Zimbabwe government’s purge meant to lure investors’


INVESTIGATIONS by the government into the operations of State enterprises where senior officials were awarded mega salaries and perks have been described as suspicious with political analysts saying the government could not have been unaware of what was happening.

By Phillip Chidavaenzi

They said the ongoing purges were likely part of a grand scheme of political cleansing as the same executives were appointed by parastatal boards appointed by government ministers.

Analysts who spoke to NewsDay yesterday said the government was in a desperate economic fix and the new drive against corruption was probably meant to woo foreign investors who demanded a clear–cut system of checks and balances in public parastatals.

The remarks came in the wake of indications that the police were now ready to kick–start criminal proceedings against suspects named in underhand dealings in public institutions.

Leadership Institute for Transformation and Social Change director Godwin Phiri said government’s purges had been motivated by its failure to lure foreign investors.

“I would say this government has failed to lure foreign investors. You have to show commitment to dealing with the underlying issues. Clearly, issues of corruption, poor corporate governance are key factors in economic performance,” he said.

Suspended Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation chief executive officer Happison Muchechetere was pocketing $40 000 in salary and allowances while the corporation’s workers had gone for six months without pay and Premier Service Medical Aid Society chief executive Cuthbert Dube earned $230 000 per month at a time when the society had accumulated $38 million debts.

Phiri said it, however, remained to be seen whether or not the government would pursue the fight against corruption in the public sector to its logical conclusion.

“While we must commend these efforts, in the long term Zimbabweans will be waiting to see if these issues are going to be addressed with finality, and this means there should be no sacred cows,” he said.

Former State Enterprises minister Gorden Moyo (MDC–T) recently told our sister paper, The Standard, that President Robert Mugabe was aware of what had been happening in the public institutions and the unorthodox dealings happened with the blessings of the responsible ministers.

“We raised these issues when they came out, but nothing happened. They are known. The President was aware,” he said. “Line ministers were accomplices to the crimes so they could not prevail on the parastatal bosses.”

Media Centre director Ernest Mudzengi said he was not convinced that the renewed anti–corruption drive was genuine, describing it as “politically driven” as all the emerging scandals should have been exposed earlier.

“These things were happening in parastatals that were supposed to be under the oversight of certain ministers,” Mudzengi said. “Where were they? Are those ministers not supposed to be investigated as well? And where were the boards?”

Mudzengi said the fact that the anti-graft fight was inspired by deliberate leakages of information from certain quarters raised suspicion.

“We received a report on these issues from (Gorden) Moyo, which were revealed to government long back and no action was taken then,” he said.


  1. There is a prison called Camp 22 in N Korea designed especially for corrupt ppl. We can rent a few cells there in the spirit of ‘look east’ camaraderie. In its most advanced form corruption will create warlords and that milestone is not far off but just around the bend.

    • You have a vision, Stokononzi. We would love to pay for one-way tickets for them to go to the DPRK. It is better than forking out millions of dollars for their salaries at PSMAS, ZBC etc. After they serve their punishments we can donate them to the North Koreans, who happen to be our friends since the liberation struggle.

  2. This report is from a failed paper which is trying to cover ground taken by the HERALD. It just proves that whatever meaningful progress being undertaken by the authorities, this paper full of “behind
    the bar counter reporters” would want to trivialize and politicize such cases all in an effort to gain relevance. Mark my words by june this year the newsday and most of the other AMH products and of course the Daily news will have closed shop. You can’t survive on this type of gutter journalism.

    • reason, what meaningful progress has been made? Its laughable that you actually think the very architects of corruption can all of a sudden stop it. Where were they when the rot set in? Mugabe is a thief who has in the past 34 years surrounded himself with fellow thieves. He has no intention of stopping it because over the years we have heard him lambaste his ministers for corruption then does nothing about it.

