Tokwe-Mukorsi villagers ‘dumped’ by roadside


MASVINGO — Hordes of families that were forcibly evacuated from the Tokwe-Mukorsi Dam’s flood basin without any compensation have been staying in the open along the Masvingo-Beitbridge highway.


The villagers have been at Muzvidziwa bus stop in Ward 36 for the past three days with their few belongings and there is fear of disease outbreak as there are no sanitary facilities at the place.

The government is relocating the villagers to Nuanesti Ranch, but it too has no facilities and running water.

Hungry villagers — some of whom only managed to take their clothes when they were evacuated — were being served three slices of bread and Mazoe drink, but they said they needed more solid food.

“I have been here for the past three days and we are sleeping in the open,” one villager Edward Gwanyanya said.

“We have no food and we only managed to take a few belongings.

“Three families are sharing a loaf of bread irrespective of the number of children one has.”

Gwanyanya said they were not compensated by the government and they did not have money to build houses at the place they were being moved to.

“The situation is very bad here. We were moved against our will and we are still going to sleep in the open because we are yet to get compensation to enable us to build new houses,” he said.

Another victim said soldiers forcibly evicted them from their homesteads after they had resisted demanding compensation first.

“Soldiers moved door-to-door forcing us to leave our homes. We have no other home. We had to destroy our structures,” the victim said.

Masvingo Provincial Affairs minister Kudakwashe Bhasikiti was not available for comment as his mobile phone went unanswered.

Meanwhile, helicopters from the Airforce of Zimbabwe yesterday came to the rescue of six people who had been marooned at different sites in Sanyati and Chinhoyi.

Mashonaland West provincial police spokesperson Inspector Clemence Mabgweazara confirmed the development and warned people to heed flood warnings issued by the Department of Meteorological Services.


  1. civil protection unit slept on the job, warnings were given and waters could be seen rising but no action taken until situation is dire, come on, still someone at the top wants lots of money a cherokee, range rover ford ranger and more, for what? ngakumbofaiwa munhu one for incompetence as an example. Zvanyanya, TOO MANY FAT CATS MILKING US BUT DOING NOTHING IN RETURN

  2. FACT: These families refused relocation in 2012/13 arguing tht the compensation ws meagre and tht they want ‘kuchengeta makuva anasekuru.’ They were warned of dangers of flooding yet they chose to stay while others heeded the call and relocated to Chingwizi in Nuanetsi Ranch. Ava vakasara vane nharo manje nharo dzavo dzavaparira.

    • While it is a fact that these families refused to take heed, it is definitely not good to put the blame on them. Government through the Chiefs and headman of the said families should have resolved the issue a longtime ago.
      @wezhira get your facts right before you say something inconsistant with what is happening on the ground. This is not the first time a large dam has been built in Zimbabwe and the world over and people have been told to relocate on time. Those people were told to relocate two seasons ago and they did not do so. The construction of Tokwe/Mkosi is meant to help the drought stricken Province.

      • bhururu its you who needs to get facts right, i did not say anything about dam construction, i talked about CPU whose director appeared on ZTV news last night saying that they did not receieve anything from the budget. My question is saka ari kuita basa rei if thats his excuse, kana kusina mari ngaivharwe ka unit yacho

  3. Mac,government has provided land for only 1200 of the families to be resettled,of these, only 800 were given their compansation money, 400 were waiting for their money for them to move until disaster struck. There is another 1800+ families still waiting for land allocation and the money. WEZHIRA you are right, the fat cats are sleeping on duty

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