PHD assault victim struggles to pay medical bills

WALTER Mafuta, a Marondera Municipality worker who was assaulted by Prophetic Healing Deliverance (PHD) ministries leader Prophet Walter Magaya’s bodyguards two weeks ago is struggling to pay his medical bills NewsDay can reveal.

Wadzanai Madhibha

Upon receiving the complaint of the assault from the police in Marondera, PHD spokesperson Oscar Pambuka promised that the church would foot the medical bills. Mafuta (34) who was last week rumoured to have received over $1 000 in compensation, says he has not received any assistance from the church.

He said after sustaining head and eye injuries he currently sits on a bill of $930 and has opted to get assistance from his employer and friends.

“They (PHD) said they were going to  pay for my medical  bills, but up to now they have not done anything and Pambuka is no longer picking my calls which is the only line of communication I have with the church as l was told that l cannot speak directly with the prophet himself,” said Mafuta.

He added: “My medical bill amounts to $930 and they have not paid for it that I have now resorted to begging people for money so as to settle my medical bills.”

Mafuta said the cold shoulder he is receiving from PHD only enhances the pain that he has already suffered from the beating.

“They are the ones that told me they would settle the issue outside court and now they are neglecting me,” Mafuta said sobbing.

“l did not know that  it is a crime to walk while Magaya’s motorcade is passing.”

Pambuka yesterday said they could not assist Mafuta before the police close the case.

“We have been advised by the police not to act on it before they finish their investigations,” said Pambuka.

“I communicated with the police today and they say we have to wait for their investigations that are expected to be through by tomorrow (today).”

He said if they act against the advice of the police it will be taken as an attempt to gag the victim.


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      1. Even if yu take up the whole space with your adverts no-one will fall for that cheap propaganda. Itai mega 19000 dzacho!

  2. magaya uyu ndipresident here anofamba nemotorcade . Bva gore rino vanhu vachabayiwa nekurohwa nemeguard emunhu wamwari. maybe vanoitora kunaDeutronomy yekurova nematanda (40). mwari huyayi nyika iya kwayasvika kwakaoma.

    1. Prophet Magaya Havana motorcade.pliz don’t lie .he drives his own car.taura nyaya yechokwadi

  3. A BIG THREAT to national security. FEAR, intimidation & violence are the most common tools which are used by cults to forcefully bind their followers to them.

  4. We run away from politics bcz hatidi kurowa , we run to church for help torowa, we do not knw where to run to now.No where to run ,please lord help your children before its to late.

  5. first of all to show he is lying, our prophet does not have a motorcade, unless of cos he saw our prophet spiritually vachifamba ne motorcade yedenga, without that our papa does not have a motorcade or even a driver and last time i checked not even an usher has motorbike. The prophet does not have body guards but ushers and congregants that come to hear the word of God. These pple respect your lives. pese panopfuura moto whether yangu kana yako vanhu vanomiswa kuti vasatsikwe zvino kana iwe waida kupfuura pamberi pemota irikufamba hauoni kuti muyedzo wako waiva wekuti uti vaida kundichekeresa. Guys lets be honest if we want help not to frame Men of God. if you want help to pay up your hospital bills ask nicely. Know that we have no motorcade at our church as our prophet uses one car wherever he goes

  6. Ngatibvire apo trying to gain popularity nezvisina basa ndinoti vatendi kana munhu anetsa batai munhu ,nhubu ngairangwe . Ngarege kuita sokuti arohwa nepfuti munhu kungonzi butsu mpama wotoda thousand ndiye akazvitendekera vurume hwake mumuromo wemhungu so waida kuti mhungu yorega kuruma chimsoro

  7. @Chandengenda: haikona kutaura zvausingazive mota one inonzi imotorcade here? Wakavaona here vachifamba nemotorcade kana kuti wakaita zvekunzwa. Wadii watanga waona wozotaura. Ndokunyepa manje uku Phophet W. Magaya vanofamba vega.

