RBZ governor Mangudya’s PhD degree sets tongues wagging

NEWLY-APPOINTED Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) governor John Mangudya reportedly attained his PhD in Business Administration from an unaccredited institution of higher learning, Washington International University (WIU), it has emerged.


According to information at hand, Mangudya is a holder of several qualifications that make him fit for the central bank position, but it is the PhD at WIU that has set tongues wagging.

He also holds Bachelor of Science and Master of Science in Economics degrees from the University of Zimbabwe.

WIU is described by Wikipedia as: “An unaccredited institution of higher education founded in 1994 and currently incorporated in the British Virgin Islands.

“It describes itself as a ‘university without borders’ serving clients from around the world via distance education.”

The university’s website states that WIU’s graduates were from 112 countries.

Mangudya yesterday could not comment on the matter, saying he was in a meeting.

“At the moment, I can’t talk, I am in a meeting, but we can talk tomorrow (tomorrow),” he said.

Wikipedia said: “Lack of accreditation has consequences for WIU degree holders in some circumstances. For instance, the Michigan Civil Service Commission lists WIU among unaccredited institutions from which degrees will not be accepted to satisfy educational requirements indicated on job specifications.”

The Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB) lists degrees awarded from WIU as “sub-standard” meaning according to the THECB in this case, a degree conferred outside the United States by an institution that the coordinating board determined was not the equivalent of an accredited or authorised degree.

The THECB described WIU as having no accreditation from a CB (Coordinating Board) recognised accreditor.

“There are no textbooks to read, curriculum to follow or formal exams to take.”

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  1. That Phd thing is a piece of paper. All what we are interested in is what Dr Mangudya can deliver.

    1. Just call him Mangudya since he holds a fake PhD. It seems some people can do anything to be called Dr So-and-so. Remember, G. Gono had his PhD thesis written for him by Kereke? This is the height of inferiority complex !

      1. Tonderayi Chanakira

        Iwe Danny Muronzi the issue at stake here ne nyaya ya Dr Mangudya is whether he qualifies for the post of RBZ Governor in line with the qualifications expected of such a post. PHD or not I think this man is the right one for this post. Unless you are saying a Professor should be the sole recipient of an RBZ Governor. Hazvinei ne PHD shamwari this man has the experience and national respect to do this job my friend. Some are buying these so called PHD degrees even in some of the universities in Zimbabwe Its a known Open Secret my friend!!!

        1. Wings of Change

          But they will be coming from accredited universities not bogus universities

        2. But look at the results of his “bond notes” kind of thinking. Biti indid the mess left by Gideon Gono so easily. Then the “doctors” Mangudya & Bimha undid Biti’s work & caused the confusion to return again.

    2. You are right its just a useless piece of paper.

      1. Pliz dont mislead people. That “useless” piece of paper is the same as your O Level, A level, Degree certificate etc. Just like its predecessors it has to be genuinely acquired. If you have bothered to apply for a postgrad degree you will be told to have an honours degree from a REPUTABLE INSTITUTION!!! So if you do not know the purpose of an academic qualification pliz dont say its useless!!!

        1. Why do you say these are useless, O Level, A level, Degree certificate? Iwe wakapfuura nepo, mwana wako achapfuura nepo

    3. If a PhD is just a piece of paper, why do so many unjustifiably claim this “piece of paper”? For those who have genuinely acquired a PhD, this is one great qualification. If this guy does not have a straight PhD, why can he not just be Mangudya?

      1. @TM
        I agree with you 100%, and with the reporter. That piece of paper is the same as O’ Level, A’ Level, Diploma, Degree, Masters certificate. It has to be genuinely acquired otherwise tese tingadai tiinawo ma”useless” pieces of paper iwayo!!! That degree shows his intellectual and professional abilities which differentiate him with some guy he was in the same class with but didnt go further than Masters! If you dont understand the purpose of an academic qualification then dont mislead others by your dwarfed mentality.

      2. At times the students do not have full knowledge of the colleges and universities they study with. It is very important for someone to do due diligence when embarking on any courses to make sure one spend money and time on something that is genuine. There are so many universities and colleges that are not accredited and are just enriching themselves on innocent people.