  3. Mudzengi and his media centre must not try to put gloss on Moyo..Moyo failed in his mandate. Mudzengi might be friends with Mpofu..I ask because rather than play analyst why did he not release the shocking figures to the press during that time? The figures are known this is why Moyo was quoted as saying USD 5 000 was a fair amount…why now? Cut the gerrymandering and leak that schedule which the secretary to cabinet is sitting on..if you cant do this just shut up like you did in the past four years Moyo and people will be happier not this addled nonsense you are trying to peddle without providing shred of evidence that Mudzengi is lying about.

  4. Same old fashion…moronic cycle…Zanu PF is pure evil if deranged and if we do not group and get rid of this autocracy, we are equally to blame…these are human hyenas taking advantage of a dormant society flanked by poverty

  5. What happened to CDF looting.I believe it fell on a technicality.I see the same nenyaya dzemaobscene salaries idzi

  6. Gorden Moyo should spare us the crap and stop politicking. For crying out loud, you were the Minister responsible for Parastatals and all you can show for the four years you were in Govt is to tell us now, after Jonathan Moyo has already gone to work that you ‘tried’ to raise these issues?? Really??? Why couldn’t you ome out publicly and expose the rot even if there was no political will from Zanu PF? You are a LIAR and are trying to cover up your obvious gross incompetence and apparent collusion in this corruption. Please crawl back into the whole you came from. You have NO credibility whatsoever. Nxaaa!

    • I agree with reservations. Gorden Moyo should give a detailed account of what he unearthed and when and what he did or tried to do about it, then crawl back into the hole he came from. He owes us that, having served with responsibility for parastatals, with now deputy-minister of Finance as his deputy. The political considerations are an important dimension for public consumption since at the end of the day, politics is about public service.

    • He raised the stink but the man who chaired cabinet meetings did not act what did you want Moyo to do? Did Charamba not write to a minister concerned about this? Nechinanga just a bit of brains is needed here.

  7. Its cancerous the issue of corrupt idividuals needs to be delt with jail terms . Like what they did in Zambia its now a working state . Vakuru ngavatipe maserious zvinofamba .if we cleanup we can make it it not late

  8. The furore about chief executive obscene salaries will blow over very soon. Nobody will be brought to book because some involved are so-called war veterans. War veterans are untouchable in Zimbabwe. The news media is making the most noise when they have been complicit in inadvertently perpetuating corruption by lionising ZanuPF all the time. As a result those in ZanuPF feel they can do as they like because they are our saviours. I don’t know what ZanuPF saved us from quite frankly. Every single day we get reports deifying ZanuPF in the press on “liberation” in one form or another by most writers and reporters looking to please the ZanuPF bullies in power. This why they do as they please. I participated in the election which brought Zanu into power in 1980 after Muzorewa yet some morons feel we should pay compensation to ZanuPF FOR VOTING THEM INTO POWER! How idiotic can some people be! What I find thoroughly irritating is people who were infants or not born around 1978-80 writing authoritatively about “liberation” when they have no clue what it is we are supposed to have been “liberated” from. How can these people talk of “liberation” from a world they never experienced or lived as adults? I know better because I was born in Rhodesia and lived in Highfields, the cradle of black nationalism, and know a damn sight more than most what life was like before black and after.

  9. this is just a tip of the iceberg its bad more than what it seems,who wants to invest in a economy were there is no transparency nor corporate gorvenance framework in place and effective matiuraya

  10. If it were the truth that its meant to woe investors, what is wrong with that? Really in Zimbabwe we have sick people who are not patriotic at all. They behave as if they have another country othr than Zimbabwe, you will not get a people like Zimbabweans when it comes to not being proud of their country. The writer of this article is a very sick person also.

    • Jamme bruv, you are one of those unpatriotic sick people in our beloved Zim. first, there is nothing genuine with zanu wanzwa. they lure investors and turn back to loot more. secondly, you dont climb on top of a mountain and cry obscenities about an investor then go back to your house and burn it so you get their sympathy. thats utter incompetency. thirdly, your blue print talks of indigenisation and behind your back you work ‘colononial slave’ (to quote their words). who are you hoodwinking? a wise man said ‘a blind man cannot lead another’. wake-up dude.

