Tsvangirai ready for congress

MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai yesterday pleaded with former party officials who broke away from the original MDC to join forces and hinted that his party may hold an early elective congress to choose new leadership ahead of the 2018 general elections.


Addressing about 1 000 party supporters in Budiriro suburb, Harare, Tsvangirai also blasted some diplomats and donors for allegedly fuelling divisions in the party.

The MDC-T was initially scheduled to hold its elective congress in 2016, but of late there have been increasing calls from among its membership to have the congress earlier.

“Unity is important in the MDC and I will not throw anyone out of the tent,” Tsvangirai said, dispelling talk that he was planning to kick out MDC-T deputy treasurer-general Elton Mangoma and other party leaders who have openly challenged him to relinguish his post and allow for fresh elections.

“If I had my way, we need more people in our tent. (Job) Sikhala (MDC-T 99) must come back, (Welshman) Ncube (MDC-N) must come back and (Lovemore) Madhuku (National Constitutional Assembly) must forget about forming his small party and let’s have a bigger tent. Come so that we fight Zanu PF as one united party,” Tsvangirai pleaded.

Ncube and Sikhala broke ranks with Tsvangirai in the infamous 2005 MDC split and went on to form their own parties.

“God doesn’t destroy, God builds. If you do something wrong to your father and you are outside in the dark, he will call you inside the house. Don’t remain outside, come back to the others because you are a family member. If you stay outside, you will die of hunger and be a destitute,” he said.

Contacted for comment yesterday, Sikhala said he was open for negotiations if the MDC-T leader followed the proper channels.

“Tsvangirai knows my phone number. If he is serious, he should not grandstand at rallies, he should call me so that we can try to find common ground,” Sikhala said.

Madhuku said he would not comment on the issue because he had not been appraised by Tsvangirai himself. “I am coming from Masvingo right now. I am hearing it for the first time from you. I cannot comment on issues coming from journalists,” Madhuku said.

However, both Ncube and his MDC-N secretary-general Priscilla Misihairabwi-Mushonga were not reachable for comment.

Turning to alleged interference by diplomats, the MDC-T leader said: “Money is dangerous. It’s time for Zimbabweans to underwrite your own struggle and not rely on donors. If you are proud people, underwrite your own struggle. Contribute 50 cents or a dollar like you do in church. We have our friends out there.

We are surprised by people who say we want that one to lead the party. Is that the work of diplomats?

“We want to tell the diplomats that we are united as a party. What you can do is to help the people of Zimbabwe to have democratic change.”

“Another perception is that I want to die in office. Have mercy on me, if I want to die in office at my age, what about (90-year-old President Robert) Mugabe? We are a system of the constitution, if I serve, I know when I will give way to someone. What I don’t want is that before I give you power, you want to wrest it from me,” he said, describing such moves as dangerous.

“In the army, such action is considered a coup, in the corporate world it’s hostile takeover and in politics, the people must give you the positions. I don’t want to die in power, I want to rest at one point with my wife, going for holiday.

“We might move the congress to an earlier date to finish this, but it’s not an extraordinary congress. You first finish on the grassroots and then the national leadership later,” he said.

Tsvangirai has been at the helm of the MDC-T since its formation in 1999.


  1. If Tsvangirayi means what he says lets see this congress before year end and he should promise not to stand but to give somebody else a hand at the wheel. Appealing to former members is a master stroke. He can still run the party on the sidelines because he needs the MDC as much as it needs him..go to congress and get leadership renewal good sir..too much is at stake. One thing he can maybe teach his colleagues at ZANU is you can still be effective even in opposition and not necessarily at the helm of same. Let a fresh pair of hands run the show..Who knows he can relinquish the presidency of the party and still be the MDC candidate in 2018..but he has to be seen to be democratic not this democratic ‘loose change’ he had turned the party into it being the whole enchilada!

    1. Falcon, you are obviously a misguided element of the society bent on misleading them into believing your tosh, phew!!!!!

      1. @Kufa- ndashaishenyi muzaya?