    4. If the auntheticity of Mangudya’s qualification is questionable, then call him Mangudya and remove the PHD. We need credible leaders not chancer or people who will experiment with our already troubled economy!

    5. A PhD should be earned, and earned from an accredited institution. If WIU is not accredited then Mangudya should not be prefixed by “Dr”. In this case, the university has no curriculum to follow and there are no formal examinations; would you believe the existence of such a university? A person of Mangudya stature should be genuine and try to follow the right path to success no matter how difficult; and not engage himself in shameful transactions like getting a degree by just “liking” the website of a bogus academic institution.

    6. Uriright ipapo. Kuti asvike paposition yaanga arikuCBZ it means anozivisa. Pamberi naMangudya.

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    8. He can deliver bond notes. Compare him with what Biti delivered after Gono messed the country with traveler cheques and bearer notes!

  2. True, Zimbabwe awaits to see what changes this experienced man will effect at RBZ, PhD or no. This reporter is attempting to remove our confidence from Dr, but no way, we are very confident that he is capable and he will do a good job for Zimbabwe.

    1. its a pity that the rest of Zimbabweans are expecting miracles from (Dr.) mangudya.

      like all the ministers he will not achieve anything for rbz. the resources are not there. in this case there is no money in rbz to manage. there are no lenders either.

      if it were me, I would have declined the post. mangudya made a grave mistake that will tarnish his professional image for life. he is a very successful businessman but government institutions in Zimbabwe are not managed professionally. He would have retired and go to his farming business. that would be my advise to him. not what he has done. I feel pity for him.

      gono was a monumental failure in that post as far as the nation is concerned. but zpf thinks otherwise because he did the unwise to satisfy the chefs.

  3. how relevant is this piece of information when it comes to his ability to deliver.We should be rallying behind this man. He is a true technocrat who can rescue our banking sector saka zvema PHD hazvina basa. If your publication chooses not to recognise his qualification because it came from an unaccredited university the just refer to him as Mr. Mangudya. Just because zvakarambwa ne michigan ne texas hazvirevi kuti zvakadhakwa.

    1. Spot on ! Couldn’t have said it better.

      1. if u apply for a job & one of your qualification is found out to be fake, then u dont deserve that job because that fake qualification aided in making u get the job, maybe there where other qualifiying candidates with better credentials who had phd from reputable institutions who could have got the job

        nhai mazimbabweanns we once used to be a nation of high morality, how come we now celebrate mediocrity, cheating, unethical behavior & corruption

  4. Our own personal integrity is judged by the company we keep, the institutes we associate with, the words we speak and the deeds we commit. In this instance this paper is just saying this guy has an associative relationship with a dubious institute (knowingly or unknowingly), but now that he knows, how does he respond?

  5. Guvamatanga is the head of barclays and the current BAZ president but he only has A level MOB, Economics and Maths from Harare High and IOBZ and probably an MBA but Barclays remains one of the best run banks in Zim. The cahllenge with us Zimbos is we tend to put too much emphasis on degrees which do not necessarily result in good perfomance in terms pof delivery on the job, lets judge this Mangudya guy on the basis of what he will deliver and not the academic side. Zuma is a grade 6 drop out but he is presiding over the continent’s largest economy………

    1. The issue is about claiming to have a qualification fraudulently. If he didn’t put the PhD on his CV then no one would be raising issues with it. It’s a serious matter of integrity to fake qualifications.

    2. Hey, there is nothing wrong in being educated. It is only when one starts claiming what they do not have or using bogus universities to inflat qualifications. Every referenced qualification should be vetted and confirmed-this is how things should be.

    3. under zuma’s watch south africa has become the 2nd largest economy after nigeria

    4. Taura hako Ngwena

    5. John Mushayavanhu went straight into banking after High School…can anyone say he has failed at FBC ….

  6. mlambo and dhliwayo,both proper and experienced phd holders have been deputy govenors at the rbz since the days of tsumba,and if truth be told have more experience in central banking than mangundya.it is one thing for mangundya to run a commercial bank profitably but it will be a mountain to climb for him to run this country’s central bank prudently and oefficiently whilst ensuring all interest groups’ concerns are taken into account.i gingerly await his first monetary policy statement!

