Zimbabwean grader driver on the run after killing 4 in SA

DURBAN — South African police needed to act swiftly and arrest the Zimbabwean driver of the grader that killed four young cousins last week, mourners at the children’s funeral in Ndwedwe heard on Sunday.

A representative of Aqua Transport and Plant Hire, the employers of the unidentified man, said he was in the country legally and had a work permit. The company has been in the area since the beginning of the month doing roadwork.

Project co-ordinator and neighbour Nomusa Gumede said: “When I asked about him, I was told he is from Zimbabwe . . . Nobody knows where he is now, but the company has gone to great lengths to help with the investigations. Border posts are on alert for him; his accounts have been frozen. We hope he is arrested soon.”

Hlengiwe Magwaza (11), Busisani Magwaza (2), Langelihle Magwaza and Zanele Magwaza, both aged four, were walking home from a crèche when they were run over.

According to Gumede, Aqua representatives had tried to visit the family and offered to assist with funeral arrangements, but were told to come back after the burial.

Zamokwakhe Hadebe, the children’s uncle, said the family accepted the tragic deaths were God’s will, but they wanted the driver arrested.

Ndwedwe mayor Maxwell Hadebe said it was important to remember “mistakes happen” during development projects and people should not point fingers. He berated the community for not reporting the driver’s alleged drinking while driving the grader.

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“(The) police need to find him so he can face the full might of the law,” he said.

Provincial transport portfolio committee chairman Mxolisi Kaunda said drivers were governed by road rules, which included not drinking

“Every person behind the wheel has a responsibility to obey the rules, or pay the price. We have to say this because we can’t stand here and crucify God for taking these kids,” he said. “But we can’t let the perpetrator off the hook. This is the doing of a person who failed to comply. He knew that, as a driver, you don’t get behind the wheel after having a drink.

“The law needs to take its course — police need to ensure this man is arrested soon.”
—The Mercury

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  1. Is not Grader driver but called Grader operator thanks

  2. Grader operator not driver thanks

  3. SA media reports say he is from Moza!

  4. Not a Zimbabwean please correct

  5. Everything bad in S.A seems to be blamed on Zimbabweans,tired of reports like:Zimbabwean men arrested for murder,Zimbabweans rob a bank,armed robbery,

  6. So he is a nameless grader operator? If so, how then why he identified as Zimbabwean?

  7. zimbos in trouble everywhere

  8. According to ENCA the operator is from Moza.please give us a break!

  9. newsdae manyepa check check ipapapo

  10. I see no evil about SA newspapers reporting about who did this and that without fear that some people will complain why always Zimbabweans or Mozambiqueans what’s so ever. Its about our journalist they write what has the interest with us Zimbabweans its no use telling us about what a Moza guy has done in SA. But there are some other issues which has the world wide interests like the where about flight MH 370. Please let’s be mature.

  11. if they dnt knw his name how did they freez his account and by the border they are lukin 4 sme1 they dnt knw

  12. doesnt this guy have a name?????????

  13. ths country has got too many refugees worse abempumalanga balamawala kakhulu baze baphambanise they shd sit down in their halale

    1. in their halale kuita sei?????munopondana everyday wani???

  14. grader driver…zimbabwean??????y ar south africans hostile to zimbabweans……i c them worse off than us…vanourayana mustreet wani?????

  15. Mr editor please check your facts before you print articles that will come back to haunt fellow citizens staying in SA thi grader operator is not a zimbabwean, he is form Mozambique, so please correct your facts.

  16. its a mozambiquen guy so say the SA reports in the media.

  17. Panoti Moza hapanakufanana nepakati Zimba vakuru vangu

  18. If the posts above are correct that this guy is from Mozambique then the editor at Newsday owe his readers an apology. Newsday does not need this!

  19. ENCA said the operator was Mozambican not Zimbo

  20. These are the very same people who are making our life very difficult here in SA. The issue of permits is now causing untold suffering.SA authorities will look at all these things.Mombe yemurombo haiende kumafuro ikaenda inonodyiwa nebere. Where do we go from here. Does anyone know what’s going to happen with these DZP permits.

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