsvina yavo. Ndiro gen’a rakawanda ririmututangwena itwotu. they deserve to be in a game reserve.

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