    1. Wings of Change

      he was being supported by the government. The government now banks with the RBZ CBZ will struggle like other banks and the incoming CEO achanzi haagoni basa.

  7. This stupid and retrogressive reporter has a hidden agenda. He says tongues are wagging but we hear only his voice. Who in Zimbabwe questioned credibility of Mangudya’s Phd except you cock head reporter? Stupid we will evaluate him on how he performs and not on the strength of his paper qualifications! We want someone who can steer this economy on the money side from this abyss we are in. At the moment Mangudya was seen to be the right candidate. Umba wako with Phd from the moon utipe tione aite mashura you idiot!

    1. no need for insults results a reporter reports what is there and nowhere did he mention his capacity not to deliver just his phd story so please get your facts rights and show us your stupidity

  8. as a banker guvamatanga is nothing to write home about.it is under his watch that barclays bank is now a mid tier bank and not the financial behemoth of old.and as president of baz,he has been useless!nowander baz is not taken seriously,kuita president wesociety iro bank rake richidonha mastandards.

  9. The reporter is 100% thats what he or she got, and reported that well. However, credibility is important and our Governor should come clean as this will affect his standing. In banking these degrees are useless and irrelevant. Guvamatanga, Mark Wood and others run/ran banks very well but without these degrees. In Zimbabwe degrees arent always genuine!!!! All Mangudya needs is support and participative leadership. His deputies [esp.that one] have their backs to clean.

  10. Zimbabweans, don’t be surprised…this is the ZANU PF way of doing things…zvatobondera pamadziro zvisati zvatanga…..nyika yedu yakatukwa varume!

  11. ZANU PF way of doing things, zvatobondera zvisati zvatanga…..we have got to live with it guys….nyika yedu iyika…..indeed a bad spell was cast.

  12. This issue with accredited and unaccredited degrees seems to be taking a personal turn. Granted there are so many colleges and universities which are accredited by bodies which are not accredited themselves..and how many accrediting bodies are without blemish themselves? I am more interested in what the fellow will do than what accreditation the guy holds.In any case every University has its own examining board anyway and people must be careful they dont get caught in marketing wars between colleges and Universities who are finding the going tough with the current advent and onslaught from virtual universities! This is still a new phenomenon and traditional universities might feel the virtual universities are encroaching on their traditional turf…that said why not give the fellow a chance and see whether he will deliver? He appears to have done quite well at CBZ.

    1. And the fact that one of their sources is Wikipedia?? In my classes in college they tell us to stay away from that site because it’s unreliable and no-one controls the content that is placed on there.

      1. There is a list from US Department of Education which lists, the aforementioned university as a diploma mill. The Wikipedia contributor reliably quoted that. Wikipedia, cannot be quoted for academic papers because of the nature of the contributions. However, any serious researcher knows, wikipedia is a foundational mall, just to give basics of a topic. I tell my students to visit Wikipedia, to get an idea about subject at hand but never settle for it or quote it.

  13. Oh guys, there is a certain Comm in Chief wielding about 19 degrees and that includes a PHD in violence. What has he done for his country beside taking it back to near stone age times. I will never regret not attaining that PHD thing. My mother cared for us with absolutely no education but could run the home better than these educated. Ask Biti, he will tell you that all people herding cattle in Murehwa are fools, that is the deduction that an educated lawyer cum ex finance minister will tell you.

    1. kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk a PHD IN Violence ,wakumberi

  14. He will not find any great challenges because we use foreign currecncy whose printing (M3) he has no control over. About monetary policy he will be reduced to reading a script because that is done at Munhumutapa to protect the incubency. So he is just a lucky guy.