  11. where else have you heard these issues being discussed other than these platforms. we would be fools, as usual, to think that anything is going to be done about these criminals. thought we are all knowledgable enough to know how this country is managed

  12. I bet my last dollar noone will ever go to prison on corruption charges while Babamunini va Goreraza vachiri kutonga.

  13. @Reason, The Herald plays the puppet by serving as a flagship media outlet for the ZANU-PF party, to gloss their corruption, cover their rottenness, shower irrelevant praises on corrupt leaders, twisting and bending issues to suit the not-so-attractive ZANU-PF ideology. It’s a platform for comrades of the bygone era. Their news and all is coloured by a strong political bias it advances in the production of everyday news.

  14. To Mr Musona,with all due respect sir,i think your old song have become quite monotonous. If ur desire is to educate Zimbabwe on the ‘correct’ hstory,plz write a book,seek donors and distribute it for free. Provide evidence,lest ur book be called a farce. I dont c how ur comments are helping here,it seems like u try and mke evry story go back to ur Rhodesian ‘paradise’. Please sir,do something worthy with ur information,because on ths platform i really dnt c wat u r doing.

    • Musona is doing a sterling job, ‘LEST WE FORGET’ and swallow the rubbish propaganda being regurgitated by the ruling elite on a daily basis. Zimbabwe is worse off now than it was before independence – FACT. These fools liberated Zimbabwe ONLY for blacks not to be called ‘kirfar’ by a white person, nothing more, nothing less.

    • @cbrian – you are a stupid cretin. You have got the cheek! You do not own this website and cannot dictate what other pundits can or cannot write about. This is a public forum open to all kinds of opinion. You should only speak for yourself only. When you do buy your own website then you can set rules or log on to the Herald which might have views which resonate with you. If you are fed up you should simply ignore my comments like I do. I don’t think you know the meaning of “monotonous”. What is monotonous are stupid people who always punctuate their comments by lionising “liberation” which they never witnessed. If you think you know it all there are some who don’t and want to know the truth. A country’s history will never be monotonous. Rhodesia was a billion times better off. Stupid cretin.

  15. Mese muri kunyeperana. Makuhwa ega ega amuri kutaura. Zivai zvokurima mvura iri kunaya iyi. Upwetere pwetere hwamunoreva vana vazuro uno ndohwei. Munonyatsoiziva zimbabwe imi. Tiri kuona kuti magarika ndosaka mave kuwawata. Ndeyeropa nyika iyi. Ndati pedzerai nguva yenyu pakurima mvura iriko gore rino. Zvepolitics siirai isu. Tinogadzirisa. Mark my words

  16. I would like to reiterate what I have always said – Zanu and Zapu did not “liberate any country”: it was our votes which got Zanu into power in 1980 after Muzorewa had already been in power. The fighting by Zanu and Zapu had no bearing whatsoever with bringing black rule to Zimbabwe. To those who lie that colonialism was bad I have a few questions for them – if this borderless land had not been colonised would we be having (1) MORE jobs or (2) LESS jobs or (3) NO jobs at all? I will give you a hint to help in your answer – Before colonialism in 1890 there was no single factory or single school or single hospital or single needle in this land.

  17. Mugabe’s school and college fees were paid by the white colonialists. We all know his father abandoned the family home in Kutama and went to live in Bulawayo. A white colonialist missionary, Father Jerome O’Hea, then paid Mugabe’s fees. Mugabe only started politics in 1960 at the age of 36 after he had finished college peacefully with no disturbance. Why didn’t he start fighting the whites at, say, 15 years or 20 years? He obviously wanted to finish school first and be leader. Without white missionaries like Father Jerome O’Hea Mugabe would not be leader today. Why should he go around saying the whites who paid for his education were evil? Aigeza mawoko kudya kwemakore zvaayikpuhwa ne mabhunu asi apedza avekusimuka kuti chikafu chemabhunu chaaidya chaive ne chefu! (Mugabe used to wash his hands and eat what was prepared by the whites when he was young but afterwards turned around to tell us the food prepared by these whites was full of poison).

  18. The stance is good but i have reservations especially if the comments by Joice Mujuru is to go by. God help our country in the event she becomes President of Zimbabwe.

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