  8. plus this guy aimbonzi dj nhasi akushandira council ndaanyarare. haana kana witness. anonyepa. ndati akaona motorcade yemumweya and kana achiziva zvinoita Mwari kuvanhu vanonyepera His prophets ngaaverenge 2kings 2:23-24. Dont play with kunyunyuta kwemunhu waMwari, akapfugama kunamata shuwa unoona moto wedenga, you are lucky ukuitira a different man of God anerudo nekuregerera dai ari umwe wakuuya uchiti sorry. plus dj/council worker dont approach ma usher wakadhakwa cos ma usher haasi maprophets. ukadenhwa nausher report to the church office. every complaint is taken seriously


  9. The man of God doesnt have a motorcade, in the incident in question he was alone driving his car after the service going home with no motorcade or any other vehicle following his car. Lets get our facts correct first before we go on and mislead others, and let us also desist from commenting on issues we have no evidence of.

    1. And he employed thugs as bodyguards. Chaanotya chii iye ari muranda washe?

  10. This so called profet akakurira kuchitungwiza unit M mamonya EPA unit L ndoanomuchengetedza now Ari kutadza kubatsira baba vake vanorwara imi vanhu nekuda zvinhu kwenyu munongomhanyirako imbomubvunzai kuti ko baba vako varipi?I n”nga iyi.

    1. @ Taku why do you want to lie. Our prophet takes good care of his parents. I know them bcos i see them @ church. Gogo uses s white merc benz. Baba vaprophet handizivi vanoshandisa mot yakaita sei but he is always smatly dressed and smiling. Its not good to lie. God bless

  11. Idzi ndidzo nhema dzakazara, I wonder who is paying this dj/taxi driver/ council worker to make such horrible accusations against Prophet W. Magaya and his Ministry. When I first read this story last week, it shocked me since I respected this man of God. As a concerned citizen, I made my own enquiries and investigations, including going to the church at zindoga , waterfalls. This Prophet doesn’t even have a motorcade, its true what the other guys are saying, with my physical eyes, I saw him arriving for church services on his own, even as he left he drove off with only one vehicle, no motorcade whatsoever. Lets not comment on what we don’t know, kana usingazive dzidza kunyarara. Mface uyu ngaatsvage mari nedzimwe nzira kwete yaakuda kushandisa iyi.

  12. tendai chaminuka

    Motorcade havana vaMagaya asi chinofadza ndechekuti vanhu vari kubvumirana kuti munhu akarohwa.Surely does someone have to beat up munhu pane zvinhu zvekunamata.The prophet always emphasises that his helpers are sending people away from God nehunhu hwavo.Truely speaking they behave semahwindi,u can not tell the difference.

  13. avo vakutaura kuti baba va prophet vanorwara akutambira kunonyudza. I have worked with the senior Magaya at the men’s fellowship havana kana sign ye illness kana chikosoro zvacho. so if you know any other magayas don’t mistake them for our papa, musatipe hasha, mune proof yekuti vanorwara here ivo vaMagaya senior. Zvimwe zvacho kwanai kwete kungotaura kuti munzi mataura kana bible rinoti ivai makakwana. Kwanai mukoma taku kwanai!!! hatidi kubviswa pana Jesu.

    1. Chiruka unoita hasha uri christian sei!? You are busy saying Magaya haana bodyguards when he has. Not long ago Magaya was on radio and he was asked naTilda kuti why dows he need bodyguards to which he said he needed them for maintaining order kwese kwaanoenda! That was on StarFM.Magaya has bodyguards dont lie iwe. In an earlier post you said the usher and everyone else ari kuPHD except Magaya haana mota! cmmon mheni…part of praise and worship inana Nicholas Zachariah vanoridza magitare…..Nicholas has mota dzakawanda. Kubviswa pana Jesu kuita sei? That coming from a christian!