  15. Until ZIMCHE was formed, who used to accredit degrees from Zim Universities yet they were accepted throughout the world? The USA has its own systems so why is WIU not accredited in the US? Is it mandatory for all US Universities to register in the US? To cut this story short, Dr Mangudya can approach ZIMCHE which can look into the status of his degree, the same way SAQA looks at our own degrees. If it is accepted fine. But a PhD could just be any other qualification. Be blessed Dr Mangudya on that new post.

  16. newsday makushaya nyaya, does it matter? give the guy a chance to prove himself having a phd does not mean anything, inga vana ignatius chombo vanawo ma phd but what are they doing? do not be stupid iwe stuff reporter kana grade 7 hauna shut up

  17. The new RBZ Chief from 01/05/2014 is DR JOHN PANONETSA MANGUDYA zvatarwa pano pasi nekudenga abaiwa ngaabude nothing will change the sky will always stay blue haters will be haters as some dream that CHAMATAMA WILL BE PRESIDENT OF THE REPUBLIC.HAZVINA KUSHATA KUROTA STAFF REPORTER NEWSDAY.

  18. In any case accreditation of a University or a Journal these days is a protectionist game – for quality of cause we are told (maybe rightly so). Those have been there dont want new entrants to get in easily while those with good ideas and pacessetters who dont want to stick to tradition also want to come in. Its not easy to register Universities like ZOU or Unisa because its difficult to establish homogeneity in how they operate but dont they offer degrees too? So lets leave the issue of whether a degree from Cambridge or UZ or WIU is acceptable to the requisite statutory body – ZIMCHE

  19. Hamushaye zvekureva

  20. Some people are getting lost in this discussion. people are not questioning the capability of “Dr” Magudya at the apex bank but the question is Should Magudya be referred to as DR when he is reportedly to have acquired the qualification from an unaccredited institution. its like calling someone a qualified teacher if he does hold a recognized qualification.

    1. Wings of Change


  21. and his achievements in terms of his previous job or jobs you should also have mentioned so as to balance your report .if its good and it shows he is capable for the post then lets give him a chance but he must prove that he is worthy of that post

  22. Wikipedia here akomana. you are now getting your sources pawikipedia. some journalist.

  23. wattsopeter@rocketmail.com

    so mafungei nazvo isu tamugadzika ipapo kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk,munongo wawata musina chamunoita futi asi chokwadi ndechekuti murume uyu akaenda pa uz pedu apa abura zvaaka bura ndozvataka tarisa isu tikaona akakodzera kuiswa ipapo. so blablablabla abla ndezvenyu nokuti ndisu tiripanyanga period asikana makuti isu hatizive zvatiri kuita mochitiudza imi.kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  24. help me pliz which tounges a waging?

  25. tinashe mutsengi

    Mangudya is capable and not the awarding Phd institution.
    It takes wisdom to manage RBZ not WIC

  26. Mary Ray Ash, Richard Branson, Simon Cowell, Michael Dell, Barry Diller, Walt Disney, Debbi Fields, Henry Ford, Bill Gates, Milton Hershey, Steve Jobs, Rachael Ray, Ty Warner, Frank LIoyd Wright – what do they have in common?
    Most were college drop outs? They all one thing in common an unfair advantage in their chosen field. That unfair advantage is what no one else would do better that they did. So the question is not if you have a PHD or an MBA – question is do you have an entrepreneurial spirit? Are you disruptive in your thinking? For this job we need someone who is disruptive in their thinking to evolve new innovative ways to slow the problem we face in Zimbabwe – we do not own the currencies we use therefore we can not control interest rates or M1 – what you learned economist say.
    In short I do not give hoot if he has a degree and where he got it – what I need him to do is deliver a solution. The only problem I have is I did not have a say in how he was selected, I would have liked to see him go through a grilling through a parl committee.
    So, college degree is just a backup? Where you got – that is being a snob – finally know what PHD stands for;
    P for poor and when you are poor you are H – hungry. And a hungry person is a very D – determined person. Look through the list I gave you – this theme runs through and each had an unfair advantage – closer home – you Strive, Mutuma, Boka, Chiwangwa, His Excellency the President of Zimbabwe – all these people had unfair advantage – no one else would do what they did. And you too have this unfair advantage, exploit it you will achieve more degreed or not.