  2. Last line should read…’ the partty into not the whole enchilada’

  3. i see the truth in what morgan is saying here. its not about being the president of zimbabwe, but getting zanu out. lets rethink we cant do it when we are divided so and always accussing each other about who is doing what. already you can tell that sakhala’s response is out of step here. he is showing his proud fighting attitude in what morgan said.

  4. muchinja chaiye

    Save tonokudai kusvikira matonga. avo vanepamuromo sanaMangoma and his team ngavaendeku Zanu pliz. Congress chopaz sezvamareva VaTsvangirai toda kuvarasira kure zvachose. Mangoma, Mudzuri, Benert, Mkwananzi and others will be very luck to retain their post. Biti akada kuramba achiita zvaari kuita tomurasura kure. Zvokuti anogona basa izvo ndezvake. Vanamashakada maripo vanogona basa rake zvekare. Hatidi kuita kunge Zanu varume isina kurongeka. They beat each other during the time they were choosing their provincial chairperson, did you her Mugabe saying we to table the issue on the next SADC meeting. Now all the focus has been shifted to what happened to Mangoma. Who is Mangoma to be nation? Mari dzirikubaiwa kumaparastetals tasiya. Now Geshom Pasi is getting more than $300 000. Zimbabwe lets open our eyes. vana Mangoma varikumwa nekuda kuparada musha vatakavaka tashungurudzwa nezanu. Go to hale Mangoma ende urikurova pasi pacongress mark my words coz tisu amhu acho. Ko RBZ Governor aitora mari all this should be looked into. Let us not loose focus nenyaya yamangoma VaTsvangirai vakarohwa sei nemapurisa, Chamisa akatemwa nesimbi zvatakawona tese. chikataurwa naMugabe. SAVE i will continue to support you as long you keep standing for the people of Zim.

  5. zviroto zviroto vatsvangirai!your reunification efforts smack of a parochial and narrow minded attitude.it was you with your kitchen cabinet,dictatorial tendencies and lack of tolerence for genuine divergent views which caused these men to jump ship,chachinja chii zvawavekuti vadzoke?

    1. Rato ziDictator kukunda zvaanga ari during the days of the Ncubes and the Sikhalas

    2. That’s your own funeral. whether genuine or not, we will not be perturbed by your myopic comments

  6. samuel Gweshe

    I recall Mr tsvangirai saying we can not live without donors,as he opposed President Mugabe when he denounced donors and called on Zimbabweans to unity against foreign influence.NGOs and other foreign bodies were using money to demonize Zimbabwe and its leadership.I personally thank God for revealing the truth to Mr Tsvangirai.

  7. Tsvangirai I salute u my man u ar not a puppet I lyc this statement .Turning to alleged interference by diplomats, the MDC-T leader said: “Money is dangerous. It’s time for Zimbabweans to underwrite your own struggle and not rely on donors. If you are proud people, underwrite your own struggle. Contribute 50 cents or a dollar like you do in church. We have our friends out there.

    We are surprised by people who say we want that one to lead the party. Is that the work of diplomats?

    “We want to tell the diplomats that we are united as a party. What you can do is to help the people of Zimbabwe to have democratic change.”

  8. of factless and facts

    @facts r stubborn,you need to go back to school and relook at the definition of narrow mindedness and parochial in particular for it defies logic to label a leader of the biggest opposition political party who calls for the unification with other much smaller opposition political parties to come join hands and form a broader coalition and achieve a common goal of unseatimg the ruling party as a narrow minded and parochial person or objective.Your obsession with verbose seems to be clouding your reasoning .Hope you are not by any chance in a position of leadership for you will definitely lead your following into murkier waters as opposed to the promised land.

  9. It seems kuti mt haasi kutya kumira b4 2016. Ah ndokuti mrume ka uku.

  10. My humble opinion is that the dye is cast…what the party is today is how yu grew it, ” If he doesnt go peacefully…..we will remove him violently!” HOOLIGANISM! There is a marked difference between SRU/ZCTU politics and the cruel reality. Calling everybody back will worsen everything, vamwe havachadi, vamwe hauvagoni, Sikhala, Madhuku! Tete Puri, Prof, Mangoma, Wananchi, Madzore, genga iroro ma1.madonors are tired, there will be chaos at the congress, yu will really need police! Sad, but vana Mangoma will poison everything.

