Tsvangirai, Mangoma feud resolved

Morgan Tsvangirai

THE feud between MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai and the party’s deputy-treasurer General Elton Mangoma, sparked by the latter’s call for leadership renewal, was resolved on Sunday after the two parties privately met at the former premier’s Highlands residence and agreed to bury their differences, NewsDay has learnt.


Tsvangirai’s spokesperson Luke Tamborinyoka confirmed the development yesterday, but declined to disclose the terms of the agreement.

A public spat broke out last week after Mangoma’s private letter to the party leader advising him to step down was leaked to the Press.

“Yesterday (Sunday), he was with Mangoma and to him it is not criminal in the MDC to speak out one’s opinion,” said Tamborinyoka.

The party is supposed to hold its elective congress in 2016, but Tamborinyoka said if the party organs agree, it could be moved closer.

“He laughed off on perceptions created by the media he that he is not prepared to face the people and that there was the $7 million dollar call for him to step down. There is no price for the suffering the people of Zimbabwe went through. The proper forum to elect a new team is a congress and he is ready to face the people anytime,” Tamborinyoka said.

Meanwhile, Tsvangirai yesterday met with diplomats accredited to Zimbabwe for a regular briefing.

“He met diplomats from Africa and the West separately and briefed them on the national crisis affecting the country. He told them of the need for a broad meeting of dialogue, not the lite pact of political leadership but the one that includes civic society, students and many others,” he said.

Tamborinyoka said his boss gave the diplomats the seven-point plan to legitimacy that will lead to elections.

“He spoke of internal democracy in the party and the ongoing robust debate saying it was a sign of a Democratic Party practicing democracy. He also pointed of the possibility of an early elective congress depending on the debate and reccomendations of the party organs.”

He told African diplomats that SADC and the AU were critical players in stopping the crisis in Zimbabwe.


  1. This is democracy, where a leader is prepared to have an elective congress earlier than scheduled if that is the wish of the people.

    • Those calling for Tsvangirai to go sound like ZANU PF supporters.They have realised that noone in their party, after Mugabe, has a chance against Morgan. They want to create chaos in the party ahead of elections.

  2. MDC -T(eaboy), MDC-N(cube), MDC-M(utambara), MDC-99(Sikhala), MDC-SM(SImb Makoni), MDC-NCA ( Mad Huku)… MDC-Tsvangirai belongs to Tsvangson. Others are free to form their MDC’s? Who leaves his own Party? To leave and do what? Stay Tsvangson forever. ,

  3. That men so exhausting these days, why can’t he just do the honorable thing, and retire. Traces of Mugabe’s DNA are starting to flow in his veins, now he is just a rumbling lunatic who is clinging to power. Never ever in my existence will l ever vote for that men, it’s time for change.

  4. Please note that the MDC is a fading horse and these relevance seeking antics will not take this dying puppet party anywhere. Zim under the Zanu Pf Gvt will take us forward, forget about the MDC its now a scotchcart without wheels.

    • Matambo, having taken us backwards for the past 34 years, it would certainly be a good thing if Zanu p.f. could start moving in the same direction as the civilised world; forward. But then again that would be a mystery. Countries that move forward have heads of state who can still work. Our nonagenarian president just sleeps while the Chinese help themselves to our resources.

  5. I thought Zanu Pf has continued to field Mugabe, not because they believe he can do anything for the country anymore, but because he is the only one who can stand Tsvangirai. No one in Zanu (my own opinion) has any meaningful probability of winning against Tsvangirai apart from Mugabe. That’s why the papers which are aligned to Zanu are fighting from Mangoma’s corner. So as far as I’m concerned, Zanu Pf has started the battle for 2018, and MDC is paying attention to wrong issues. Ma1

    • As things stand at the moment..the most popular politician in the land could quite easily be Mrs Mujuru..this because people are tired of the old order in ZANU and those disaffected with MDC and just interested in change for the sake of change ..she could easily tap into this rich vein. I believe the two ladies Khupe and Mujuru should be given a chance at the wheel of their respective parties..Its about time!

      • Mujuru can lead Zanu pf, but Khupe would be useless as MDC-T (K?) leader. The most interesting political contest in this country would pit Mujuru versus Tsvangirai.

  6. That is sweet music to ZPF, as long as mdc retains the blundering and demi literate Tsvancry, ZPF will rule forever.

    • And zanu should keep clinging on to the sanctions singer and looter Robert to make sure the country regresses forever!