      1. @ true kepekepe. I am a true caps united supporter but i dont lie against a man of god. The prophet said those you are calling body guards are called ushers. They mantain order because people mob the man of god when they see him. So its actually for the security of the people themselves too. Surely you cant have such a popular person moving alone in first street


  14. A Personal Choice

    Its a personal choice kunamata.

  15. Gospel of the Kingdom

    Is magaya man of God the same as Elisha? Thats an insult/ a mockery. The Bible says to the law and to the testimony (Isaiah 8:20). If he is a man of God he must keep all the 10 comandments of God including the 4th one.

  16. Gospel of the Kingdom

    Is magaya a man of God the same as Elisha? Thats an insult/ a mockery to Elisha coz he kept all the commandments of God including 7th day Sabbath NOT 1st day Sabbath (sunday instituted by roman catholic). The Bible says “to the law and to the testimony” (Isaiah 8:20). If he is a man of God he must keep all the 10 comandments of God including the 4th one.


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  18. ZIMRA what ar u doing wt th church. Yes I mean church dzinotenga motokari voita motorcade? Teverai tax kumachurch vagorova vanhu vachitipavo mari. Pambuka did nt deny the fact that there was a motorcade. Did he? On the other hand his image is painted as a person wtout conscience.

    1. Instead of talking about salarygate and the rot in parastatals where people are stealing taxpayers money u want Zim to be the first country in the world to tax tithes and oferings which are freely given. Mind you tax is compulsory hence why i suggest you put ur energy there. Leave our offerings alone becos we are not forced to give them and no one has a right to tax them. Remember God is the higher authority

  19. kkkkkkkkk ko vanhu muri kuramba chii inga Oscar Pambuka akabvuma wani kuti munhu akarohwa ,handiti ndiye official spokesperson we chechi here

    1. @ eish. Which comment are you refering to. Ndepapi pawaverenga izvozvo. Someone was beaten up and is claiming it was a church member and the police saw it fit to stop the good church from giving this guy money until they finish investigations. The church is only acting in good faith here not that it admits

  20. Instead of talking about salarygate and the rot in parastatals where people are stealing taxpayers money u want Zim to be the first country in the world to tax tithes and oferings which are freely given. Mind you tax is compulsory hence why i suggest you put ur energy there. Leave our offerings alone becos we are not forced to give them and no one has a right to tax them. Remember God is the higher authority

  21. Mazimba makaenda kuchikoro asi shuwa hamuna chamakadzidza ko. Chii chinombotiita kuti tingoita blind following into cults, Zanu, MDC, PHD, Gambura, Makandiwa. Pese kungotevera pasina mibvunzo. Munhu wenyama wose unechivi no matter prophet or not that is why we all die. Jesus was the only one without sin so if Prophet’s people beat up someone whats so difficult to accept. Munhuwo ane chivi sewe neni.

  22. My people perish because they lack knowledge .Lets have Jesus Christ as our model , lets follow Jesus .Lets worship God not people for whose Magaya or Makandiwa compared to God , mere humans created by the hands of God .Lets not focus on these people wether true or false their just people God use everyday for His glory ,and may it forever be soo.

  23. Kuvenga maporofita chete uku hapana nyaya apa.

  24. The Dalaai Lama

    Zvimaporofita zvenhema. Cult worshippers!!! Kutsvaga mari uko. Nxa Vamwe vakuita sue supersport $1.5 million!!!!.

    1. we know that we are worshipping a true God. God who created heaven and earth

  25. i wonder why today’s christions are hell bent on defending the so called profets and their ministries instead of defending christianity and its values.Is it becoz of the miracle money or gold promised by these so called profets.Vana Profet Chiza vakatinyepera kuti zim soccer team icharakasha Libya.Leave these fortune hunters and worship God.

  26. @kwazvimba, defending a prophet or prophetic ministry or Christianity, its one and the same thing, there is no way you can split the two. An attack on a prophetic ministry is an attack on christianity and its values, read between the lines my dear.

  27. @lovemore, you need deliverance.

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