  11. Zvavakunetsaka! Manje hapana anouya kuzokujoinai Save. Dai matoenda imi ku Zanu PF, mungatambirwe zvakanaka kwazvo!

  12. The mdc-t has a noble leader in place already,thats wat true leaders do…col 4 a utd team 2 fyt a demon called zanu pf,which is stealing money and parting in broad day lyt…yes,pipo have differences…but Sikhala,NCUBE,MADHUKU all need brother,leader,GOD fearing DR M.R. TSVANGIRAI now more than ever…M.D.C 4 lyf.

    1. Ndoo saka uri Zed zveshuwa

  13. Calling back the lost sons Sikala and others won’t solve anything. rather let them come back on their own. Tsvangirai, don’t panic. The squabbles happening currently are necessary and normal. Let Mangoma and his crue leave the party. The war will never be conquered with everyone involved but with just a few as in the days of Gideon. this is the time to change policies in favour of indigenising the party and not sacking the president of the party.

  14. ndizvo zvo Save

  15. mashiriyapungana

    thats the peoples president.i think its high time now people have to chose the right president anomiririra vanhu veZimbabwe with a heart.we as a party we need those prodical sons so as to crush the so called revolutionary party.Come 2016.Yes zvinhu zvirikunetsa but ngatisade mari vakomana.Mari irikukonzeresa madivisions.Lets unite .Tinokutendai President Tsvangirai,2016 ndeyedu

  16. in response 2 tsvangirai’s third term in office we wer tld ths z a new party formed in 2005 n tha original mdc z tha 1 wth welsh. Wat hz chngd? Wen campaigning in Lower Gweru he sed u cnt go it alone wthout external donors, wat hz chngd? He sed Mugabe shld go, wen Mangoma sez same words he z wrestling power – wat hz chngd?

  17. please morgan dont mix things here.those telling you to step down are your own supporters and if you dont want to step down just tell them.it has nothing to do with zanu or mugabe.zanu and mugabe have their own challenges which tsvangirai should not compare.masapota ako arikuti ipawo mumwe iwe woti mugabe agarisa.wisdom dzako dziripi.

  18. mdc was formed and funded by the westminister foundation with sole purpose to effect the regime change agenda as stated by Tony Bliar then British premier. Its the donors’ right to call for leadership renewal if they think they are not getting value for their money. He who pays the piper calls the tune. The chicken are coming home to roost

  19. “God doesn’t destroy, God builds.” wakatotsva zvako Morgan, idofo hauzive here kuti Mwari vedu ndiMwari werudo uye vari Mwari we hondo uye vane godo. Basa reAngel Michael unoriziva iwe? Madiplomats were once your friends now uchavadi, havachakudi becoz of your waywardness and u thot they were friends in the first place. Learned guys like Wiwa, Biti, Madhuku, Prof Ncube haufe wakawirirana navo nokuti uri mugrade 7 saka dont invite them to your crumbling party. You simply cannot remove Zanu PF when u are in sixes and sevens. Chimbopawo vamwe mukana Morgan.

    1. ibva iwe

  20. For once you are right Tsvangirayi. U forgot to mention Makoni. We need everyone to come under the leadership of someone who can be trusted. As it is Ncube and company do not trust you. So have Simba Makoni as an interim President of opposition forces and Zanu pf without Cde Mugabe will become history in 2018. Thats the only way tsvangirayi

  21. Tsvangirai exit as the MDC president is good news to Zanu pf , i would rather endorse him as the right candidate for the coming elections. He is the biggest threat to Zanu PF and the moment he is no longer the president of the MDC, I tell youI, it will take long to outset ZANU PF. Turning to those who want to be the president, the likes of Mangoma, the man will also need a decade to market his brand well across Zimbabwe. During this marketing tenure, it is us ordinary Zimbabweans who will be suffering.