  7. @ teaboy. We need sober minds and maturity. A united MDC is a must if zpf is to be dislodged. Politics is a game of numbers. Instead of being reckless and using only a fifth of our god given brains will only work to prolong zpf stay in power and consequently our suffering. Tsvangirai alone cannot win the required numbers even though he is the most popular within mdc. He needs mangomas supporters, bitis supporter, chamisas, bennet’s, Kays etc to win an election

  8. Just like that its solved this newspaper is a joke the only reason I read it that it on line n free. Why waste time on things that wont happen like a second election not even another 2009 style negotiation which gave birth 2 inclusive govt. Tell Tsvangirai 2 snap out of it n move bk 2 his house i” isinga chekwi hedge ” as 1 neighbor described it

  9. African Union (AU) yave padyo. Ingoenda paMunhumutapa apo Tsvangirai unoona First Vice President weAU. Anonzi Robert Mugabe. Ndiyezve Vice Chair weSADC. Muna August 2014 ndiye anenge ave SADC Chair uye muna January 2015 ndiye anenge ave AU Chair. Saka your travelling has been made easy, you will simply walk to Munhumutapa Building.

  10. I hv supported Zapu at first (JM Nkomo) at first and moved to MDC in 1999. I must say Tsvangirai’s leadership was inspiring at the beginning. I even met him @ Mount Pleasant when we were university students…………. We could tell him our hopes and dreams. But I now wonder what happened to the man? How could he fail to reconcile with Welshman & Gibso, if he knew what was at stake?? How could he & Biti praise Mugabe during the course of the GNU? How could he lose focus and let Zanu walk over MDC in that GNU monster? How could he let his private life destroy him like that?? What happened to my beloved Tsvangirai?? I’m not saying he must go…… but he must shape up! Mangoma’s is a cry for the real Tsvangirai to stand up!

  11. …..He met diplomats from Africa and the West separately ……..ko why separately if the agenda was the same? Unless others are more equal. And whats with this nonsense about elections. Which elections are these can someone in the hierarchy school me pamwe pane zvandisiri kuziva

  12. Mangoma went to see Tavangirayi at his house?………Correction – Our House because it still belongs to the People of Zimbabwe.

    Why are the minutes of the meeting not being made public?

    I sense either an Apology from Mangoma or he received a Golden Handshake from Tsvangirayi. Just my opinion..

    • if yoi are a party member of mdc then you can get the minutes kudherere mdc. wambowona maminutes emeeting ye zanu. When they wanted fire Zvobgo from zanu what did he say. You cannot fire me coz ndini ndakatanga party yacho so Morgon is going no where .Start your own party tiwone kuti zvinofamba here.

      • I am an MDC supporter and needs to know what the hell is going on. Ngavabude pachena vataurire vanhu kuti varikuzvifambisa sei. Ataura nezvaZanu ndiyani. Handiti ndiwe Masvingo? Type yenyu ndiyo inodyisa party

  13. This is a pink lie. Moses you are being used to wash Tsvangirai’s dirt by writing inaccurate stories. The only people that can resolve this issue are the MDC structures not Mangoma or Tsvangirai. The issue can only be resolved when Tsvangirai answers to the questions in Mangoma’s letter. Stop being used Moses.

  14. Kunyarara zvake Biti achiziva hake kuti akateya chigaro cha Morgan ‘Vharazipi’ Tsvangirai. Mangoma haana kumboti anoda kuita leader we MDC T(ea). Aripo arikugadzirirwa nzira. Hamuone here kuti top leadership ye MDC T yakanyarara kunge isipo. They agree with Mangoma’ sentiments.

  15. My boy Moses Matenga, you rush too much with stories that are not authentic. As per the resolutions of the NE of the party last weekend, Elton Mangoma must go through a disciplinary process first before he could have a meeting with me. I also told you to ask for any further information from Chamisa and you rush to write this story without my confirmation.

    • Disciplinary Commitee yei apa Save (if that’s really you). MDC is not the Military but a political party that advocates for Democracy.

      Movement for Democratic Change, means exactly just that. Democracy and Change.

      I’m a Democracy people are allowed to air their views without fee of being reprimanded.

      Saka masiyanei neZanuPF apa????

  16. bt l wondr y othr empty vessels want 2 fight 4 wat they didnt swet for or knw da pain tsvangie goin 2 hv dis succesful party,iwe wotaura zvausngazive.
    Do u knw wat ws agreed in the party if u ar a real Mdc iwe Mangoma?
    If m nt mistaken,it ws agreed dat panoita succesor aftr 5yrs kana dat leadr achinge atonga saka l don knw kut ati atonga here so far?so if u want 2 lead zim go and form yo own party kana kubisa sekuru Robie vavane makore akawanda anozivikanwa nemunhu wese that is if uchda a change.
    So don be a pupet mangoma 2 cause cauos whilst we ar in a jen,kuda kukama mukaka wakakora kare or to fill anothr pit by digng anothr pit…Save musacheuka muridzo

