Gumbura trial timeline: Relief as rapist pastor is locked away

Gumbura is led by a prison officer and one of his lawyers

HARARE magistrates’ regional court number 16, where condemned man of cloth and leader of the RMG End Time Message Church Robert Martin Gumbura (57) was sentenced to an effective 40-year jail term, was filled to capacity yesterday.


The matter, which attracted hundreds of people from across all social strata including law-enforcement agents, gender activists, a legislator and ordinary people, has been described as one of the worst sexual abuse cases involving a church leader in the country.

Many people jostled to catch a glimpse of Gumbura or his 11 young wives who had come to attend the court proceedings. Hordes of people who failed to secure a seat in the courtroom could be seen milling around outside the court building, waiting to hear the sentence.


Some journalists who had come to cover the event sat on a table to give way to the multitudes from all walks of life that wanted to see Gumbura, who was clad in prison garb in the dock.

When Gumbura eventually walked into the court, in the company of prison officials, he gave a glance three times at his 11 wives who were seated on two front rows in the packed courtroom.

He then scanned the room as if looking for someone before he darted his eyes at his lawyer, Rekai Maposa, giving her a cynical grin.

Gumbura’s stone-faced wives sat quietly, listening as regional magistrate Hosea Mujaya read out the long judgment.

It came out during trial that some congregants feared leaving Gumbura’s church as anyone that spoke against the disgraced cleric would be cursed and placed in the hands of the devil.

A young congregant with Gumbura’s church who refused to be identified was all smiles and said: “We know of so many people that died after he had cursed them and hence the reason why it was difficult for us to leave this church. We thank God we are free from the hands of this cult and we know that many more cases will start surfacing.”

A Spoken Word Ministries pastor James Gwatidzo, who attended court proceedings from day one, said that this case should send the correct signal to other “men of the cloth” who were sexually abusing their congregants.

In an interview with NewsDay, the investigating officer in the matter Chief Superintendent Ndabezinhle Moyo described the case as one of the most difficult assignments he had ever undertaken as a police officer.

“It was a complex case because the tapes I watched on Gumbura’s sermons clearly demonstrated an intense, classical conditioning of the mind to the extent that his congregants believed that he was a representative of God. I am relieved this is over,” Moyo said.

Gender activist Teverai Nhapi, who unravelled the Gumbura case, said she was working on more of these “cults like” activities in all churches around the country.

“There is a big gap between identification of such cases and economic empowerment of these women. We are currently working on yet another case of a parent, a congregant of Gumbura’s church, who donated their underage daughter to this church,” Nhapi said.

Another woman, Tabeth Gamanya, said her niece was also donated to a church leader in Kwekwe, who belongs to Gumbura’s church against her mother’s will.

“This is a girl doing Grade 4 and I spoke with my niece not so long ago who expressed that she did not wish to live with this man. It baffles me to imagine how a father can just let off his daughter to someone under the guise of a church. These people must be arrested. I and her mother will not rest until she is released,” she said.


  1. Justice has been finally delivered. He is gone,and gone forever. Let his small so called god rescue him from the galoes.

  2. ladies and gents pliz slow down remember Kuruneri he even had a Luxure bed delivered in jail vanhu vakadai have a lot to not loose but varipo vangaruza zvakawandisa akainda kujeri oga ndivo vachamubudisisa ava magistrate fambai makaringa nzira nyamutamba nengwe unobaiwa chete ndaenda ini hoyo mukadzi varume chaivo kujeri ukoo batai munhu 24)7 avo vakadzi itai donation kwana Masendeke kana Chidhumo vapiwe dhisipurini


  4. @ Weruzha zvauridofo remakoko duzvi chair. ‘Varume chaivo kujeri’ ndivanani idzo mhondi, mbavha ne mabhinya auri kukumbira kuti varange Gumbura you must be a fool of legendary proportions to appeal to condemned criminals to do Correctional Services work. U think prison induced homosexuality is a sign of manhood…fool.

  5. The problem isn’t Gumbura but its the system in that Church .I tell you with so much confidence that End Time Message Church need to be investigated in all its dealings starting from its doctrine which belittle women and treat them as door mats and the doctrine which makes worshippers to view or see their Pastors as Gods .Its not Gumbura but the system in the Church .I have seen Grade 7 girls being handed over to older man just because the Pastor has sanctioned the marriage .In End Time Message when you want to marry you don’t go to the girl and propose you 1st ask the Pastor then the Pastor will call the girl and propose on your behalf .Please lets clear the rot in this Church .

    • get your facts right and if you have nothing to say go hang.. api acho mamessage kupi kwacho you just listen to fabbles and you run like you got facts. you little little shallow fool.. you need to go buy a bible read first then consider commenting zvinhu zvisina nezeri rako TAWANDA.. shame

      • Proper Christians don’t respond the way you just did. Even if he’s wrong you don’t go around calling people names and being rude. Ndo huKristu hwacho here ihwohwo?

  6. the indigenised end time messege thats 51% share…cde gumbura must be free as early as yesterday…the problem is imposed sanctions by the west lets look east guys heyy you gumbura look east

  7. Another pastor in the UK, Walter Masocha,has been bailed for various sexual offenses. What wrong with these pastors and sex??. Just google Jean Gasho and there you have Agape for All Nations Ministries – Gore rino

  8. 40 years -16 years dzeremission it givs me 24 years so 24 effective sentence 4 ths viagra sildernafill bull bhuru raimwa mapiritsi ebonde richirara nevakadzi vevanhu,there is afarce in our judiciary systemy all wat a shame

  9. This is directed to Tawanda…a genuine christian does not stand anywhere and begin to critises other religions..every man has his area of weakness and his weaknesses aint used as a measure of judgement against the church, know you that if u stand against the elects and his church you got indicted for that …if you read your bible and pray well u will understand what God wants (doctrine)..William Marrion Branham is the only prophet in this genaration no one else

    • @Branhamite where in the Bible are we told WM Branham is the only true prophet?? Where in his books does he also say that? Please help those of us who see you like anti-christ spirited understand ONLY by SCRIPTURE. God’s word needs no interpretation, give us the scriptures.