    1. @addie- Last elections seem to point to the fact that Tsvangirayi is no longer a threat to anyone least of all ZANU…he seems to be the only one who can not see this!

  22. Look now my fellow Zimbabweans,I don’t see the need for us point finger at one another because that does’t provide a solution.

    Let us settle differences and reserve our grudges if we want to bring up a solution to prevent the death of our beautiful nation.It is not a matter of fighting but indeed an issue of uniting to move Zimbabwe foward.

    We do have a plenty of resources that must be channelled to national development rather than to serve elite interests.We must cry out loud to see transparency.
    Let us all be united to see Zimbabwe moving foward!

  23. muchinja chaiye

    akakuudzai kuti tinokuitai vatungamiriri vebato ndiani vana mangoma? why did we choose u earlier on when the party was formed?

  24. DR SIMBA MAKONI will save you!!! Welshman Ncube and Job and the renewal powerful group they nolonger trust you. So if you want to call everyone on board just put the technocrat Dr Simba Makoni as the Leader of the opposition before going to congress so that he will unify everyone.

  25. judas isikariot


  26. If at all there is one of the dumbest and dullest politician, believe this irrelevant idiot and continue suffering defeat at the hands of zpf.

    1. reason, the dumbest politician on the planet is a 90 year old nonagenarian who tells the world he feels like a nine year old then goes ahead to party, slaughtering 90 head of cattle and squander a million dollars while the Tokwe-Mukorsi flood victims starve. He is so dumb that he has surrendered the country to the Chinese, that is why they can, among other things, build their shopping malls on our wetlands.

  27. Mpranga am glad u see the real picture. We need Makoni to lead Zimbabwe out of this quagmire. Either in Zanu pf or Mdc. Zimbabwe needs to move forward please

  28. Mpranga am glad u see the real picture. (Not some pple who thinks Tsvangirayi has more rights than all of us. We are suffering and he is not) We need Makoni to lead Zimbabwe out of this quagmire. Either in Zanu pf or Mdc. Zimbabwe needs to move forward please

  29. Mpranga am glad u see the real picture. (Not some pple who thinks Tsvangirayi has more rights than all of us. We are suffering and he is not) We need Makoni to lead Zimbabwe out of this quagmire. Either in Zanu pf or Mdc. Zimbabwe needs to move forward please

  30. all this bickering and power hungry in the mdc camp is a big welcome to zanupf.it is only morgen who is a threat. the mangomas and his moribund are sellouts vakatodya mari to make the project a success. kuti Morgern ndokuti real change for mdc without labels

  31. VanaReason since when did you become MDC.Please help us by keeping quiet.

  32. i cant believe the confidence Mdc had approaching last years elections,.the defeat came like an earthquake dismantlling relationships in the party,.toita sei ne nyika ye Rhodesia!!

  33. May be MRT’s phrasing was not that good but his belated idea is what was really required since yesterday. Lets have that Congress of the United forces under whatever name except zpf. All aspiring figures to be in the ring, MRT included. The Congress will choose the new United setup for 2018.

  34. Who is outside and feeling hungry Tsvangirai, is it those that refused to be trampled under dictatorship, or the one calling for their support?
    Since when have the donors you have been touting as saviors of this great nation become foes?
    At the last election, you, as the leader of the biggest opposition party in the country, refused flatly to form a grand coalition basing your bravado on the perceived might you wielded in the larger party. Hypocrisy is what you are now exhibiting, by pretending to want to unite for the sake of the people, only after you have realized you are a paper tiger never capable of ever dislodging Zpf without external help. All the more reason why you are the worst candidate for the Zim presidency.

  35. Tsvangirai’s talk is laddened with pride and arrogance. He likens himself with GOD and take others as children! Yoh! He says Madhuku’s ”little party.” How do u expect unity with people u are degrading like this?

  36. Mgabe is a greedy selfish leader. he thinks abt zvake chete. he gave $100,000. at the expense of e struggling civil servants. flood victims

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