    1. the problem with your list is that those people are not running/managing government institutions but personal business.

      your examples are weird and out of context.

      that’s why we would have preferred him (mangudya) to retire from cbz and go farming, where he is doing wonders. its better for him to feed the nation as a farmer than to go to rbz.

  27. i think creditations mean nothing , just check Mugabe kuti anema digoz mangani bt nyika iripapi nhasi

  28. just ask yourself.’ who taught the first teacher’. that is the fundamental question everyone must answer.

  29. Reporter i am beginning t doubt your qualifications.wikipedia is not an authentic source.if u passed through an accredited higher learning institution u would know this

  30. MaDzimbahwe, yu never cease to amaze! hamuite, hamuite! manga makanyararirei nguva yose iyi? Imi enyu makamawana kupi? Lets give the man a chance. Inga wani MDC-T iri kutungamirirwa naVa Tsvangirai vasina Grade 7 madhongi achikuma, maprof nama lawyers akazara? I am chaffed.

  31. all the work is done by junior economist down the ladder…the governor will just read say the monetary policy statement in front of us….so it does not matter about the qualifications of the boss….there are very intelligent guys who give policy recommendations.

  32. Wikipedia is not a very reliable source,so basing argument using such makes your contribution unreliable too.
    Lets wait and see if he is going to add value.Look at Cde Chinoz,and what he has done so far for his constituency.One could be tempted to say he is leading the pack.So lets wait and see if he is going to make water tight changes.Personally,I respect him so much.

  33. Great! we have had 2 fake PHD holders in successive terms for the same office!

  34. u want him to have a phd kuti boss wake Minister of Finance ane Phd here??? siyayi zvakadaro. Chere achigona kuverenga mari kuti yakakwana here muma’volts.

  35. I remember the incident where the Law degree from Great Zimbabwe was disregarded and students were transfered to UZ and the same pple commenting here applauded the idea. if it has been offered by an unaccredited institution then we should be saying the same. why discredit own institutions. Chokwadi tachibata. the reporter did not mention anything abt experience he mentioned the PhD. he might be experienced bt lets the facts stand, the PhD status is questionable, fullstop.


    1. umbori ne diploma here? kana usina keep zii what do u know about credibility?

  36. atombori ne degree repaUZ hake!!!!

  37. “…Mangudya is a holder of several qualifications that make him fit for the central bank position, but it is the PhD at WIU that has set tongues wagging…”
    The reporter has not disputed his abilities to do the job but questioned the qualification he claims to have earned. As someone said, why claim to be a ‘qualified teacher’ when you are not, irrespective of whether one can do the job or not. You never know, maybe the selection criteria was weighted in his favour on account of the qualification.
    Chinamasa also said “Dr Mangudya is a Keynesian economist who believes in discretionary fiscal and monetary policies and in the rational expectations hypothesis.” This was clearly a self descriptive statement to enhance an academic profile ipo pasina zviripo…
    Well done reporter on catching out someone who purports to have the academic acument they don’t. Others genuinely work hard for them, why should a nonety take credit?

  38. Ma PHD e WIU aya ndiwo mamwechete neekunyorerwa aana Gono aye.. Vanhu vane shungu dzechikoro vakafoira Alevel ndokubva vaita zvekudimbidzira zve ZOU -Mentality zviya .By the way ZOU means Zimbabwe Olevel University.

  39. Imagine if it was Save with a FAKE PHD from a fake University

  40. This is utter rubbish, ko madegree ake eku U.Z Hakwanise basa racho here? WHERE DID TSVANCRY YR DEAR LEADER DID HIS O LEVEL CHAIYO?, and you sometimes quote him as Dr tsvancry. Mashaya apa.