  17. bt l wondr y othr empty vessels want 2 fight 4 wat they didnt swet for or knw da pain tsvangie got 2 hv dis succesful party,iwe wotaura zvausngazive.
    Do u knw wat ws agreed in the party if u ar a real Mdc iwe Mangoma?
    If m nt mistaken,it ws agreed dat panoita succesor aftr 5yrs kana dat leadr achinge atonga saka l don knw kut ati atonga here so far?so if u want 2 lead zim go and form yo own party kana kubisa sekuru Robie vavane makore akawanda anozivikanwa nemunhu wese that is if uchda a change.
    So don be a pupet mangoma 2 cause cauos whilst we ar in a jen,kuda kukama mukaka wakakora kare or to fill anothr pit by digng anothr pit…Save musacheuka muridzo

  18. The heading should have been – MDC-T papers over the cracks in the party. It’s fair to say the relationship between Mangoma and Tsvangirai’s bootlickers is irretrievably damaged. This is a party going nowhere. Wasting political space. Mangoma and Tsvangirai can fight each other like cats in a sack all year long but they will not unseat ZanuPF in any election whether MDC-T changes its leader or not. How on earth is MDC-T or any other party going to stop ZanuPF turning the next election into a “military operation” as ZanuPF does in all mock elections? There’s no point in going for elections when they cannot answer this question. I knew MDCs and other parties stood no chance in July 2013 because none of them are able to answer this question.

  19. morgan is a dictator next time i will not vote for him , imagine dai ari president wenyika anemajiti , masoja maface ake anoramba kubva papower, muface uyu mushiti, ndakuona tsvangison uri dictator wedi, bob at least akagara mujeri plus anotya mahwani ake saka achida kuita firapo komorgan whats your excuse

  20. mangoma buda uone kuti unoteerwa nani,tsvangirai forever whether u like it or not.kana mati aende budai mese pamwe naye tiise youth vana Solomon Madzore variko,leadership is all executive,not just the president

  21. Tsvangirai should beginning strategizing for the party’s future by scouting for a potential leader in MDC and then stepping down. Presently politically and socially he is no longer a figure that represents winning, integrity and a future for Zimbabwe. Even for some die hard supporters like us he is now a bitter pill to swallow in Zimbabwe politics having brought not only lost elections but also social disgrace. By getting a new energetic firebrand leader with integrity MDC will not only save face but build a new future as well as manifest the party’s democratic principles. I don’t see MDC winning with Tsvangirai, he has not been a great example in terms of both democracy, leadership and morality. Think of our children being mentored by Tsvangirai what marriages will they have. I am personally grateful to Tsvangirai for a changing Zimbabwe’s political landscape and improving our people’s freedoms but enough is enough. Step down shamwari, ticheme here??

  22. Mangoma is mad dog.Not even one in mdc will lead it to victory except Tsvangirai.Biti is a high sounding nothing,Mangoma is as confused as Roy Bennet who want chaos instead of sorting his problems first.Mangoma left Zesa employees starving and lost votes and now thinks Tsvangirai akaita bhora musango.Mangoma do not be fooled by these Pachedu and Kay people.They can not wake up to the realities that we are not in South Africa where they have a Boer state.If Bennet was zimbo enuf he shud come bek and face Mutasa and Chinamasa.I am not a Zanu pf supporter but opposition supporter cos ZANU yachembera ,don’t be fooled by Zanu that Tsvangirai is the problem in MDC.Masngoma iwe une mukadzi one here? MDC is infiltrated by ZANU especially after the GPA.By the way i was initiated in to opposition politics by the late Reverend Ndabaningi Sithole So usandijairire

  23. G Zuma u are spot on. Am afraid this Musona guy is showing the true characteristics of a bonafide Zimbo: one who is an expect in defining a problem without offering a solution. Baba Gari is no saint. Some of us we had the priviledge of knowing him way before he was even a ZCTU leader. Anyway Musona can u give us the answer urself. Do u have it or u are clueless. Baba Gari is not a leader never was. We need a neutral leader who can appeal to both mdc and zpf moderates. Vakafira nyika ino iyi havana kuzoitonga, tsvangson is lucky that he can annoint a successor. Vana Tongo and Chitepo cud not have that luxury

  24. Is there anyone who stiil remebers Tswangirayi’s speeches n media briefings leading to n immediately after the 2006 split of that Great party – the real MDC? I told my friend then that the guy would never rule this country n I still maintain my view.

  25. How can yu say leadership renewal while we are not yet in Canaan . Tsvangirai is not there by his will but by the will of the people who really want to see the new Zimbabwe , not yu Mangoma a zanu puppet

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