Tsvangirai chastises MDC-T MPs


MDC-T president Morgan Tsvangirai yesterday chaired a stormy shadow cabinet meeting where he reportedly chastised his 91 MPs for demanding luxurious perks from an ailing economy.


The meeting took place in the shadow of a leaked MDC-T party caucus letter where the legislators were demanding Land Rover Discoveries and Jeep Cherokees; and a steep upward review of their sitting allowances from the current $75 to $200.

The rebuke further exposed the growing fissures within the MDC-T’s top brass which reached fever pitch last week amid leadership renewal calls.

Tsvangirai, in a swipe, told the shadow cabinet that: “Despite their sorry predicament, the MDC believes that the MDC MPs cannot be demanding that MPs who stay in Harare be provided with accommodation, among other perks such as top-notch Land Rover Discovery vehicles and a three-fold increment in their allowances.”

He further admonished his MPs and said they should not behave like Zanu PF officials who enjoyed plundering national resources and “feeding on the carcass of the ailing economy”.

“The MDC is a party of ordinary Zimbabweans who want parliamentary representatives with a dignified status, but who do not make demands that give the impression that we have joined the bandwagon of those from Zanu PF who are in the news every day for plunder and personal aggrandisement at the expense of the welfare of the ordinary citizen,” the shadow cabinet said in a statement.

The shadow ministers, sources said, argued that the party caucus leadership acted unilaterally in drawing up the demands and this put into doubt their loyalty to Tsvangirai.

The party caucus was chaired by MDC-T leader in Parliament Thokozani Khupe and chief whip Innocent Gonese.

The MDC-T leadership has been under fire for seeking personal wealth once they joined the 2009 coalition government and forgot to fight for democratic reforms, eradication of corruption and improvement of the citizens’ lives.

All but five members of the shadow cabinet are in Parliament. The five are Jameson Timba, Theresa Makone, Douglas Mwonzora, Tongai Matutu and Elton Mangoma.
Notable shadow cabinet members who sit in Parliament include Nelson Chamisa, Tendai Biti, Tapiwa Mashakada, Jessie Majome, Elias Mudzuri, Morgan Komichi, Gordon Moyo, Samuel Sipepa-Nkomo, Gift Chimanikire, Lucia Matibenga and Joel Gabbuza Gabbuza.


  1. Who can now doubt that tsvangirai is captain without a ship. Whilst his concerns are important I doubt his sincerity because he also double dipped milking millions of us$ from state coffers. Of late he stands accused of emptying his party treasury I recommend that he clears his name first and then later lecture to others about saving people. There are poor people in his party but he preferred to pay $300000 to silence L.karimatsenga than to the poor and political victims orphans and disabled from his. Tsvangirai you are a pretender or hypocrite. Change your behaviour first before you preach about responsibility to others

    • Thats the results of resevation of women seats and confirmation in the Mdc-t part real cadres who want to see Zim going forward whthr thy have cash or not were rigged by Chamisa and team

    • If he doubleidipped as you put it i am sure ZANU PF would have locked him up the next day. So shut up and grow up .

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  2. Tangai madzorera imba yeUS$4 million yekuHighlands kuhurumende Save. Dzorerai futi munda wemotokari dzamakaenda nadzo kubva kuPM’s office. Dzorerai zvakare US$500 000 yeparty yamakapa Karimatsenga. Ah, munoti hatizvizive here. Musada kushandisa nyaya iyi to spruce up yourself. Hamuchadiwa hamuchadiwa full stop

  3. Musashora save vanotaura chokwadi!kana munhu uchizvipira kumiririra vanhu zvipire kufira chokwadi uye usaita makaro okuda kutopfumira pavanhu ivavo uchida kuonekwa neruzhinji kuti wave nedzimota dzinodhura !save tungamirai muri moses wevana vezimbabwe from egypt to canan musatya tinemi nomumvura save!

  4. Dai angaarimo muhurumende aizviita?,ndati ivo save dai vaivemo muparamende vairamba jeep.musavharwa naSave vanoda zvinhu Save .pavaivemo muhurumende chii chavakaramba zvose nevakadzi aingobvuma.

  5. These MPs are right! Its just the same with ex-combatants who demanded packages after returning from the war.If it was a sacrifice to go to war,why demanding payment?I thought it was a sacrifice by joining the liberation struggle.These MPs wer copying it from the war veterans&some of the war veterans claimed to have died for this country but they are now MPs!

  6. At last a positive move by the MDC -T president albeit a few years late. Given that 11 of the shadow ministers are in this group is very disappointing. Come on you MP’s start to show you have the country at heart & set an example to your fellow parliamentarians that a mid price bracket vehicle is adequate. That will hearten us as the voiceless millions or have you learnt nothing. Many of your supporters have left or are very unhappy with your behaviour in the GNU.

  7. So what else is new..it is blunder after blunder..first, confirmations, second going into an election with no voters roll, Highlands house, Mangoma letter, Mudzuri call for leadership renewal in the glare of the media, now this…And you think Zimbabweans must just say hallelujah…What informs this arrogance..Its almost as horrifying as the call to stop the media from reporting on corruption by the VP. What did Zimbabweans do to deserve this kind of leadership?

    • @ Falcon, it appears you and I are on the same boat here. However, I realized Tsvangirai was a joker in 2002 then ditched the MDCircus. However, today I find myself asking the questions, where are the real democrats and where is the next leader of Zimbabwe going to come from? I no longer see hope in ZPF as I saw no hope in MDC in 2002.

  8. Pamberi naZANU PF. These sanction importers are starting 2 show their colours. All they’re made of is greedy and selfishness. Vana Biti chaivo kuita, “people at heart”? Mashura! Let alone Tsvangirai who decided 2 hold th nation at ransom in order 2 4ce th people 2 vote him in2 office so that he wil eat more. To hell wth MDC. Zimbabweans are suffering bcoz of this party.

  9. So Khupe, biti and chamisa were part of the caucus that came up with the obscene demands. Am dissappointed. So MDC has nobody since these guys are the possible successors. My god all along we thot we had a party fo the pipo….cry my beloved country………our only hope is in Zanu pf redefining itself, reforming itself into a modern party

  10. Ndinoti dzora makovo asati apedza huku Save , zvatinoda kunhume dzedu dzemusangano ngadzisunde ZANU PF ibvise mitemo yeudzvanyiriri uye vataure budiriro ngaiuyewe kunzvimbo dzavarombo kwete kwaZvimba koga .

  11. The likes of Mr T can you quantify wht exactly did these travel barn(santion) damaged the economy. coz from wht i have realised they are no match to the plundering done by urZPF fat cats.

  12. Vakafurirwa naMangoma chete, hapana mumwe. Ko iye Mangoma zvaanoti Morgan ngaabve ndaitoti iye akahwinhawo MP

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