  41. Black rule came far far too early. Just because one or two had obtained degrees didn’t mean we were now at a stage where we were able to govern ourselves. The overall culture was far from mature to be able to govern ourselves. I remember in the mid-50s when people started saying we should govern ourselves – there was no single electrician or civil engineer or doctor or mechanical engineer or accountant or dentist. The country was full of teachers, semi-skilled carpenters and semi-skilled builders but people were clamouring for majority rule. And then we had a period where anyone coming from abroad was transformed into a politician. Now we are at the stage of fake qualifications to get top top positions. Rat race.

  42. Reason emotions aside,when Save came in Government and there was drastic turn around positively. When the the PHD holders won with a ‘landslide’ majority the economy went on a tailspin,there is all to see. Even myself as a soldier i did not get paid my salary on the 21 st of March

    1. @ Zvakaoma…Yu are a very indisciplined soldier and yo comments about Save and the economy just dont fit. In any case yu shudnt be dabbling in politics, buda basa undogara paHarvest House muchiita chi hooligan chokurovana. Kana vakakubhadharai uzotiudzavo. Kumusha kure!

      1. You are completely off topic. Zvakaoma ataurawo ma facts ake.

  43. The issue of qualifications is a serious one – people must not call themselves Drs – when they fully know that they have not sweated for it. PhD is not readily available – you have to sweat and sweat – its not easy.

    The Institution must regularize itself with regulatory authorities in its country and offer credible PhDs – meaning Mangunya will have to start afresh.

  44. The uncredited institution does not mean that the degree is not earned. Accreditation is just like having an ISO Certification for a company. On the ground you have many companies that are not ISO Certified but operating profitably and professionally, but there are genuine companies. Dr. Mangunja’s PHD is just not ISO Certified (without accreditation).

    He is a good Doctor, fit for the Governor.

    1. I once had a privilege of attending a forum with Mangudya and the guy is articulate and appear to understand banking. He is quite a technocrat and will surely add value at RBZ.

      However the discussion here is why did Mangudya opted for an unaccredited institution to obtain his PHD? Was he aware of the credibility of this institution? Did the problems of the institution surfaced after he had graduated or not? The answer to these questions are important because they will speak to the integrity of Mangudya, his decision making process and more importantly his judgement, all critical aspects for the Office of the Governor of Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe.

      The onus is now to Mr. Mangudya (it’s safe to use Mr. until the issue is clarified, after which we can then revert to Dr. or drop that title altogether, unless of course we confer him with an honorary doctorate degree from any our state universities located in all of our provinces) to face Zimbabweans and explain in detail and fully what really transpired so as to allay any doubt on the values anchoring his leadership.

  45. Rev Com Council

    Nonsense! Do not read too much into this man’s appointment. At the end of the day, RBZ is not apolitical and this guy will still be messed up by his political masters no matter what little decisions he will make. Monetary policy is only but a component of the whole macro-economic measures needed to stabilize and kick-start the dying economy.

    Reality check -With the current political administration, no serious lenders worth their salt can come to the aid of Zimbabwe . That I can bet you!

  46. Personally i am ashamed at being degreed. I feel it is a useless piece of paper needed by blinkered people to secure employment, and i happen to be one of them. However, our literacy has brought misery to the whole nation, we think we are not infallible; when we do wrong, we blame others, not ourselves, hence the wrong perpetuates; in fact, we blow little successes out of proportion, no wonder the tailspin @Zvakaoma mentioned above has had such rippling and exterminating effect. It will be difficult, if not impossible to get the economy back to what it was in 2000 for instance; i will not mention 1990 at the onset of ESAP because it is unreachable; again i shall not mention 1980 because that is really an insurmountable dream now. We have none but ourselves as educated as we are that this country has become what it is today; we are selfish; we do not listen; we have too much ego because of pieces of paper, now rendered useless as we were/ are incorrigible. Look at how many people are professors, have doctorates, MBAs, degrees, diplomas etc and ask yourself what use these have had apart from negative contribution to the country’s development.

    1. I understand your frustration Gutsie, but I think there is one fundamental error in your comment. It is not the education or literacy that has destroyed the economy. Like you rightly point out, it is the greed, selfishness, egos and incorrigibility. These are not products of education. In fact, foundations of education impart morals: a sense of right and wrong. They are products of personalities. We voted for those personalities and handed them a landslide victory.

