Police uniform directive confuses cops


THERE are reports of confusion at border control police stations following a recent order directing all plainclothes detectives to start wearing police uniforms.


Sources in the police force said communication directing plainclothes detectives at the Border Control and Minerals Unit at border posts and airports to wear police uniforms was received on January 21 from the force’s Central Planning Committee (CPC) headquartered in Harare.

The directive that effectively meant the detectives became ordinary cops overnight reportedly did not go down well with them as they were forced to rush to request uniforms from the Zimbabwe Republic Police’s (ZRP) ordinance stores, sources said.

“It was planned and mooted a year ago by the CPC. We are told that the CPC wants to align itself with their Southern African counterparts who have border based police officers in uniform,” the source said.

A border control police detective who requested anonymity told our sister paper Southern Eye in an interview that: “This directive was not well received and caused a lot of disgruntlement as it was just sudden without a grace period to allow this changeover. It was all frustrating because it meant we ceased to be detectives, but became ordinary police officers within hours.”

Border control police detectives — sources said — only heaved a sigh of relief two days later on January 23 after receiving communication from deputy commissioner general, Innocent Matibiri reversing the earlier directive ‘as he was not aware of the change-over arrangement’.

“There is just confusion. We are confused and happy at the same time that this directive has been reversed,” a detective said.

“But still, we are not in the clear as to what happens next since we have been told to stand ready to start wearing on uniforms.”

ZRP national police spokesperson, Senior Assistant Commissioner Charity Charamba professed ignorance over the matter.

But she said “there was nothing peculiar with an order directing the detectives to start wearing on uniforms.”

“There is nothing peculiar because they are still police officers and police officers wear uniforms,” Charamba said.


  1. a gud move in th ryt direction.wth an increasing cases of corruption espcly by officers , this will help to reduce th level.myb der will b afraid.

  2. Boarder and ciu do not fall under cid. Why are they complaining now when during elections even detectives put on uniforms as a disguise

  3. Charamba is correct – Police officers take orders without question. An order is an order – no grace period required. The person wanting this grace period indicates to us lack of discipline in the force.
    Two its easier to detect corruption at the border and it will improve security levels. Each time your are on the zim side of border you feel a sense of lack of security – because their are not visible.

  4. uniform ndizvo ndokuti zrp nd basa rine dress code inogona kuchinja as and when u start on a new corporate image nd ndiyo image building hamheno kana vachizvizivawo.Uniform today hakona tomoro

  5. no no no hudofo hwevamwe toukopera bcoz ndezve region,kwete.Madetectives ngagare akadaro asina maUniform basa roitwa we cn not allow a situation whr these ppl r easily identified.It wil mk basa remaculprits mch easier

  6. This is shallow reporting. There^s nthng sPecial about th ClD branch they re stl Policeboys wth Police uniform in their wardrobes. The Police also hev branches lyk PlSl, DUB, Dog section, PPU and they all produced from morris depot.

  7. why should the detectives put on uniform. Police is failing to dress ma officers. if u check muma stations uniform anongova mamvemve. officers are buying uniform on their own

  8. Uniform ndokuti police.CID doesnt mean plain clothing.Order is an order.vakutya huhore wapachena nekuda kweUniform.Chihuri anopfeka wani.What is CID

  9. vanga vachibira nokuti hauvazive nokusa
    pfeka uniform,vari kuda kuita cid kuna ani
    very corrupt thats why vari kuda kuresistor.

  10. Why is it charamba always answer with ‘I dont know’ to everything she is asked? whats her job discription? If she cant handle the pressures of the job she should ship out. There is nothing at all she knows about day to day runnings of police

  11. I am worried about shallow plans and unsound directives that are spewed from the commanders of the Z.R.P. I have been thrilled by the arrests made by Detectives attached to the Border Control and Minerals Unit when I read through the papers that they recovered valuable trophies and kilogrammes of gold. It is going to be difficult to have such astounding recoveries while the detectives will be now operating in uniforms. High consideration should be bend on detection and recovering rather than preventive operations. I am convinced that the Z.R.P. planners should not be found dictating changes on sound organisational long term plan strategies but should implement sound strategies in order to fight economic crimes which are mainly dealt with by the Border Control and Minerals Unit!

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