Agriculture minister Made lied about bumper maize harvest: Mliswa

ZANU PF Hurungwe West MP Temba Mliswa last week accused Agriculture Minister Joseph Made of lying that the country would have a bumper maize harvest this year.


Said Mliswa:“We have heard from the media that we will have a bumper harvest this season. In Mashonaland West 90 000 hectares worth of seed, 40 000 hectares worth of Compound D, and 25 000 hectares worth of Ammonium Nitrate was given to farmers. What criteria did they use to conclude that we’ll have a bumper harvest? In the
previous years we have been told that there is a bumper harvest which never proved true?”

He said research officers in his constituency did not have adequate transport and it was questionable to conclude there would be a bumper harvest before the ministry has conducted field visits.

Mliswa was later ordered by Acting Speaker Rueben Marumahoko to withdraw the use of the word “lied” as the term was adjudged as offensive.
Made, who was absent in the House was represented by his deputy (livestock) Paddy Zhanda.

Zhanda admitted that the ministry had not yet conducted field visits to make accurate crop assessments.

“It is true that the MP (Mliswa) read from print media and not from the official position of the ministry. It is also true that we have not done assessments for us to conclude that there is a bumper harvest or not,” Zhanda said.

This prompted Mliswa to intervene and ask: “Are you telling us that Made lied concerning the bumper harvest? Are we going to have a bumper harvest relative to the statistics I have given?”

Zhanda said bumper harvests could not be based on distribution of seed and fertilisers given to farmers by government, saying most farmers had sourced the inputs using their own resources.

He also said the Grain Marketing Board and CBZ had agreed on a payment plan to pay off $3,8 million owed to farmers for last year’s grain deliveries.

Over the past 10 years, Zimbabwe has been experiencing food shortages because of recurrent droughts, shortage of inputs and poor government support mechanisms.
The country’s cereal requirements currently stand at about $2,5 million metric tonnes per year.


  1. I was actually by his comments .His own crop did not do well .we actually siffering in headlands but woti bumper . iwe made ita mushe

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  2. mliswa we like people like u in parliament but watch ur step ZANU unoiziva

  3. Made could be right. Yes! Indeed, in peri-urban areas we ar going to have a bumper harvest but, not a single grain will find its way to GMB. Subsistence farming my brother!

  4. How can minister tell the nation of bumber harvest depending on seed and fertiliser given out.most of the inputs minister have not been used .your method of assesment never worked since your instalation as agric minister.izvi ndozvinofanira kusungisa nekuti its a threat to the national security as pple will starve mari yegrain reserve isina kuiswa parutivi

  5. The Dalaai Lama

    You just need to visit places like Guruve to conclude that Made is insane. Well spoken Mliswa. But be careful. Unoitwa “NATIONAL HERO”.

  6. Fosholo Kapwepwe

    If it were here in China, Made would face a firing squad. But given that he is a lackey for a headless of state, he can forever say what he likes without sanction.

  7. Khulu kaSue-Anne

    Uyatsho Mliswa koddwa….

  8. Why should Mliswa withdraw the word lied?this bastard has been lying to us for I dont know how many donkey years,he is a specialist in lying

  9. Havasiwo wakuru wakmbo tarisa minda vari mundege wakati tine magutwa tikapedzisira tawa kupemha here.?
    Inga zvine mahumbwe mukati izvi.

  10. Agricluture sure?

    1. Good observation

  11. Made might be mad..has anybody ever bothered to check?

  12. Mad Made has been saying th same statement since land invasions in 2000. He is not only a lier but mad too.

  13. goodchildgonebad


  14. If a Minister makes the same prediction year in & year out that proves to be false surely it’s time to call a spade a spade & say this person is lying. The speaker knew that Mliswa was right that’s why he only objected to the use of the word’lied’.

  15. Made is mad. The bumper harvest he was talking about is for tobacco. But we don’t eat it. There is no maize to talk about. Made is hapana chaanozita. He does not know basic agriculture. Mliswa keep it up. Gone are the days of towing along party lines without looking at public interest.

  16. The only mad person is the one who appoints this dead wood year in year out.

  17. Bumber harvest inobvepi ivo vanhu vakashaiwa mbeu nemafertiliser kuno kwangu kuMberengwa vubagwe hwakatsvukuruka zvinohlisa izhara kuvanhu vazhinji . Agara MADE ajaira zvekunyepa achifunga anofixa maBritish havazodi rubatsiro gwavo asi chokwadi chiripo vanhu varikupinda muzhara

  18. Wezhira Wezhara

    Mliswa is wrong. I KNOW for a fact kuti most parts of Masvingo Rural,Zaka and Chivi North are expecting higher than normal harvests this year. I was in Zimuto this last weekend and that place is normally the house of hunger but this time around the size and quality of Maize crop is amazing. Kwa Nerupiri nekuWendedzo even worse…and most of these people just used ndove fertlizer..saka according to Mliswa’s criteria theirs is not a bumper harvest?

    All I am saying is that if traditionally drought prone areas like those are experiencing good harvests to the extent that food aid may be unnecessary then I think a bumper harvest may not be unimaginable on a national scale.