  47. mushandi weCbz

    Dr Mangundya z better off coz @ least he hs da requisite experience 2 b @ da helm of da central bank.It hwever sad 2 note dat da current MD of CBZ peter Zimunya wil succeed Doc yet he has got a mere executive certificate in Risk Mgt.i wonder hw he was appointed 2 such a position munhu asina kudzidza zvakadaro.most of his subordinates r learned better than himcorruption corruption corruption

  48. kkk hanzi hazvina basa. Iwe itawo kako kabepa neuniversity isiri accredited unobva waona kuti maone. makanganwa here mateacher ezou nekacollege kefake kaye havasi kudiwa muzvikoro.
    journo wagona basa rako chairo rekutura sezvazviri. hauna kumboti haagone basa.

  49. We need confidence in the economy, I dont think we can achieve that with a fake doctor

  50. MD was appointed by a fake doctor

  51. Nonsense..that university has many other prominent and popular graduates who know their stuff

  52. Even if they put 100 PHD educated economists to try and fix the inflation record breaking, bankrupt, corrupt, pathetic situation that we find ourselves in, no success will come out of it, until the total clearance of the old guard.

    At this juncture, the new governor’s competence or lack of, is of no consequence.

  53. Mangundya can only do well if he is protected by the constitution…..a lot of “uneducated fingers will point at him and try to corrupt him”. Corrupt ministers and service chiefs, this time, please hands off this man. We are sick and tired of your corruption. Zimbabwe belongs to us all…..by Mukomuredhi WeZanu …paWenella.

  54. Ndibatsireiwo veduwe kudzidza hakuperi. is it a requirement kuti for someone to be RBZ boss anofanira kuva me PhD kana kuti its an added advantage zvayo.

  55. With might have all the educated people on positions-fake or no-fake. We all know the REAL DEVIL to the ECONOMY, as long as we have it, nothing will change but the country will continue going down.

  56. no wonder why,he did his PHD with Prophetic Deliverance Ministries headed by Prophet Walter Magaya,his class mates were pole dancers who graduated with a degree in selling clothes

  57. Imi woke, nyaya haisi PhD but ye criteria inoshandiswa kuisa munhu pachinzvimbo. Gono anoshandisa Mangudya to cover his tracks and in the process iyewo aka tanga kuora. He is an indiscrimint lender and you can check out the quality of the loan book , Marara chaiwo and in it you will find loans to his own companies or relatives, but coming back to him. Now this fake PhD explains how our boss works. We thot he was more liberal izvo kusaziva. The danger is his combination naGono. Not good at all. People at CBZ can confirm kuti GG is as of today running the bank. So my fellow Zimbabweans this issue is deeper than this. If Peter Zimunya agrees to tow the line he will be promoted but not by merit. No merit and performance do not count or exist.

  58. Who knows may be he is the son of the soil who will see the implementation of the most dreamed about Zim ASSET project to its success,PHD or no PHD for Dr MANGUNDYA lets pray for our beautiful country to sail through all its problems,we wish him well,may he openly declare his wealth before he resumes work so that we will be able to measure what he would amassed after 3months of hard work,thank you.

  59. We just need the people who deliver even those with Zjc are welcome.

  60. Jonathan-Moyo-4-President!!!!!

    @ Maita wabaya dede nemkanwa, ndakambozvireva

  61. this man can change things pipo gv him the floor

  62. There is a big differece between “accreditation” and “certification”
    doctor tinokumbirawo kuti musanyepera vanhu when you contribute to this forum. People are genuinely hungry for truth.
    And do not lose focus
    The point is just that the man holds a PhD from an institution that is not accredited.

  63. And Dr James Makamba.

  64. And Dr Phil Chiyangwa.

  65. bogus phd = zero phd. this man is not a Dr. period. Inga ma Grad DE eku ZOU were cancelled wani afta being rendered sub-standard. havana phd baba ivava

    1. the end justifies the mean.If the papers are real,we would see him by delivering,period.

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