Zimbabwe government working on framework to curb graft


GOVERNMENT is working on a corporate governance framework as a way to address the corruption that the country is facing due to lack of proper governance structures, an official has said.

By Victoria Mtomba
Business Reporter

The Deputy Chief Secretary in the President’s Office Christian Katsande told delegates attending a Zimbabwe Agenda for Sustainable Socio-Economic Transformation (ZimAsset) workshop organised by the Confederation of Zimbabwe Industries this week that government was working towards curbing corruption in its structures.

“This is a matter government is seized with and this matter should be attended to not only in the public sector, but also the private sector,” he said.

“We are going to see the application of the corporate governance framework in the public sector. Right now we have been working on a corporate governance framework where we have engaged the Institute of Directors Zimbabwe. We hope to work going forward and we want to make sure we are properly guided.”

There has been a public outcry following disclosures of salaries of parastatal bosses including that of former Premier Services Medical Aid Society (PSMAS) chief executive officer Cuthbert Dube who was earning $230 000.

Corporate governance has been lax in government structures with some individuals sitting on more than five boards.

The corporate governance framework was developed to improve efficiency, effectiveness, transparency and clarity in terms of responsibilities and accountability.

The framework also covers issues that have to do with the role of shareholders, boards and senior management, general meetings, financial governance, compliance and reporting and State enterprises are expected to comply with the framework.

Katsande also said government had put in place guidelines for public-private partnerships as they had realised that there was potential for joint ventures in the economy.


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  2. 4 th past 34yrs in charge,there is still no proper governance structures,ths gvnt is a joke.by th way where is th chief himself.w hear again someone at zesa is getting 580 000 dollars a mnth n th CE0 of zim is quiet

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  4. A framwework? for what? just time wasting and trying to push dirty under the carpet. What framework is needed? Arrest the thieves, fullstop! We are tired of these frameworks. Mugabe is stealing and evey follower of his go the same way. Everyday him and Grace grab more and more land form others, they use govt funds to buy propoerties in the far east, they are extremely greedy and are above the law! Well, his pple know that he wont do anything to them regarding corruption because his hands are dirty too! Thse who try to expose corruption are the ones who are murdered, may his soul rest in peace, Cde Chindori Chininga.

  5. Coming up with a framework on corporate governance needs a wider consultation base. I would propose inclusion of the following multi-sectoral approach: ACCA, CIMA, Institute of Chartered Secretaries & Administrators, Institute of Directors, SAZ, ZSE, even invite Merril King from SA to learn one or two leasons and Reprentative from private sector, government, parastatals, Zilga, UCAZ, Universities representatives and other relevant stakeholders. Dont just ask Institute of Directors, it will come up the Zembe style. Government should not direct the show but coordinate

    Corporate governance has suffered a still birth in Zimbabwe where a chairman of the National Corporate Governance code committee and author of Corporate Governance framework for parastatals and gvt institutions is problem with corporate governance. Zembe to be precise

    • Maps, I dont know how I can help you have this message reach its destination. But he who have ears to hear let him hear.

  6. Theft is theft framework for what? The law must take its course we are tired of lame excuses next remember the community development fund where most members of Parliament abused the funds because there was no framework for use of those funds. Now the former MPs want packages or pensions maybe that’s empowerment and indigenization let’s wait and hear and see

  7. the current govt can not tackle this corruption scourge.one blaring example is the C hombo case,where in his divorce case it was exposed that he owned land and properties in almost all the country’s local authorities and noone even bothered to investigate wheather he had legally acquired those properties, seeing he is the minister responsible for that portifolio.

  8. framework for what? just arrest and send to jail corrupt ministers. once you have ministers on chikurubi the system will iron out its kinks in no time

  9. The guys who are looting are liberation heroes or war vets. If anyone thinks Mugabe can move against them then there are living in dreamland! The same guys looted the War Victims compensation fund and Housing fund(this Happyson Muchechere was there too and “ate”). Nothing happened infact the guys were promoted!

    On multiple farm ownership , misuse of farm mechanisation project there are there. Don’t expect anything to happen.

    Bhora Mughedhe for POVO, Mari Muhomwe for the CHEFS!!

  10. You You hit the nail right on the head Tongogara. What framework? Corruption is corruption,theft is theft.There are existing laws to deal with such things. What framework are these thieves talking about? Trying to find an exit back door or hole?

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  12. Those guys who are involved in corruption must be brought to book an d the vlaw must take its course.We should never protect such people as they are the ones who are contributing to the downfall of this nations causing others to suffer.

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