‘Man sets hut ablaze, kills wife, daughter’


A 22-YEAR-OLD Pfungwe man, Isaac Maruza, yesterday appeared before Harare High Court judge Justice Garainesu Mawadze charged with killing his 41-year-old wife and daughter by locking them inside a grass-thatched hut and setting it ablaze.


The couple was reportedly on separation over accusations of infidelity.  The incident allegedly occurred at Mukari village under Chief Pfungwe on October 12, 2007.

However, Maruza yesterday denied the charge of killing his wife Shorai Gwekwe and daughter Florence Maruza.

Prosecutor General’s representative Douglas Chesa told the court that Maruza set the pair ablaze after he allegedly got offended when he saw his estranged wife drinking beer in the company of other men.

Chesa told the court that on the day in question, Maruza and his wife were both drinking beer at the Kajiwa homestead, but at different places. Maruza immediately left heading home.

The court heard that Maruza later stormed his wife’s homestead where he allegedly locked the hut in which the two were sleeping and set it ablaze before disappearing into the night. After setting the house on fire, Maruza was allegedly seen by his 15-year-old brother-in-law who reported the matter to the police, leading to his arrest.

However, in his defence Maruza, through his lawyer Harrison Nkomo, told the court he never killed his former wife.

The trial continues today.


  1. so you are saying this 22 year old man was married with a 41 year old woman haaa Newsday is this accurate, marwadzo rest in peace

  2. Pfungwe this is where everybody is Zpf or we are made to believe so. Age difference? See Mugabe and Grace.

    • At least Mugabe is older than Grace but this guy? 22 and wife is 19 years older? How long had they been married and how old was the daughter???

  3. Typical Zanu PF youths who are murderers to the core . This crazed and idiotic Zanu PF killer married to woman old enough to be his own mother . Typical Zanu PF mentality .

    • @kaffir::::::::? where does ZANUPF come in this case? Stop your morbid hatred of our winning party! Pamberi ne ZANUPF!

  4. Newsday please double check the ages of these people. This guy was only 22 and yet married to a 41 year old woman???? almost double his age?

  5. this reporter z lazy & so are his editors. A serious reporter wld hve follow that lead of hw a 17 year old boy gets marryd to a wife 19 yr older than him?. Thats wher a real interestn story z. Here u jus raised more questions than answers in yo reporting, a simple visit to the area wher these pple come from wld hve inearthed a lot of intrestn sexual abuse cases hapening ther.

  6. The love of money has seriously taken center stage in my nation to such an extent that newspapers are just rushing to publish stories without even cross checking them. It’s so sad. Simple arithmetic tells us that this man was only 15yrs when he committed this heinous crime. Can surely this be accurate. Shame on you journalist and your news stable, Newsday.

  7. It cant! Typographic error! Man is 42…….. Newsday apology coming soooooon……But murder is murder…… but i also wouldnt want my wife to drink wt other men

  8. @ Gudo sex n marriage is different…… Pps shag all kinds of organisms out there……. bt marriage is a different story

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  10. Nothing sinister here. Love is love. Love knows no age. Look at our leader, he is exemplary. AMOR SABE NO EDAD. The guy who killed his family, i believe was under the influence of alcohol and also possessed by evil spirits. Maybe in his clan there was someone who committed murder and the spirits keeps on affecting the generation.

  11. What do you expect of murderers from Uzzumba maramba pfungwa? They are trained by ZANU to be ruthless and stupid.

  12. pa zera apa chimbopatarisisai mupepeti wenhau ? murume ane 22 yrs oroora mudzimai ane 41 yrs ? asi tinoti zororai murugare kune vakashaya nezhira inonzwisa tsitsi seizvi .

  13. You all surprise me!! So only men have the moral right to marry younger girls?
    Saka hatidzokere kuBeijing asikana. Madinga aya haasati anzwira!!!

  14. Editor l think you are mistaking that boy to be the husband of a 41 year old woman. I think that boy is the son otherwise this is state rape becoz the relationship stated when he was 15 yrs old or even much younger.

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