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9 years in prison for ivory poacher


A 27-YEAR-OLD Victoria Falls poacher will rue the day he was found in possession of raw ivory after being slapped with a nine-year mandatory jail term.


The poacher, Leronne Tshuma of Masikili Resettlement in Matetsi, yesterday pleaded guilty to possessing raw ivory weighing five kilograms, valued at $1 250, when he appeared before Hwange provincial magistrate Rosemary Dube.

The magistrate however, failed to find extenuating circumstances that led to Tshuma’s unlawful possession of the regulated ivory, prompting a mandatory sentence to be imposed.

State representative Napatirayi Ngwasha presented that last Saturday, Tshuma was arrested by Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority (ZimParks)rangers in Matetsi Resettlement Area while in possession of the ivory.

The court heard, after being asked to explain where he had obtained the raw ivory, Tshuma failed to give a satisfactory answer prompting the officers to surrender him to police.

After the sentence, ZimParks spokesperson Caroline Washaya-Moyo commended the courts for sending a clear message to would-be poachers.

“We hail the sentence and it will send a clear message to other poachers and members of the public that National Parks are a no-go area. If one is caught, he will meet the full wrath of the law,” Washaya Moyo said.

Meanwhile, two men died this week after being attacked by wild animals in separate incidents in Victoria Falls and Binga.

The unidentified man aged 32 from Lupinyu village under Chief Mvutu in Victoria Falls was killed by elephants on Saturday near Masuwe Bridge while a 70-year-old man from Kavula village in Binga was killed after being gored by a buffalo the following day.

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  1. but you people I don’t understand them you put us behind bars if kill animals but if animals kills us you celebrate by writing in a piece of your papers because your mind has been colonized not to kill animals so that a white man will come and observe it in your back yard

    poaching is bad but find some other means of protecting your so called animals you put my brother behind bars for killing a useless animal and the same useless animal killed my father last year you did not act because of an white man ideology aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh

    • Useless racist! You are so stupid you cant see the bigger picture, so you call the race card! It just underlines your narrow mind! The country is in this position because of people with your thinking are in power!Wake up fool!

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