    1. unopenga unobva kumasvingo papi pacho. kurima mustand wakuti tokohwa pakuru. masvingo din’t have rains until mid january mbeu dzairamba kumera regera vanokodzera kutaurira masvingo vataure iwe gara muharare utengase matomato unyerere

  19. Iwe wezhira wezhara muka mhani. What is bumper harvest. Do you think Masvingo can feed the nation Zimbabwe nyarara mhani

  20. @Wezhara. Wakarara nezhara iwe kana kuti une bhabharasi. Isu vobwo Masvingo hatina kumboendesa chibage chedu kuGMB nekuti haibhadhare. So contribution yedu at national level is that this time we are not going to get drought relief food. Subsistence farming and barter trade?

  21. Made saw the bumper crop from a helicopter!

  22. Wezhira agara ari wezhara. Saka he does not know the meaning of bumper. He thinks akaona imwe minda iine chibage that means the entire nation. Feeding a nation is not just having maize in a few rural fields. It requires putting into use all the vast tracts of land lying idle year in year out. Its even better to rent out those farms to those who realy have farming at heart and do their best than give them to the very same Mades who do not know a thing abt farming. They use farms as status symbols not for their specific use of producing for the nation. We have many well known and willing farmers who want to farm only that the manner in which the farms are gotten is rotten. They shld be given according to merrit and ability to utilise them not which party u support. Also u shld prove that u have the resources needed to utilise the farm than just parceling out land which will remain unused as is the case. The very same greedy land grabers do not even know how to maintain the land and keep it fertile and arrable. They are causing erosion and destroying trees, grass and even roads. We are sliding backwards to where we were in the 18th century instead of moving forwards. What a pity. We need devine intervetion.

  23. wezhira wezhara uri benzi homiii hatisi kutaura kuti nhaka kumba kwenyu hamutengi chibage pano tinozviziva kut iwe kumba kwenyu mairaramiswa nekutengesa hari motenga chibage but coz this year mukawana ngoro mbiri wakuti kune bamber harvest…thats stupid ….big up to Mliswa ….made akaba ma inputs even last season and i’m sure hi dd the same this yr

  24. This Mliswa guy seems level headed after all. Me need more of such animals there then.

  25. is this not the same mliswa that was beaten by warriors for too much intense excessive training and the same happened with sables kkkkkk akuda kurohwa ne ZANU PF futi.Chii chinoshamisa kunyeperwa ne ZANU PF. President once said cholera yapera we have manged to curb it apa yaitorova pick pakafiwa zvekufiwa zviya hamawe Bato redu ratinoda iri for personal benefits tichanotongwa kudenga remember more time is going to be spent inthe grave than alive ngatagadzire hunhu wedu.

  26. If it’s grass( uswa) and weeds he saw from the helicopter, then it’s definitly going to be a bumper harvest , no doubt about it.
    Our high class minister of weeds could never be wrong. Between him and our minister of finance we can look forward to a wonder full 2014, ie a failed state, actually we are already.

  27. when urban households get a bumper harvest through peri urban plots- it immensely contributes to national bumper harvest coz urbanites consume the bulk of GMB maize if we have normal rains. Mr Mliswa should be oblivous of the fact that not aevery farmer relies on government handouts. the handouts were made mostly to A1 farmers who have an impressive crop. kuzadza matura kumwewo asi kumusha tinenge takazadzaka. the bottom line is less would require maize from GMB which is good

  28. made did not tell a lie mr speaker sir, he just did not tell the truth. in ndebele sithi umdala uphosisile.

  29. Dr. Made has a doctorate in Agriculture, he is a specialist, a guru. the top dog in farming. Let us listen when he speaks and not criticize

    1. Sam, you need to visit a psychiatrist. Don’t see that all the people are supporting Mliswa because Mad Made has been lying all these years? If you check the media archives, you’ll see that he has been regurgitating the same lie over and over again hence the doubts from the people. History has a tendency of repeating itself.
      Of course, Made does that with the support of the leadership so that it’ll appear as if land reform was a success.

  30. made has always said that, i am starting to think he is a contrary. Every time he says bumper harvest expect the exact opposite. i hope his assortments are not based on Chinhoyi-style n’angas

  31. Mliswa is right. chanetsa ndechokuti chokwadi hachidikanwi, zvanzi dai vangondipembedza chete tozozviona pave-paya.@sam moyo.doctorate ngarionekwe mukubata basa.

  32. Willard Mubvumbi

    Dont blame Made but the farmers who are not doing well and most of them are cry babies. Each and every year,they always find something to blame.

  33. Lying Is just second culture to zanu pfu cadres. You can’t carry the zanyu pf flag and be honest at the same time. Themba Mliswa we need the peoples Party to cOme and have a looK at Kadoma town council. If only to prove how honest Chimidzi is and how transperant the withdrawal of leases reisuing Vending tables wich have no back dates in payements. Who actualy is Chimidzi to weald so much power over residents. Should we leave in fear of people who work for us. Themba Mliswa You seem to have a voice do something for Kadoma

  34. mad Made should be fired , agarisa pachigaro , hindava achinyepa , kip it up murwyiswa , wakadyiswa chivindi mfana ,,, bt pa heros hauende ,,,

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