Zifa presidential poll shocker

NOMINATIONS for the Zifa presidential elections closed yesterday with the association’s former president Trevor Carelse-Juul making a surprise appearance on the list submitted yesterday.


A source yesterday revealed that Carelse -Juul submitted his nomination papers before the deadline to set up a three-man showdown with incumbent Cuthbert Dube and Harare City Football Club chairman Leslie Gwindi.

Although the candidates for the March 29 election will only be made public after the vetting process on March 22, sources told NewsDay Sport that the three were the only ones who had put their names forward for the country’s top soccer job.

While Dube and Gwindi’s participation in the March 29 polls was generally in the public domain, it is the entry of Carelse-Juul which came as a surprise.

The former Bulawayo Wanderers and Dynamos coach was Zifa chairman in the early 1990s and was replaced by Leo Mugabe. Football broadcaster Charles Mabika and former player Charlie Jones had also been tipped to enter the race, but sources said they did not submit their nomination papers.

Gwindi will, however, have to battle his five-year ban first before he can contest the election. His nomination papers could likely come under scrutiny during the vetting meeting.

Zifa’s disciplinary committee slapped the outspoken administrator with a ban following his public utterances in which he allegedly denigrated the association, the Premier Soccer League and their sponsors Delta Beverages.

Gwindi has since made a High Court application challenging the ban.

Xolisani Gwesela, the Zifa spokesperson, said the association would only announce the names of the candidates contesting the election after vetting of the nominees.
“Although the nomination closes on March 14, the rules of the election state that we can only announce the names of the candidates after they have been cleared by the vetting meeting,” said Gwesela.

“The vetting meeting for the Zifa board meeting is going to be held on March 22 and after the candidates have been cleared that’s when we will be able to make their names public.”

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  1. this nation is full of fools, gwindi is a thief so is cuthbet dube. its already a froud election. mabika is not an administrator and he new that very well. put tsvangirai there

  2. Dube & Gwindi are well known thieves. I don’t know the third one ie Trevor Joul, bt when given the opportunity 2 vote, l’ll vote 4 Trevor pane kuvhotera mbavha dzandinoziva.

  3. l would want to c and vote for Gumbura

  4. Not wanting to be a prophet of doom, what if Mr Gwindi’s ban becomes a stumbling block for the acceptance of his nomination papers. And another ‘problem’ also influences Mr Carelse-Juul’s own papers. That means, Dube is elected unopposed. So much for hoping that the plight of our football can change

  5. No solution in sight for Zim Football…..we will never lift the world cup.Where is Peter Ndlovu and Moses Chunga?Kubva daidzai Mapeza zviite nani.Ana Dube imbavha idzo.Chida Gwindi!KaMburu zvako.Maybe that Trevor Juul.But where is Rafiq Khan.Pliz come back to lead our football

    1. Why do people call Cuthbert names?. Cuthbert signed a contract stipulating his salary is not?. His employers saw nothing wrong with his salary n that is why Tomana said there is no case to prosecute.

      I think we shld all be careful bcos we might end up with huge (defamation of character) bills. The employer is the one who should b castigated for paying abnormal salaries n not the employee.

  6. mbavha mbiri zim soccer pakati.guys im actualy cryng right now.people like me live for soccer and i know there are thousands of other zimbabweans holding their breaths as far as this election is concerned.we need new blood.i wld vote for that trevour guy here.asi akambobvirei in the first place? did he achieve anything during his term?……..but ndiye ari better apa.

    1. Ko handiti akatsiviwa naLeo MUGABE here? Zita rokuti Mugabe ndiro rakapa kuti Juul asiye chigaro

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  8. The Post is meant for those with money and not good for the sports administration. With a registration fee of $5,000.00 ???????? Who set that in the first place ? I won’t be surprised to see it was Cashbert Dube in a move meant to bar potential administrators to contest. That’s more of buying the post than having good credentials for the post. No wonder why soccer is always doomed.

  9. Mr Trevor Juul for ZIFA president . he is a good administrator and sports person. Mr Gwindi can’t do becoz he has failed to manage water at city council and as of Mr Dube everyone knows what he is known of. if not stopped to contest I will go to the high court to bar him from contesting. munhu rudzii asingaende kunoona team ichitamba.


  11. Ngatingoise Leo Mugabe. Afcon inobva yauya muzimbabwe panext edition. Can you imagine that Leo right now has a post in CAF. Ndidzo mbavha dzirinani pane dzimwe dzatiri kuwona apa. Or maybe Heneriata cause the players will always have a better pocket.

  12. Trevor was the Zifa Chairman during the time of Fabisch. He has a chequered record as well. He has been implicated in fraudulent cases

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