  10. Obedience is better than sacrifice. God’s purpose and plan for marriage was for unity that is between one man and one woman. It’s clearly stated in the book of Genesis. Even King Solomon who also had many wives, they were his downfall. Most man of God start right and lose it along the way. William Branham whom you Branamite you are referring to was a great man of God used by the Holy Spirit, but somehow in his last days, he lost it and began to err regarding the gospel. For this God had to call him much earlier.

  11. Batai mapositorika vanoti kuvana vacheche ndanzi nomweya uite mukadzi wangu!!!
    Kana mati indoctrination irepu batai mapositori please!!!!

  12. I know the Gamanyas. Anyone knows that Pastor Gumbura was never offered that girl. Its just rumours. Pastor Gumbura heard the rumours and exposed them outright. The wife has a problem spiritually. She used to manifest a demon which makes her undress and expose her body like Bev Sibanda, the stripper!
    Very sorry for the husband, it never rains but pours for him with his wife!! I think counselling is best for this home because the wife is just NUTS!

  13. I am still wondering. Have so many unanswered questions. Who is gumbura? Where does he get his powers from? What makes him to be feared by his followers. Personally i dont hate him neither do i love him. I dont quite understand the kind of person he is. One thing that makes me happy is that i dont have anything to do with him, i refuse to judge. Let God be the judge. Those who were wronged by this man i am very sorry. There is light at the end of the tunnel. Pray to God. A new chapter has been opened in yo life.

  14. Nhai hama dzangu, how can two women be raped one after the other in the same room? Gumbura after raping the first, he calls out “next!!’ the other gets in and gets raped again. This is just nonsensical, this guy was a pervert but not a rapist. He abused his authority to obtain willing sex but never used force on any of these women.

    The law says, ” If a male person knowingly has sexual intercourse or anal sexual intercourse with a female person and, at the time of the intercourse
    (a) the female person has not consented to it; and
    (b) he knows that she has not consented to it or realises that there is a real risk or possibility that she may not have consented to it; he shall be guilty of rape.

    If I sleep with one woman when the other is waiting for her turn, wont a reasonable man think that there is consent? Yes, it’s sick of him to do that to someone’s wife but most people’s wives are giving away sex to their bosses for pay favors which is not rape.

    This guy has been jailed for moral reasons rather than crime.

  15. Iwe simbiyamudhara kana uri kuitawo sezvagumbura urikumutevera manje manje, sei uchida kugadzirisa gadzirisa zveumbwa sei usingade kunzwisisa zvakabuda mutsvagiritso dzakaitwa kuti murume uyu azowanikwa kuti pane nyaya,kana wakaitawo chilaw chako ndechepasi pemuti,zvino akaenda haadzoke.

  16. @simbiyamdhara: You are 100% right. This is what happened. However, as a point of collection the allegations were false. The man never had any sexual activity with his married women congregants.

    The so-called married women were girls before. In polygamy, as is with monogamy status, a man proposes love to a girl or single woman. They agree to be in love and the rest follow. The bible in the book of Proverbs, says the way of a man and his maid is mysterious. There are possibilities that these two birds end up having consensual sex and all are looking forward to get married one day (that’s immoral). Along the way, either a man or the woman or girl fails to live up to the agreement or the goal of a marriage and they decide and agree to separate. Maybe the church would have been told of the affair or are in knowledge of it given the man’s life could be known by his multiple wives. Because the congregant worships her God from the same church, she decides to get married to another believer man from the same church and these wed and have children there after. The congregant backslides later from the faith and either goes to another rivalry church, say, Spoken Word Ministries under Godwin Chitsinde (A). There the pastor adopts ‘wolf in sheep skin’ tactics to decampaign his fellow pastor who is polygamous say, RMG Independent End Time Message under RM Gumbura(B).

  17. Pastor A preys on unsuspecting disgruntled congregant from Pastor B church. The congregant makes all manner of confessions with hope to come closer to God in faith. Pastor A psychologically subjects the congregant into a state that the matter is serious and taboo and should be dealt with. He further lures the husband of the female congregant and these agree to take action. They hold secret meetings and stage a plan. The former congregant of Pastor B is told by Pastor A to report rape at a police station while Pastor A approaches ACCZ under Johannes Ndanga (C) to report sexual abuse and ill acts done by Pastor B. Mr C and Pastor A hatches a plan. Mr C approaches Police Fraud Squad and Police Officer say Moyo is chosen (D). Officer D leads a team to accused Pastor B resident at night and raids forcefully dislodging all attempts and creates confusion and wisks away with so-called immoral tapes and Pastor B private property. Pastor B is taken away to Police Cells for investigations and the dubious game starts. Former disgruntled congregants are followed and Officer D collaborates with them to nail Pastor B and a ‘grand’ plan is hatched. Pastor B ends up sentenced for 40 years after the game is over!! whoooooo! what a plan!! Search it and find out if you have the authority and power over the voiceless RMG Independent End Time Message congregants who appear to be quiet.

  18. I will be generous:If one in every ten is HIV POSITIVE
    Every rape case reported tests are taken
    Gumburas wives need to go for tests

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