HomeNews‘Underfunding crippling Zimbabwe Media Commission'

‘Underfunding crippling Zimbabwe Media Commission’


ZIMBABWE Media Commission (ZMC) chief executive officer Tafataona Mahoso yesterday said lack of funding had stifled the commission’s programmes, adding that the government was also failing to adequately pay commissioners.


Mahoso told the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Information, Media and Broadcasting Services chaired by Zanu PF Umzingwane MP William Dewa that ZMC commissioners were paid a meagre $395 per month, while other constitutional requirements like paying their domestic workers and funding their fuel expenses were not being met by the government.

“After elevating the commission from the Media Information Commission (MIC) which had seven members to ZMC which has nine members and 13 members serving under the Media Council, funding has been inferior compared to what the former MIC enjoyed,” Mahoso said.

“All commissioners are entitled to sitting allowances, travel and subsistence, fuel allocations, salaries and payments of their domestic workers, but these conditions are on paper and have not been recognised by Treasury as what used to happen with the MIC.”

Mahoso said the Media Council had failed to monitor various media houses for any breaches of journalism ethics due to underfunding.

According to Mahoso, ZMC bid for $2 million, but received a paltry $448 000.

Meanwhile, Kingstons acting chief executive officer Kiitu Zawanda also told the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Information, Media and Broadcasting Services that her organisation was planning to operate an edutainment radio station KE 100.4 FM which would broadcast radio lessons for students and programmes to teach Zimbabwe about the government’s blueprint economic policy document ZimAsset and the new Constitution.

She said they had also applied for another radio station Nyaminyami FM to run tourism programmes.

The firm is currently reeling under a $5 million debt and is struggling to stock its 20 bookshops dotted around the country.

Mabvuku-Tafara MDC-T MP James Maridadi questioned why Kingstons wanted to venture into radio when it did not have a substantive board and CEO and were failing to run its core business of textbook sales.

But Zawanda defended the project, saying a local bank had shown interest in financing the proposed radio stations.

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  1. Of course,Chikata. ZANU PF needs many “commissions” in order to perpetuate its economic plunder of Zimbabwe’s meagre resources. It’s(ZANU’s) numerous bootlickers are itching to get onto the gravy train and are determined to drive Zimbabwe to its knees economically.No thought for the ordinary Zimbabwean from the “revolutionary” looters.

    • @Joseph- Nicely laid on..Lets make a deal with the government..they can add a 100 more USELESS COMMISSIONS if they get rid of this one. This one has denied a chance to sing the Temptations 70’s hit “Happy people”..This commission has made sure we are NOT. So yah, it is a fair trade 100 new commissions for this one..cant be fairer than this can we?

  2. Kingstons branches have all closed and the acting chief executive officer Kiitu Zawanda still want to venture in radio broadcasting business. Kingstons Books used to be the icon and a successful story of bookselling in Zimbabwe. Imagine there used to be all reading materials from primers, academic, diy, novels, textbooks, stationery, name it. The truth these guys have killed the nation’s reading habit. Radio lessons to whom and why? Studio 7 is doing much better community radio services than any of the locally licenced mumbo jumbo because it is accessible to all and sundry, its content is relevant to listeners.

    • @Yangova- It is true the management at Kingstons appear to have dedicated themselves to its total destruction..now with this hare brained radio scheme they are making sure that it stays TRULY and finally dead.

    • @chief- Mahoso has a very ‘important job’ of making sure that people hate the government and he seems to relish THIS job! He is a celebrated sadist who loves making those around him bring out the worst in themselves..he is that GOOD.

      • “Mahoso has a very ‘important job’ of making sure that people hate the government and he seems to relish THIS job!” Well said. You’re a star. The moment mahoso opens his big mouth in praise of the government, he irritates many. I think it’s time such imbecile hangers-on are shown the door.

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  4. Kana pay yacho irishoma ngaarambe sezvakaita Chivaura gore riya . In any case how many salaries doe he want as he is being for writing in sunday mail, appearing on zvt and lecturing at poly

  5. The Media Commission and Kingstons; What are their roles in Zimbabwe which warrants them to have audience with a Parly Committee and be allowed to howl for adequate funding. Are these not self imposed impediments to development exhausting our meagre resources and blaming non- exiisting sanctions.

  6. Mahoso should actualy be made to repay the government all the salaries he has earned over the years for misleading & misinforming the people of Zim that their suffering was a result of sanctions & imperialism blah blah when it turns out its actulay zanupf corruption that has destroyed us all

  7. Underfunding? What happens to all those monies they collect from licensing journalists and media houses? foreign journalists are made to pay $200 even for working in Zimbabwe for a day or two! And the card expires and then again they pay the same amount when they have to come back again! So where is the underfunding?

  8. “Underfunding crippling media commission” Might this be a masterstroke by government to ensure that the media commission does not cripple everybody else like it has been doing all its life. This is genius from government..more like “wronging the wronger”..The government will see its popularity LEAP to God’s table if it succeeds in CRIPPLING the crippler aka Media Commission..some of us can not wait!

  9. Its all because of sanctions. Maybe Mr Mahoso needs to swallow his pride and extend a begging bowl to the West. Just a suggestion….

  10. The media commission is useless and must be banned.It’s a ZANU PF mantra thing.It must be crippled by underfunding until it dies a natural death.Tafataona Mahoso now faces reality he used to blame MDC-T on all these thingz now ZANU PF is in power why the problems continue?Mahoso is learning the hard way.

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