Mugabe birthday donations scandal

THE Zanu PF youth league in Bulawayo has been caught up in a fresh financial scandal with the wing’s secretary for indigenisation Davis Mhambi accused of cheating struggling Bulawayo firms to donate nearly $20 000 towards President Robert Mugabe’s 90th birthday celebrations last month.


This came out during a stormy youth league meeting on Friday to conduct a post-mortem of Mugabe’s birthday bash as well as to discuss the provincial celebrations.

Zanu PF insiders told our Bulawayo Bureau yesterday that the $20 000 raised a storm during the meeting.

“During the Friday meeting which lasted several hours, a post-mortem report on the 21st February Movement was presented.

“We heard that about $8 000 was raised from the fundraising activities we had, of which $1 958 was from gate-takings at the dinner dance and $6 000 was raised from six tables taken,” an insider said.

“About $2 200 was incurred in expenses. However, we also heard that one company owner refused to make any donations when approached.

“He (company owner) said he had already contributed through Mhambi as he usually did to him during the primary elections for T-shirts and caps, so he said he was tired of donating.

“But that amount, which is about $20 000, is unaccounted for.”
After the finance report, Zanu PF Bulawayo provincial youth chairperson Khumbulani Mpofu invited questions.

“Members demanded to know from Mhambi, who was in attendance, what had happened to the cash, of which he was heard saying the $20 000 was nothing to him, meaning he had lots of money,” the insider said.

“A verbal confrontation dominated the question session. It was resolved that another meeting would be convened on the matter.
“What angered the comrades most was that Mhambi is virtually unknown in the party.

“He only surfaced in the run-up to the December provincial elections where he landed a post.”

Contacted for comment yesterday, Mhambi refused to shed light on the matter.

“I do not speak about party issues to the Press, thank you,” Mhambi said before hanging up.

Mpofu was not answering his mobile phone yesterday.

Previously, several high-profile party members have been fingered for converting funds and gifts meant for Mugabe’s birthday bash to their personal use.

This year, a tonne of sugar is said to have gone missing and politburo member Edison Chakanyuka, who is the deputy secretary for youth, central committee member Innocent Hamandishe and other party officials have been implicated in the scandal.

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  1. MABUTHO Moyo of Bulawayo

    Do you guys verify your sources or you just defame people’s characters for the sake of selling your papers….pathetic journalism.

    1. @Mabutho what fame did Mhambi have that he should claim defamation?
      P.s. Mugabe should not cry foul he also stole our votes.


    Do you guys get enough facts before tarnishing people’s images…….pathetic journalism.

  3. Mpopoma Magwegwe

    Do we even care?

  4. Mpopoma Magwegwe

    There is no character to tarnish. They are all thieves in ZANU PF after all. What is there to tarnish? It was in a report. wake up!

  5. How dare people steal from the President, if that is what happened.

  6. Akhomana diamond ine mari! This is just Mbada. There are at least 9 other major operations of this magnitude operating in the country. Gvt could be earning at least 7 billion a year from diamonds chete!! We have not accounted the looting of gold,platinum,tin,chrome,yes chrome, of which Zimbabwe has 95% of world reserves, and now gas revenue,yes gas….In the 1990s, agriculture would easily make 3 times the revenue and contribution to gdp that mining.

    Our leaders have failed! Our middle generation has failed! You have left the younger generation with a crappy education system, with poor job prospects, incredible poverty, we dont even use our bloody currency anymore, and due to corruption, we will not. Our country needs the US dollar in order to function, we have no control over these other currencies, and they continue to deceive us with the perception of growth whilst we continue to have a trade deficit. Go into Spar/OK, half the products are South African, its so expensive to farm, so we continue under production….Companies continue closure, and banks dont have cash… Apo people still think importing things for sale is good business, nxa, we dont have real industrialists…smh

    I would like to warn all these old people that our gdp is less than the annual endowment of Stanford University! Marasha eleadership, regardless of political affiliation !!

    Watch this space, you detractors of our forefathers dream of a great african nation

    1. Wings of Change

      Zimbabwe cannot even pay Drogba and Yaya and you say you are managing the economy.

  7. goodchildgonebad


  8. A ZanuPF thief stealing from another ZanuPF thief = 0. Let them steal from each other these crooks.

  9. Make it short Green was too long to finish.

  10. Stokononzi, ihasha mudhara

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